February Astrology 2016

9705836_sFirst Week – Feb 1 – 7th

Deepening Feminine Values

What to expect: Relationship drama
What to watch out for: Cat fights
What will it affect? Relationships, women’s rights, masculine/feminine energy

There is some strong feminine energy at play during the first week of February. It comes into alignment at the end of January and will continue through the first week of February. Radical change, new ideas, unconventional truths about women, women’s power, and women’s purpose are emerging. Here’s the thing: as the story goes, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. He had a problem though. He didn’t want to be on equal level with a woman and so the myth was that he banished Lilith, God drew a rib from Adam’s being, and created Eve. Now Lilith is back and she is asking for fairness. She’s asking not just for equal pay, equal rights and an end to #genderpricing – all of the political stuff that woman have been “fighting for in the last 30 years or so,” but she is asking for her rightful place as his wife and equal. Black Moon Lilith is in the sign of balance and love (Libra) and opposes the planet of change, Uranus. Vesta will catch up with Uranus on the 4th, putting fire on the flame, but on the 1st Vesta squares off with Pluto. This is not a male/female fight (though it might show up as that), it’s a masculine vs feminine fight – which is all about a way of thinking. Every woman is cool with and will fight for equal rights, equal pay, and fair #genderpicing, but what happens when Eve and Lilith go head to head? In the patriarchal world, it’s a cat fight. In the new emerging feminine world, Lilith waits for Adam puts his rib right back, reclaim the feminine parts he rejected, and she realizes it has nothing to do with Eve. How will the week play out for you? Depends on the universe in which you exist.

If you’re wondering how this will affect your business, know that we are in the midst of social change. If your policies, practices, and culture supports things like #genderpricing, this time could be hard especially for your cash flow. Time to rethink your culture and message – making friends with the feminine should be your first priority.

Why? Pluto Square transiting Vesta, Sun square transiting Juno, Uranus conjunction transiting Vesta, Venus conjunction transiting Pluto, and Venus square transiting Uranus.

Making Decisions in The Light

What to expect: Moving forward with new decisions
What to watch out for: Getting pulled in by drama
What will it affect? Conversations, projects, and strategic directions

February 3rd has an enormous amount of potential to direct any relationship drama in the right direction. Mercury, which was retrograde for most of January, is now direct and moving back over some of the same old ground. New decisions are being made. The potential for healing is available on the 3rd, particularly if you took the time to review and go within to examine your thoughts during January. Even if you didn’t, you can now get a glimpse into healing your thoughts and perceptions, which goes a long way in changing your life and circumstances. It might also show up as a conversation that on the surface is difficult, but brings much relief and healing. You can talk about money or see your loved one’s good points at this time if you chose to pay attention. Doing so will go a long way to helping us get through the other, more difficult energy of the week. There is also a great deal of energy available to create strategies and take strategic action. If you work toward something in a methodical and consistent fashion, you’ll be able to make headway. The trick will be to stay away from any other drama surrounding it at this time.

Why? Mercury sextile transiting Chiron, Sun sextile transiting Saturn, and Mars sextile transiting Pluto.

Eureka Ideas

What to expect: Lots of ideas
What to watch out for: Letting them slip away
What will it affect? Thinking, innovations, and communication
On February 6th, flashing insight and eureka ideas may come furiously. I would advise you to have a pen and paper on you at all times – or do what I do and dictate notes into your iphone. What’s really great about the energy on this day is that we not only are able to have a big picture, but it’s also accurate, filled with optimism, and we’ll have the energy to implement whatever we dream up.

Why? Sun sextile transiting Uranus and Mercury trine transiting Jupiter.


What to expect: Constructive Conflict
What to watch out for:
Too much push
What will it affect?
Relationships, Money, Commitments

On one hand, we are a bit combative and competitive on the 7th of February. On the other hand, we just want to be held close (but can you do it without touching me, please?). If we can manage the push-pull of this energy, there is a great deal of problem-solving to be had. But conflict is important. Without it, we don’t grow. If you have ever read the last chapter of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the last habit is “sharpening the saw.” In it, he tells two stories that relate to the energy right now. The first was how he and his wife spent a number of days discussing things while riding slowly on a motor bike. He spoke of a comfort level in being able to talk and not have to face each other. The slow pace allowed them to hear one another. The second story was of a lumberjack trying to cut down a tree with a dull saw. He didn’t want to stop because he didn’t have time, but his method didn’t pan out. Now is the time to sharpen the saw in your relationships. Take it slow, create a comfortable amount of distance, and just remember to protect your hands while you’re sharpening it. Balance, safety, and patience is the key.

Why? Sun sextile transiting Vesta, Venus sextile transiting Mars, and Venus square transiting Vesta.


39314417_sSecond Week of Feb – Feb 8th-14th

Progress and Breakthrough – New Moon at 19°Aq15′

What to expect: Breakthrough Ideas
What to watch out for:  Anger and aggression
What will it affect? Social Change, Humanitarianism

February’s New Moon is in Aquarius. Normally Aquarius loves change, revolution, and progress and right now it’s positively connected with Uranus, the planet that rules Aquarius. All that means is that they both carry the same energy. It’s a great time to set new intentions for anything that you want to change, pursue, and revolutionize. Plus it’s helping out the energy from the beginning of the month that was centered on relationships and masculine/feminine dynamics. Inter-dependent relationships, women’s rights, and positive feminine energy now have the potential to be galvanized in a powerful new direction. Aquarius is also associated with humanitarianism and activism. In business it represents trend setters, futurists, and the internet. The degree upon which .the moon sits brings a message of peace, so we can focus on the areas in which we would like to see progress and breakthroughs as they relate to peace. This New Moon is in a difficult aspect to Mars, so the more we can direct our anger and aggression into positive outlets, the better off we will be. Protest with non-violent approaches. Let any anger serve to fuel your imagination and creative invention – many businesses are created to serve a frustration or problem!

Why? New Moon at 19°Aq15′ , Mercury trine transiting North Node, Venus sextile transiting Chiron, Sun/Moon square transiting Mars, and Mars trine transiting Chiron.

Back on Track

What to expect: Getting on track with money and love
What to watch out for: Disappointment that it’s not more romantic
What will it affect? Expansion, relationships, love, and money

We experience some reprieve on Feb 10/11th when Venus is trine to Jupiter and the North Node. Our relationships, our values, and our money will get back on track. If they left the track, they are now on a better, smoother track. Venus is in Capricorn and Jupiter – the North Node is in Virgo. Both are Earth signs, so love might look like planning and de-cluttering. This process makes room for more: more love, more money. In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, it might not seem romantic… but these days we are more turned on by a clean house and balanced books than by roses and chocolate.

Why? Venus trine transiting Jupiter and Venus trine transiting North Node.

Continuous Improvement

What to expect: New systems or new enterprises
What to watch out for: Not including your sweetie
What will it affect? Communications, Organization, and Business Deals

By the weekend, Mercury will enter Aquarius and Mars will be in passionate Scorpio will make an aspect to Jupiter. I know that you want me to tell you about the passionate and romantic time you will have for Valentine’s Day, but honestly this is amazing energy for clearing up your email, researching, and putting into place systems and technology that will make you life easier. It’s great for making deals and negotiating. Maybe you can turn that into a romantic Valentine’s Day gift for someone or even yourself. Hopefully you have an enterprising sweetie!

Why? Mercury entering Aquarius and Mars sextile transiting Jupiter.


Business AstrologyThird Week in February. Feb 15-21st

Moving Projects Forward

What to expect: Moving forward with inventive ideas
What to watch out for: Not asking for help
What will it affect? Values, communications, and ideas

The third week of February, Venus will be going into Aquarius. We now have Venus, Mercury, and for a couple more days, the Sun in Aquarius provides us an incredible amount of energy in terms of being inventive. Why not get into action with your intentions made of during last week’s New Moon? You and your inventive creations (even if they are off the wall, out there or people look at you strange when you tell them about it) can now get some extra energy. We will be more open to new ideas and even our values can be a little unconventional at this time. Plus, if your project requires some research, now is the time to do it! You’ll be able to dig up and get the help that you need from resources that you may not have realize were available to you. It can help any project that you’re working on the move ahead quicker.

Why? Venus entering Aquarius and Mars sextile transiting North Node.

Making Sense of It All

What to expect: Detailed Visions
What to watch out for: Too much sensitivity
What will it affect? Self expression, communication, perceptions

By the 19th, the Sun will be moving into Pisces. They say that Pisces are the best entrepreneurs because they can envision and visualize what they want, they’re a little bit idealistic, and they don’t see any obstacles before them. This combination helps them achieve what they want. We all get a little touch of this when the Sun goes into Pisces. By the 21st we will have the energy available to make sense of the piles and piles of information we have been gathering. Not only that, it will take form and shape a vision that will help us to fit things into the big picture. The Big Idealistic Picture! We’ll also have very nurturing and transcendent mother energy available to us. You know that supersonic hearing that moms get when they hear their baby cry and no one else has heard it? This kind of sensitivity will be available to us all, which will help us to connect with the needs of those we are servicing in whatever we are envisioning.

Why? Sun entering Pisces, Mercury conjunction transiting Pallas, and Ceres conjunct Neptune.

 50988930_sFourth Week – Feb 22nd-28th

You Are What You Eat – Or Are You? Full Moon at 3°Vi33′

What to expect: Health concerns
What to watch out for: Hidden information
What will it affect? Mental, emotional, and spiritual energy

The Full Moon in Virgo will be opposite to the Sun in Pisces. The Sun in Pisces is holding hands with Neptune. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, so they have much of the same energy. Together they are like double chocolate! This Full Moon is bringing to culmination something about our health and health regiments. It’s taking a look at what we eat. We are what we eat takes on more meaning at this time. It’s not just what we are putting in our mouth, but the Full Moon also connects this to religion, spirituality, values, and healing.

Years ago when I worked in the downtown financial district, I used to go to lunch with a very strict observant Jewish woman. Every day in the food court, she ordered the schnitzel. Then one day, I decided that I might try it too. I asked what kind of schnitzel it was and the guy said “pork.” She looked at him in horror – all along she thought that she was ordering veal! This is the kind of stuff that might come to light at the Full Moon. We’ll have more information to guide us and some things that we might have missed or that have been hidden, might come to light. Within a day of the Full Moon, Jupiter will also oppose Chiron exactly. We are finding balance in our lives and with our own version of spirituality and included in our path is food, health and healing. Some may consider substances like Ayahuasca or Marijuana to help them connect with the divine or healing and other might believe the route is through a fast. The opportunity for profound healing exists, but make sure it aligns with your inner wisdom and feels right.

If your business revolves around health and health products, you can bring things to culmination, particularly if they are centered on nurturing, children, or higher values.

Why? Full Moon at 3°Vi33′, Jupiter opposite Chiron, Sun conjunct Neptune, and Ceres.

Over-Thinking Things?

What to expect: Having lots of critical thoughts
What to watch out for: Not fact-checking
What will it affect? Thinking, perceptions, and relationships

On Feb 24th – 26th, we are putting a great deal of thought into plans for our relationships, which is likely to bring up mental tensions. We are examining everything with a critical eye. We might not reach out to others for their opinions on the matter, preferring instead to make up in our minds. If we have fears, they may fuel our fear and keep us stuck. The best approach is to present our thoughts on the matter with a level of curiosity and fact-checking. The process may bring up some surprising truths and things you don’t expect! If you need some tips on how to have this kind of conversation, read Brene Brown’s book Rising Strong.

And, If you have something to work on that requires focus and detail, now is a great time to take on the task.

Why? Mercury square transiting Juno, Mercury sextile Saturn, and Mercury sextile transiting Uranus.

The Financial Big Picture

What to expect: Seeing patterns
What to watch out for: Avoiding the money truth
What will it affect? Money, relationships, our self perception, and ego expression

 On the 27th you may have an ah ha! moment when it comes to your finances. It’s a great time to look at the big picture, weave together the entire story and see what exists. Many of us avoid our finances, preferring to give it to an accountant or to not even look at it, but looking closely will reveal a great deal of information. Not only that, but you may also get some intuitive hits on how to make things better or different. If you are normally sensitive (i.e. you feel other people’s energy), you may be able to tap into all kinds of information at this time and see what may not be immediately obvious.

Why? Venus conjunction transiting Pallas and Sun conjunction transiting Neptune.

Leap Year! – Last day of Feb

What to expect: A call for commitment
What to watch out for: Commitment phobia and anxiety
What will it affect? Relationship and money ventures.
Conflicts arise again on the last day of February within our relationships. Money may be at the heart of it. Some unusual ideas may present themselves and you may be getting excited by them. But now you need to put your resources to your ideas and this level of commitment may bring up some anxiety. Truth be told, today is great for making good judgment, Even if things seem outside the box, we will have a healthy conversation about it. It makes for a good formula if you are planning to venture into the unknown.

Why? Venus square transiting Juno and Venus sextile transiting Saturn.