June Horoscope 2013

Whew!  We made it through May!  Well, not so quick… June will have the last word on events in May.  It may feel like one step forward, two steps back! 
The lunar eclipse on May 25 was squaring Neptune, but Neptune was trining Saturn.  Did we go into denial or have we decided to do something about it?  For the month of June Neptune and Saturn will remain in a trine position which will be exact on June 12.  Saturn and Neptune were also trine back on Oct 10th 2012 and they will kiss again this July. The worldly (Saturn) and the otherworldly (Neptune) are working together. Saturn in Scorpio is reforming and Neptune in Pisces is idealistic and spiritual.  Together they can make dreams possible.  And so this month, we will start to see money going into the hands of the dreamers and idealists.  Medical discoveries will be aided especially in illnesses that have eluded us, spirituality will be brought into the word of structure and corporations, and things will happen that some never thought (and sadly still might not think) possible.  Change will happen, but only if we have had the guts to move forward.  For those of us daring to dream, here’s some advice… Stop listening to the naysayers!!!
Neptune and Saturn get some extra help with cameo appearances from Mercury and Venus.  Mercury will form a grand trine with the two on June 3 and will help with communicating our ideas and visions.  Also, the communications we make will resonate with others better on this day. 
June 7 is a bit of a complicated day.  Neptune turns retrograde making its dreaminess and idealism even more meta as Venus forms a grand trine with these guys.  Love does matter, especially the nurturing and caring kind, and will aid in making things possible.  But on the same day, Mars conjunct Pallas and the moon are squaring Neptune.  Used poorly, it will make us want to act in haste and want to defend our cause.  Used constructively, we can attract some real supporters.  Which way you go will all depend on the level of consciousness you are operating from.  Do you believe in love, magic and miracles?  Then there is no need to push!  
Mercury and Venus then trigger the Uranus Pluto square; first, with some emotional words from Mercury on the 8th.  Mercury also rules the New Moon on the same day, so a proclamation of new beginnings related to some form of social change may be made; a couple of days later an outer “crab-like” shell on love and finance emanating from Venus and may mean no love for institutions such as governments, school systems and the church. When mama ain’t happy, nobody is happy!
Jupiter is entering into Cancer on June 25, just days after summer begins and will be in that sign for the next year.  Jupiter expands and brings optimism to whatever it touches, so in Cancer, we can expect tradition, nurturing and family values to increase.  The home, taking care of our loved ones and good home-cooked meals will be the focus.  This would be a great time for a family reunion or researching the family tree.  However, Mercury is going retrograde on June 26, also in the sign of Cancer and may cause some miscommunication with family.  If you are planning any of these great family ideas, you may want to wait until the end of July or August.  Unless of course, you want to have some good stories about what uncle Fred did at the BBQ or start family feuds over who got overlooked on the invitations. 


Big changes have been happening in how you present yourself.  Your personal power and public standing are getting the cold shoulder from your family this month, but you can work with them to aid you as you delve deep into the recesses of yourself.  It’s your family heritage and tradition that will help you to tap into intuitive realms.


Your partner and your friends have been real supporters.  Your siblings or neighbours will chime in to really support you this month.  On the other hand, these same folks can be a real pain in the butt, challenging your beliefs and challenging all that unconscious stuff you’ve been trying to keep down under the surface.


Your friendships and intimacies are starting to look really different.  Hiccups with money seem to be part of the picture. Well, money can really highlight the sincerity of both these groups… or your sincerity towards them.  For some reason news about work and career can work for you but against them.  Try to work towards the best of both worlds.  You can have both love and career.


Whether you’re giving the cold shoulder or words of support, you personal power will make ripples publicly and possibly with open enemies.  Not to worry.  Your actions are still appreciated, supporting new beliefs and ideologies… and the children, which have always been important to you!


The first part of the month you are quite your normal social Leo, but as the month moves on you move more and more into the shadows.  Leo, it’s not like you to hide out, but hide out you will.  Strangely enough, an undercover love affair may help you to explore the depths of your mind.  Just make sure it doesn’t clash with your work and loosens your grip on your beliefs.


A short trip with your honey may help inspire your hopes and dreams – even if those same hopes and dreams seem to clash with your shared resources and having fun.  Ugh!


As if having your family and your partner breathing down your neck wasn’t enough, now you’ve also got some tension from your career.  Take heart because those same career problems can be the magic formula for making more money and working at the things you have been dreaming about for a while. You hate conflict Libra, but if you rise above it, big things can happen.


Your work and day to day surroundings are changing. You may receive some challenges from overseas or maybe your studies will start to clash with these areas. These same challenges will support your self-expression and creativity, which is what the world needs at this point.


You may have been experiencing difficulties as a result of the gambles you’ve made with money but your intuition is supporting you this month.  And though you may have experienced losses, you can trust the universe for support.  You may also be able to count on your family and strangely enough, the bank. It’s all in your approach.


All kinds of relationships seem to be there for you – your friends, your neighbours and even some surprises from your honey, although your honey might be coming across hot and cold.  Take the best and leave the rest.


You have some amazing work ideas and you’re a bit more loving and nurturing than you normally are which has you noticing the difference it makes on your career and ability to make money.  This communicative mushiness is playing a number on your subconscious structures and your day to day dealings.  Don’t worry.  It may feel uncomfortable, but it’s all good.


Money and friends might have been the source of some grief and you might experience some blocks in terms of creativity.  Let yourself have fun though.  It’s through having fun that your high ideals and self- expression will work for some amazing outcomes.


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