October Horoscope 2014

Have you noticed that things have been going a little crazy in our lives and in the world at large lately? Well October will be a month of reckoning.  How can it not be?  In October we have a lunar and solar eclipse. Plus Mercury will go retrograde – all astrological energies known to be game changers.

Mercury slips into Scorpio at the beginning of the month and then goes retrograde on the 4th of October. The first couple of days of Mercury retrograde may be a little intense; not only will mercury turn retrograde on that day, but the Sun will also square Pluto. Words spoken might sting and power plays may be in full effect. Mars is also square Chiron and though we will feel motivated to heal our hurts, we might come across like a spoiled child. Be careful of temper tantrums. I always write the horoscope as though I am speaking to one person, but what I am speaking of is the energy at play. While I speak about the energy and happenings from a personal perspective, it also applies to the world stage. So my advice for this energy is to take it slow, consciously consider your thoughts and words and focus on how you are behaving. If every person did that, including those in powerful positions can you imagine the impact? On the 5th Saturn will conjunct Ceres and we may feel our inner child wounded and longing for connection. Mars’ trine Uranus will help us to break through any obstacles that exist. This is an energy that helps us to have new insights.

With new insights come a new desire for a new direction, which will get a boost on October 7th when the sun will oppose Uranus. It will charge us up with restlessness and a desire for change. Change is on the agenda. Any aspect to either Uranus or Pluto is furthering that whole transformation that is happening within us and on a global level.  Just remember, things can look messy on the outside and I think we can all agree – they do. If we look at the analogy of the ‘healing crisis’ – that awful feeling we get just before we are about to get well while doing a detox – then we can accept the headache, the feelings of nausea and the discomfort with a little more hope that all will be better soon. Change is happening and it will lead to good things.

Speaking of change, there is a lunar eclipse on the 8th in Aries at 15°. This is when the sun and the moon are opposite one another and the earth gets in the way. Normally the earth is a little off to the side and  doesn’t create an obstruction. But when the luminaries are perfectly aligned, the Earth gets in the way and creates a shadow on the moon;  this is a lunar eclipse.  Full moons are pretty powerful, but Lunar eclipses are a ‘supercharged’ full moon.  Anything can happen! This lunar eclipse is so interesting. On one side the Sun will be holding hands with Venus and on the other side, the moon will be high fiving Uranus. On their own both Venus and the Moon are feminine and thus attractors. This means they are most powerful when they are being receptive. Though not her natural or even most powerful way of being, every once in a while the feminine needs to dig deep and take action. This is what is going to happen at this lunar Eclipse.

This energy reminds me of the Clan Mother in the Iroquois tribes.  The role of Clan Mother existed to make sure that the community’s needs and the children’s best interest were always at heart. Though the men ran the show, when needed the Clan mothers had veto rights. If she saw things get out of hand, Clan Mother had the right to step in, take action, make sure of the communities best interests. That’s what’s happening now.  The Moon (mother) is getting wound up by something and is springing into action.

I always laugh at a story my friend, who is a twin, once told me. When she and her twin were babies, and her mother and father new parents, her parents decided to take the babies for a walk at the mall (she was born in the winter). Her father had not quite ‘gotten’ his responsibilities yet and complained the entire time. Mom, knowing that her words would get nowhere, decided that actions would speak louder than words. She asked him to hold onto the stroller and noticing a bus coming, she left him (with the two babies), ran for the bus and went home. Sometimes mama’s gotta pull out all the stops to get her point across. We might see similar unconventional stunts like this at the full moon lunar eclipse.

Venus is opposite the moon and holding hands with the sun. The Sun is that masculine energy and when you block him, like the earth is doing, he can come across pretty strong. But at this eclipse Venus rubs off on him, softening him and putting him under her spell. Remember the influence that the royal mistresses had on the kings of the world. He may be doing all the acting, but she is behind the scenes strongly influencing. Venus is squaring Pluto, so she might be acting obsessive and using her wiles in a negative way. She’ll also get a boost from Mars and Jupiter, making her a little over confident and the center of attention. But if she is wearing her skirt too short, not because it’s how she really dresses, but because she knows it will help her get her way.  Clan Mother (moon) on the other side will sort her out because the Moon also has Mars and Jupiter in her wings. The Moon’s message at this eclipse – use your power both masculine and feminine, appropriately.

Mercury will then slip back into Libra on the 10th, and will cause relationship communication mess ups for in the latter part of October. Initially the sun will sextile Jupiter allowing us to let things fly things off our shoulders fairly easy. But then on the 11th Venus will oppose Uranus.  You might find yourself distracted with the hookup app tinder. Great if you’re single. If you’re not, question what needs are not being met. If it’s just a communication mess up, wait until Oct 25th when Mercury goes direct again. Things could  clear up by then. If you feel that that’s not the case, Mars’ sextile the north node will help to point your compass in the right direction. It may show up as that door of opportunity that keeps presenting itself. Even if we get off track in our lives, there is usually a period of time when we have many outs.  If a new direction does appear, the sun conjunct on the north node on the 12th will swing that door wide open. Just like in the movie Adjustment Bureau, it will appear like a door or shining light. If you do see it appear, don’t be afraid to move forward out of a sense of duty to your former life or fear that you’re making the wrong move. Go into the light, find your purpose, and find your love.  Venus will sextile Jupiter on the 14th, connecting us with our hearts desire. She will also conjunct the north node, so the door leading to our passion will be wide open for at least a couple of days.

One word of caution though. If the doors that open look like brand new opportunities, one that you have never seen before, give it a tentative ‘yes’. The reason is mercury is still in retrograde. Let me refresh your memory about what mercury retrogrades are all about. They are times for going forward with anything that starts with a “re”. Re-read, review, reinstall, restructure, renew but it’s not an ideal time to start anything new.  With that said, if the door is a job, a love or any other opportunity presented to you in the past you have the green light.

During the retrograde, Mercury will coming into contact with the sun and will help us reassess the way we are presenting ourselves. Next, it comes into contact with Mars bringing about a review of the progress we are making. It then touches Venus and may signal the return of a love – Now may be your second chance. When Mercury touches Jupiter, an opportunity may re-appear. And when it conjuncts the North node, a second chance to connect with the right people may re-surface.  Again, if any of these opportunities are completely new, you may not have all the info and things may change once we get into November. The other reason to stall is we also have an upcoming solar eclipse. Eclipses are not good times to take initiative. Things will happen on their own accord, pushing us in a certain direction. If you are responding to events, most certainly do what you must do. But it will not be until November when the dust settles and we will really understand what happened in October.

The solar eclipse will be at 0 degrees Scorpio on October 23rd. A solar eclipse happens when the moon gets in the way of the sun, blocking out its light from the perspective of the Earth. Pallas and Venus will also line up with the Sun and Moon creating a powerful solar eclipse which will focus on truth and transformative love. Secrets may come to light now or some other form of a ‘big reveal’. Things which have eluded you for some time will start to make sense as Pallas helps us to see the big picture.

Mercury will return to its direct motion on Oct 25th. The next day the Sun and Venus will conjunct Pallas exactly on the 26th.  So much will become clear; and now with the eclipses and the retrograde behind us we will be able to make informed decisions.  Mars enters Capricorn on the 26th as well.   We will be able to put our plans into action in a methodical manner and with a strong sense of commitment.

At the end of the month Venus is trine Neptune on the 27th.  The storm has passed and it’s now a great time to enjoy a little vacation. If you can’t get away to a beach, have a stay-cation or even an amazing movie will provide the much needed escape. Vacations are important as they help us to engage our mind in a different way. Have ever lost your train of thought and then pushed yourself to remember, only to come up blank. Then, only when you let go – start having fun or focus on something else – that thought or insight floated to the surface again. If so, then you will know how much having a break is important. Also, if we take that break, we can better take advantage of the energy on the 28th when the Sun will trine Neptune. With a now rested mind, we will have an unusual ability to tap into our intuition. It will give us confidence that we’re on the right track and connecting with the right people when Mercury – now in a forward motion – conjuncts the North Node again on the 29th .

Read what’s in store for your sign:

During the last Mercury retrograde, a friend of mine said to me, “Can we all stop blaming Mercury retrograde for everything?” She said this because it seemed to be the new excuse for doing nothing or not taking responsibility for our actions. Mercury retrograde is not a time to blame all mess-ups on a planet. It’s a time to slow down, take our time and apply the “re” to our activities. So this month I wanted to focus the sign horoscopes on Mercury retrograde and what each sign should slow down with.  (the eclipses will be happening in the same houses too).

Aries:  Mess up can happen this month with your shared resources. Examples may include; one didn’t know the other was paying a bill and you pay it twice. Or you both use the credit card not realizing that the other has used it and you find yourself embarrassed with a declined payment. Pay attention to the details and review these areas of your life. This means you will need to say, check out, say again, repeat back to the person and check again to make sure you have made yourself understood in your relationships.  Your re words for this Mercury retrograde is review and repeat.

Taurus: Communications will get intense in your personal relationships. Wires will get crossed and misunderstanding may cause you to want to escape in your work. But then confusion will only shift to workplace misunderstandings. Recheck and double check your work.  Your re words for this Mercury retrograde are react (positively) and retract

Gemini: Mercury retrograde may start out with something like an unintended reply-all email. Whatever you say may get you in trouble as it reaches your unintended recipients. Later in the month you may find yourself facing a creativity block. Maybe its writers block or a feeling of lack of ideas. Now is the time to go back over your creations not just for modification but also for inspiration.  Your re words for this Mercury retrograde is review and recreate.

Cancer:  Mercury retrograde may bring back a past love causing you to review your commitments. Later in the month mercury will disrupt things on the home front. Your family relationships may need a makeover. Your re words for this Mercury retrograde is re-attract and re-attach.

Leo: Mercury retrograde may bring up something on the home front causing a need for a renovation. Maybe this creates a lot of garbage or something else unsightly for your neighbors. Later in the month Mercury retrograde will have you needing to mend fences. Your re words for this Mercury retrograde are renovate and recycle.

Virgo: Watch out for blown car tires or power surges this month. Plus, Mercury retrograde could see you messing up something with your budget or finances. Spend some time checking in with your plan and make adjustments as needed – using what you already have.  Your re words for this Mercury retrograde are redirect and redistribute.

Libra: Mercury is retrograde in your financial sector.  An unexpected expense may appear. Later in the month you might feel the need to do a little hustling to make that money back. Make sure you check how you’re coming across to others. Desperation does not sell. Your re words for this Mercury retrograde is re-box and re-brand.

Scorpio: Mercury retrograde starts out in Scorpio, your home sign. Your words are known to sting, but now they might also be misunderstood. Later in the month Mercury gives you a chance to step back and meditate on how you have been presenting yourself. Your re words for this Mercury retrograde is re-evaluate and recharge.

Sagittarius: Stuff floating around in your unconscious is now causing you to behave in ways that maybe you can’t explain. You’ll need to spend some time journaling or using some other method to get it out. Later in the month you may need to reflect on your friendships. Though wires can get crossed in our friendships now, have patience because our friends are the ones who will reflect back to us our shortcomings, in loving ways. Your re words for this Mercury retrograde is regenerate and relate.

Capricorn: Mercury retrograde will have you taking a look at your hopes and dreams. Later in the month this might also include your career.  Is your work and career fulfilling your purpose?  Your re words for this Mercury retrograde are remake and re-purpose.

Aquarius: You might trip and fall this month during Mercury retrograde. If you do, it may be quite the spectacle. One in which you may feel the need to regain your composure in some way. Later in the month your faith will be tested and Mercury will call on you to reconnect with your advisors and guides.  Your re words for this Mercury retrograde are re-orchestrate and re-orientate.

Pisces: Classically during this Mercury retrograde, travel may not be a great idea. If you do decide to take a road trip or get on a plane, make extra copies of all your documents and back up your directions. If Mercury decides to get you lost however, it may lead to a transformation within. Sometimes you need to get lost to find yourself. Your re words are re-saddle and re-pace (as in re-pace your steps).

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