July Horoscope 2015

imageJuly has two full moons: one at the beginning of the month and one at the end.

July 1st marks the first full Moon of the month and it will be in Capricorn. We might feel sensitive at the full Moon as we worry about looking good. It’s connecting with Pluto which creates intensity (borderline obsessiveness) with its energy. The intensity is also influenced by the degrees through which Pluto and Uranus have been moving. Though they have stopped squaring each other, there are some residual issues that may come to the fore at this full Moon and throughout the month. The issues that they bring up are related to social change and changes in power structures; at this full Moon, there may be another signal that brings these problems to another level. Full Moons are about completions; they bring matters to a critical point. During this full Moon, many of the planets at play (specifically the Moon, the Sun, Mars, and Pluto) are in signs in which they do not feel the most comfortable. We may be feeling aggressive, angry, and obsessive. These emotions may arise out of a need to protect ourselves or the ones we love. The good news is that the Full moon is in an easy aspect to Neptune, so our intuition will be heightened and we will be able to see into the netherworld of our emotions. Even if our emotions are strong, we will be able to have self-awareness. This energy sharpens our sensitivity to others; those who are empathic may feel this strongly. Just remember that we are in control of our emotions. Emotional control does not mean that we ignore our emotions or that we push them out of our awareness; our emotions only control us when we fail to love and respect them – when we fail to love and respect them, they make their way onto others. They say that “hurt people hurt people.” But the truer statement reads, “unconscious hurt people, hurt people’

Venus and Jupiter will also be conjunct on July 1st. If you pay attention to the sky, you will easily see them. They are the ones that are shining bright that they will almost seem like they could be satellites or fake objects in the sky. As I am writing this horoscope this month, I am in Florida experiencing the most spectacular sunset. A couple of night ago I was sitting under the sunset sky and a group of people stumbled out of a sushi restaurant having had a little too much food and drink. One of them was screaming up at the sky.. “Look, it’s Venus and Jupiter… they’re going to be passing each other. Right beside each other in a couple of days” She was both excited and drunk! No doubt the planets were already having their impact on her.The planets are both in the sign of Leo, creating an expansive desire for socializing and fire.

By the second of July, Mercury will sextile Uranus. Uranus is already currently connected to Venus and Jupiter in a trine, so we can expect some pleasant and unexpected confessions. New and innovative ideas may come about at this time. It’s a great time for communicating a vision to bring together people. Messages at this time will be leading edge, ground-breaking, and will help further Uranus’s agenda in Aries of breaking with the past and pioneering new territory. Mars will square the nodes on the same day; they’ll help us to take action in letting go of expectation’s that have kept us tied to the past. We are now moving towards more fairness.

On the 3rd of July, Mercury will square Chiron, the wounded healer, and sextile Jupiter. Someone may say something that really triggers us at this time. We are triggered because of unhealed childhood wounds. If we have taken the time to heal them in the past, then we will get a confirmation of how far we have come; if we haven’t taken that time, it may now sting a bit. The good news is that Mercury sextile Jupiter will help us to stay optimistic, and may shift energy from our negative, unhealthy and false core beliefs.

On July 5th, Mercury will sextile Venus. It a great day for conversations/sharing compliments and appreciation. Make sure that your compliments are authentic. Mercury is in the last couple of days of Gemini, and Gemini can sometimes be be insincere. So, Though there is a playful and highly social energy going on, the Sun will square Pluto on July 6th, causing us to be a little defensive and self-protective.Mercury will then go into Cancer on July 8th, turning communication to a more nurturing tone.

On July 8th, Mars is trine Neptune. This positioning helps us to take action with a certain level of faith. We will be driven to spiritual pursuits or perhaps even a pilgrimage. Many people make pilgrimages to reconcile parts of them.   If we are on a pilgrimage, even if it’s only one in our minds and we will be greatly helped on July 11th. Mercury will square the nodes, helping us to leave old perspectives behind and move forward with new ideas. Our new direction may lead to new behaviours and ways of being that differ from the norm. Then on July 13th, Mercury connects with Neptune. We may have dreams at this time that help us to sort out any lingering issues. Pay attention as they will give you clues as to your new direction. You may also receive some guidance – whether it’s from your higher self or the guides around you… you will be spiritual lead if you allow it.

The energy gets a little more serious when Venus squares Saturn on July 14th. It’s a time for assessing both our money and love situation. This change might just be a preview of what the upcoming Venus retrograde period. If you make decisions or come to a conclusion about love/money at this time, you may find yourself questioning that a little later in the month (more about that when I talk about Venus retrograde a little later on).

The New Moon on July 15th is in Cancer. We can use this energy to set clear intentions about family and work. Mars is conjunct Mercury, creating forceful and direct communication for our home life and family. Mars and Mercury are also opposing Pluto. It’s a combination that can bring out strong opinions, judgment, and a desire to bend people’s minds to our way of seeing things. We can expect extremely fixed mindsets. When it comes to your family, you may be quick to criticize, but let anyone else make that same criticism and your protective fangs come out! On July 18th, Mercury will square Uranus, increasing our fixation on our own point of view. We are now learning things about others that we never knew. You may find you or someone else says something that is a surprising but informative point of view.

Venus will move into Virgo during this time. It will only be in Virgo for a couple of days and will then go retrograde on the 25th. Then Venus will move backwards into Virgo for a couple of days; for the majority of the time, it’ll be retrograde in Leo. Venus retrograde is a time of reassessing our values and our relationships with both money and love. It’s not a good time to start a new relationship. In fact, many relationships go through such difficulties during Venus retrograde.As Venus is in retrograde with Leo, our tendency may be to want to be over the top or showy. It’s also not a great time for anything to do with beauty. Getting a haircut or cosmetic surgery is usually not advised. Stay away from large purchases, especially large luxury purchases. It is, however, a good time to review your finances and your commitments. Think back to what came up when Venus squared Saturn last time – this may be the topic to review for the forty days that Venus is retrograde.

Mercury will be working hard the first couple of days of Venus retrograde to help you on that journey. On July 19th, Mercury is trine Chiron, which gives us the ability to hold healing conversations and bring about reconciliations. Then on the 21st and 22nd, Mercury will trine Saturn – and will then be in conjunction with the Sun. This is a time for serious thinking and for clarifying your needs. Mercury will then move into Leo; in August, it’ll catch up to Venus, helping us to really put some thought into our re-assessments.

On July 25th, Mars will square Uranus and then it will go retrograde on the 26th. Uranus is in Aries and had been responsible for the increase in protests we have seen over the last couple of years. From protests against governments to civil rights protests, these couple of days towards the end of July may see a new uprising.

The second full Moon, July 31st, is an Aquarius Full moon. Aquarius is about friends, associations, and humanitarian pursuits. These are areas that require us to be selfless. The needs of the group come before our own self interest. At times, this can cause us to be Machiavellian – the end justifies the means – but at this full Moon, our ends must also meet a softer and more spiritual end. Our challenge at this full Moon will be to incorporate a “yes, and….” attitude rather than a “yes, but…” one.


Aries:   At the beginning of the month, make sure to plan a date night or schedule some quality time with your children. Not only will this be fun, it will build communication channels between you that you had never thought possible. Later in the month, Venus will retrograde in your 5th house of romance and fun. You will be reassessing your romantic relationships and/or your relationships with your children, so now is the time to open up those channels of communication.

Taurus: You may be seeing a renovation project or home redesign coming together at the beginning of the month. Normally these types of projects bring out the worst in us. Fighting and differences are commonplace during a reno, but this project seems to be bringing out the best in you and others. This has a great impact on your-self assurance, but it’s also bringing up things about yourself that you didn’t even know. Later in the month, Venus will go retrograde. Pay attention at the beginning of the month to your sweet spot, because my end may you get a little over confident when Venus goes retrograde, causing you to forget that sweet spot and go overboard.

Gemini: You are good with words or other communication methods to begin with, but this month you are charmed. You are communicating in ways that take communication to a new level – that new level is an inspiration to many. Many times we say or communicate things without any intention, and yet they still have an impact. It’s the kind of impact that might leave you a little surprised, yet delighted. Venus will go retrograde in your third house this month, causing you to reflect on your communication values. It may have been something you have never thought through before.

Cancer:   At the beginning of the month, you may be experiencing an extremely lucky break with your career. You may have loved what you were doing before, and you “worked like you didn’t need the money.” Your only objective was to do what you love. Now you do what you love and get paid. Towards month end, Venus goes retrograde in your second house of finance. You may be overconfident with money and spending – not only that but you may spend on things you later regret and don’t even really like.

Leo: You are on fire at the beginning of the month – it’s your coming out ball. You are making an incredible impression on friends and associates. It’s likely having a big impact on your beliefs about yourself. Your light to be in the spotlight, but you may not have been sure if you deserve it. Toward the end of the month, Venus retrogrades in your first house and you may lose your footing. Now that you’re in the spotlight, you need to consider how you want to be known and how you want to project. You could be thinking about your brand or even your reputation. If people are talking about you, what do you want them to say?

Virgo:   You might be feeling like a superhero at the beginning of the month. No matter what comes your way, you feel like you have steel armor of steel, a light saber, or an invisible jet… There seems to be something or someone available to protect you from danger and enemies. Toward the month’s end, Venus turns retrograde and you’ll need to reassess those alliances. Sometimes we can mistake a short-term relationship meant to get us to the next level, with something more. Venus retrograde will help you to sort it out.

Libra: At the beginning of the month, you will be extremely social and may have an absolute blast with friends. They are an unusual cast of characters who not only introduced you to new and unusual adventures; they also helped to create new and unusual alliances that will help you. It’s networking, but networking in a way that you have never experienced before. Toward month’s end, you will be sifting through some of those new alliances to see what works for you and what does not. They may be very different from you and introducing your new ideas; they still need to jive with your value system.

Scorpio: You are the latest trend at the beginning of the month. Your career is hitting fame like status. What you are doing is communicating either directly or indirectly in ways that allows transformation. Your way of working is somehow revolutionary – and it’s been noticed. By month’s end, Venus will retrograde in your tenth house of career and fame. You may have some hiccups that cause you to rethink your message they could be anything from what you wear to who you associate with that comes into consideration.

Sagittarius: You’re falling in love at the beginning of the month – if not with a person, you’re falling for a place that ignites’ your passion. In astrology, we’re able to lay your horoscope over the map of the world and find locations that will be great for you. This month you naturally locate your personal place of power – you can check with an astrologer who does this to get confirmation but your gut will also tell you. At month’s end, Venus retrogrades in your ninth house of higher learning and teaching. You may be considering going back to school, just as easily as you may be reconsidering everything you were ever taught.

Capricorn: You are catching a break at the beginning of the month in terms of shared resources. Maybe the bank gives you a loan you didn’t expect or your partner receives a sum of money that just makes life easier! It may also be an inheritance. Changes are happening on the home front and this is having a positive impact on your finances. This growth is likely been a result of the things you say to help others out. Sometimes, when we help others with kind works or encouragement, our actions get noticed and generate large impacts in who decides to help us out in life. You could say a kind word to a millionaire, not realizing that she is the one and the next thing you know, you’re named in her will! By the end of the month, Venus will retrograde in your eight house of shared resources if you do get some money, just be careful on how you spend it.

Aquarius: Things are finally starting to shape up in your love life. What’s really helping is your unusual ability to flirt, have fun, and communicate in loving and romantic ways? It may not be your usual way of operating. Towards the month’s end, Venus retrogrades in your seventh house of relationships, so you’ll be doing some hard thinking about your love and your love life. Maybe someone from the past shows up to upset the apple cart… that can happen when Venus goes retrograde.

Pisces: Your communication and teamwork is really paying off at the beginning for the month. Maybe you get a new job or a pay raise – or both! Whatever happens will definitely impact your income in positive ways because people trust your knowledge and expertise. Plus they see you delivering practical solutions – even though it’s not your normal way of operating, it works right now. Practical skills can sometimes be very appealing! Later in the month, Venus will retrograde in your house of work and service. If you have started a new job, you might be assessing whether you have made the right decision. Maybe you have sacrificed purpose for money or vice vera. This month will mark the time that you rethink all of that.



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