March Horoscope 2016

7224355_sFirst Week – Feb 29th – March 6th

Fresh Inspiration

What to expect: Restlessness
What to watch out for: Unrealistic expectation
What will it affect? Relationships

Let me start by saying that the trick to getting through March, both professionally and personally, is to lay low. It is an eclipse month — solar and lunar eclipses tend to cause direction changes and they bring things to light. March is a month of responding rather than taking action.

On March 2nd, we may flirt with the idea of taking a break from our partnerships. We may be tired of the same old struggle. We can connect with people who are a breath of fresh air and help us with fresh thinking. But just remember people come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. At this time, it’s definitely ‘a reason’.

Why? Venus sextile Uranus and Juno retrograde.

Reading the Labels on Our Roles

What to expect: Uncovering our needs
What to watch out for: Over-identifying with roles
What will it affect? Relationships, nurturance needs

We are still very focused on our health, our spiritual growth, and our nurturance needs in March. Vulnerability comes up a lot and the things that must be purged and cleansed come into focus. We are reminded of this between the 3rd – 5th when the Sun connects us to our nurturance needs. Are we identifying with a role that seems nurturing but is actually detrimental? Are we giving without receiving? We have an opportunity during the first week of March to connect with others and to develop fulfilling, harmonious connections that are truly nurturing.

Why? Sun conjunct Ceres and Sun trine Juno.

Buttons and Triggers

What to expect: New emergence
What to watch out for: Clinging
What will it affect? Conflict or potential conflict

On March 5th,Mercury will be at the last degree of Aquarius and will square Mars at the last degree of Scorpio. This is a day when our buttons will be pushed. We’ll easily unravel into lower consciousness with just a simple comment or action — especially ones that faultlessly touch our triggers. Yet this is a time when we can tap into our leadership and the tools we have learned on the way to higher levels of consciousness. We can step back to allow whatever childish behaviour or tantrums that need to take place. We are not acting superior here; we are just enacting our adult centre. An emergence into a new reality is happening and those who don’t want to grow into this new reality will feel the need to clip our wings. They will try anything to keep us back, including temper tantrums. Remember, if a child is having a tantrum, the more you try to talk to them rationally the worse it gets. And, unless and until they start hitting you, you can allow the arms to flay and the rolling around on the floor. Their drama is not really affecting you. By the end of it, if you’ve not been pulled in, you will have strong wings ready to fly off into new adventures.And they will have let out their emotions – so all will be good…. at least until Mars goes retrograde!

Mars moves into Sagittarius on March 5th. There are a couple of important things to note about this. The first is that Mars is now in its shadow zone. In the next month, Mars will go retrograde. During Mars’ retrograde, hold off on all legal action. Disputes will rise and the reality of loss will feel real. While Mars is in Sagittarius, it will be energetic, adventurous, and slightly tactless. When Mars starts its backward move, it will go back into Scorpio where it will have a tendency to be strong and wrong. So if things fly out of our mouths that are on the offensive or judgmental side in March, it will hard not to want to want to fight it to the bitter end when Mars moves back into Scorpio. Remember the movie ‘Black Hawk Down?’ We can be so sure that it’s no big deal. We can hold strong to ideals and ideologies, saying,“We’re gonna win this thing.” Then suddenly we could find ourselves in a mess and unable to quit because we’ve told ourselves and convinced others that “nobody gets left behind.” The trick to getting through this time is to lay low, hold your tongue, and delay your actions. If you do find yourself embroiled in a battle next month, do constant check-ins on the cost of your beliefs and know when to admit you made a mistake. I’ll talk more about this next month when it comes, but here I am just giving you a heads up!

Why? Mercury square Mars, Mercury moves into Pisces, and Mars moves into Sagittarius.

Managing our Responsibilities to Others

What to expect: Requests for compromise
What to watch out for: Over-giving or under-giving
What will it affect? Self expression, Sense of Self

There is an opportunity on March 6th for transformation through our partnerships. There is a sense that something is being challenged or blocked in our self expression which may be related to our spirituality. Maybe there is a selflessness that is being asked of you that challenges your sense of individuality and feels restricting. The question at this time will be how to give to others while also maintaining what we need. If we work together, we can find a way to get there.

Why? Sun square Saturn and Sun sextile Pluto.

14472647_sSecond Week – March 7th – 13th

New Moon Solar Eclipse – Graduation!

What to expect: Commencement
What to watch out for: Fear
What will it affect? All that we have been learning

On March 8th we have a New Moon solar eclipse in Pisces. Something or someone leaves us at this time. Along the path to this time, the elders will have realized that their days on this earth are numbered. And becase of this, their job was to teach and to pass on the knowledge. In the eternal search for youth, they may have had difficulty letting go of the reigns. Not only that, but their students may surpass them in genius and so ego may have interrupted the passing of the baton. If they did their job correctly, they will have taught well and will leave with a deep sense of pride that their student now has the tools to become the next excellent elder.

Along this path, the student will have realized that they did not have all the answers. They may have felt frustrated that they had to do grunt work. Though they may have had a sense of their genius and felt above the idea of paying their dues, their humble and diligent approach will now earn them a title, metal, or award.

This eclipse will reveal how we have taught or what we learned. We are now reaching a new level of discipline, spiritual practice, or level of spirit.

Why? New Moon at 18°Pi55′

Inner Processing

What to expect: Processing information
What to watch out for: Thinking others process the same way you do
What will it affect? How we are nurtured, how we process

In the days following the eclipse, many spiritual truths will emerge. There is structure in creation. If we look at the Mandela, sacred geometry, or musical composition, we see patterns and structure implicit in beauty. This is a time when we can merge metrics with spirit to find answers. We may feel austere with ourselves or others — maybe others will act that way toward us. Just remember that, as we all move through emotions, our needs and ways of grieving differs.. Some of us need to be left alone, while others have a clinging-return-to-mother’s-hem need, and the two can clash. Asking for what we need and giving what others need is ideal right now.

Why? Saturn sextile Pallas and Saturn square Ceres.

Connecting with Spirit

What to expect: Spiritual experiences
What to watch out for: Becoming ungrounded
What will it affect? Our purpose and direction

On March 10th the Sun will meet up with Chiron. We may reach the other side of our emotions and feel a renewed sense of purpose. The Sun will also be at the South Node, so we will now see that what has gone needed to go and feel good about its departure. Mercury will also conjunct Neptune, bringing in higher awareness and spiritual transcendence. By the 12th Venus will join the rest of the planets in Pisces to bring in universal love. If we have felt lost, we now have the opportunity to connect with inspiration, vision, and heavenly support. We may be pulled into intense spiritual experiences. The tendency will be to become ungrounded.

Why? Sun conj Chiron, Sun opp North Node, and Mercury con Neptune.

Processing Emotions

What to expect: Intense emotions
What to watch out for: Trying to control
What will it affect? Relationships, our needs

On the 13th/14th, our need for connection and spiritual nourishment will be high. We have a window that will allow us to tune into other people’s thoughts intuitively and to talk things out. We may move quickly into base or raw emotion and the trick to finding nourishment in this situation lies within our ability to connect while simultaneously letting go.

Why? Pluto Sextile Ceres, Mercury Trine Juno, and Jupiter Opposition Ceres.

28107221_sThird Week – March 14th – 20th

Need for Pause

What to expect: Questioning ourselves
What to watch out for: Rashness
What will it affect? Relationships, our passions, what we are committed to

On March 14th, Mercury is in Pisces which strongly connects us with our intuition. But as it squares Saturn, we start to question: “How do I know the difference between my intuition and my fear?” Pessimism can be strong and we can experience mental paralysis as we try to decipher how much we should trust ourselves. Someone may be leading us down the garden path. So single-minded and sure are they that even when your intuition sends you a signal, you may ignore it and get pulled in the wrong direction. We really do want to be committed to a cause at this time and the energy is such that our desires can be strong but still lead to rashness. In our haste, we don’t take the time to make sure it’s what’s good for us. For this reason, it’s also not a good time for a business launch or major business decisions. Our intuition and decision-making are off and it’s guaranteed that you will look back and say, “Why didn’t I follow my intuition?

Why? Mercury Square Transiting Saturn, Venus Sextile Transiting Vesta, and Venus Square Transiting Mars.

Inspiration and Excitement

What to expect: Powerful messages
What to watch out for: Missing details
What will it affect? Communication, Messages, Speeches

On the 15th, someone is coming across very powerfully — maybe it’s even you. Someone is picking up on the collective needs and is hitting the sweet spot. Maybe it’s a powerful speech that has you saying “TRUTH!” Inspiration is strong. Not only that, but we will also feel highly optimistic. The problem will be that we may be losing the trees for the forest. Details can be missed in our optimism. We can hear what we want to hear at this time. Feel the optimism, but remember that things might be overstated at this time.

Why? Mercury Sextile Pluto, Mercury Opposition Jupiter, and Mercury Conjunction Ceres.

Re-narrate the Story!

What to expect: Old stories resurfacing
What to watch out for: Holding on to old un-useful perspectives
What will it affect? Healing, Thoughts, Perspectives

We are still in the eclipse window. Eclipses happen most times in pairs. The eclipse window is the two weeks between the first eclipses and the second. During the eclipse window, information is coming to light. It’s generally not a time to take action, but rather to respond to things. Generally, lots of things will be happening without us needing to make things happen. This week in particular, lots will come to the surface. Mercury connecting with the wounded healer will bring a wound to the surface — or back to the surface! This combination is also connected to the South Node which has a tendency to bring up our past. We have two really good energy aspects that will help us to transform that pain. The first is Jupiter trine Pluto. This is powerful energy that will help us to unearth whatever is there, reorganize it, and reclassify it. A powerful technique in psychology, organizational psychology, and therapeutic realms is the narrative approach. In the narrative approach, we can take all of the facts and re-write the story. What really changes in the narrative approach is our perspective. We have an opportunity here to take what we find as ‘fact’ and re-tell the story. Make sure to include your wins, the strength that you received from it, and the lessons that you learned that now make you a more powerful person!

Why? Jupiter Trine Pluto, Mercury Conjunction Chiron, Mercury Opposition North Node, Uranus Sextile Transiting Pallas, and Chiron Opposition North Node.

43794055_sFourth week – March 21st- 27th

Lots of Energy and Ideas

What to expect: Feeling rearing to go
What to watch out for: Moving too fast
What will it affect? Dream, Visions, Ideas

The fourth week in March starts with a desire for freedom as the Sun is now in Aries. Venus also conjuncts Neptune on March 20th. It is an idealistic time, a time when we can enjoy big dreaming. Mercury will also go into Aries on March 21st, so we will be filled with ideas and chomp at the bit to go with them. We need to take our time though. The eclipse this week may bring up some new information that we need to consider.

Why? Venus Conjunction Neptune and Mercury Entering Aries

Full Moon – Eclipse at 3°Li17′

What to expect: Re-balancing and alignment
What to watch out for: Tactlessness
What will it affect? Relationships, our budgets

On March 23rd, the lunar eclipse will happen at 3 Libra. There is also a major energy configuration with Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn in Sagittarius is squaring Jupiter in Virgo. These two connecting in a square generally signal a change in the economy. Virgo likes to be frugal and Jupiter’s presence expands that need. Put it together with the fact that it’s now tax time and we know that something will come to light that may worry us. We may decide that we’ve spent too much in one area last year and we need a better budget.

Also, at this eclipse we are really connecting with our partnership goals. Are we on the same page? The need to get there is great at this time. The eclipse is connected with Mercury and Mars — if our inner equilibrium is off, we may act before with think even though we’re anxious to bring things back into inner balance. Venus is trine to Juno, the marriage asteroid, so I truly believe that we will make the effort to create harmony in our relationships and with our money. But if they are not working, we’ll also be quick to make adjustments. Honesty will be strong. In fact, we may be a little too honest!

Why? Full Moon at 3°Li17′, Sun Conjunction Mercury, Venus Trine Transiting Juno, Jupiter Square Transiting Saturn, and Mercury Trine Transiting Mars.

Taking the Big Leap!

What to expect: A decision
What to watch out for: Staying in your zone of competence
What will it affect? Relationships, money, new directions

On the 25th, we will struggle with the ‘should I stay or should I go?’ question. Should I stay in my job, relationship, circle of friends, money or other situation? Or do I risk taking a leap? We are doing a serious assessment at this time. On the heels of an eclipse, all decisions made will be final! If you want to make a big positive leap, check out Gay Hendrick’s ‘Big Leap!’

Why? Venus Opposition Jupiter and Venus Square Saturn.

Saturn Retrograde

What to expect: Relaxing and review on structures
What to watch out for: Avoiding reality
What will it affect? Structures, finances, beliefs

Saturn is going retrograde on March 25th. In business astrology, this is a time when we might loosen the grips on our financial structures. This situation is more likely if you’re the sort to deal with money situations by pretending it’s not happening. It’s a good idea to get your taxes done before the retrograde and, if you happen to have some trouble with spending, pull out your money tracker of your budget and have it within eye view for the next couple of months. Saturn retrograde is a time to review and since it’s in Sagittarius review your beliefs. Downturns in the economy don’t always affect everyone and likewise we may pretend that a downturn in the economy won’t affect us — when in fact, it will. Now is a time to assess what is really going on for you and the best way to approach it is with realism, not fear.

Why? Saturn retrograde.

Lots of Energy!

What to expect: Coming across strongly
What to watch out for: Not directing it
What will it affect? Projects, Relationships

On March 26th, we have a day when we can really express ourselves! We may come across a little strong. The sun in fiery Aries will connect with Mars in fiery Sagittarius. Wild horses won’t be able to hold us back. We may also come across in overwhelming (though likely inspirational) ways in our partnerships. Transmuting all this energy into creative projects is ideal!

Why? Sun Trine Mars and Venus Sextile Pluto.

Last week – March 28th – April 3rd

Need for Classy Candidness

What to expect: getting real
What to watch out for: Irresponsible or passive aggressive words
What will it affect? Relationships, Communication

During the last week of March, we enter into serious discussions with others. We may also become absorbed in our solitary projects. However we handle this energy, we will be communicating strongly. Venus is also opposite the North Node, so we may be ending a relationship or communicating in no uncertain terms what we need. Remember saying nothing is also communication. Just make sure that you really are communicating in a respectful manner. Our words are powerful, even if they are unsaid or we decide to go MIA. The trick is to let others down without tearing them down. There is likely to be a painful situation that emerges, and we are now being tested in how we handle situations when we are hurt. If you put your mind to it, you can find alternative and inventive ways to communicate. Check out Brene Brown’s ‘Rising Strong’ on tips to having courageous conversations.

Why? Mercury Trine Saturn, Venus Opposition North Node, Mercury Square Pluto, Venus Conjunction Chiron, and Mercury Conjunction Uranus.