Accessing blocks to success using your birth chart

I wanted to show you how to access your unconscious beliefs or negative false beliefs just by looking at your birth chart so I created this video. In it I show you two culprits and give examples using my own birth chart in the birth chart of Oprah Winfrey.

Negative unconscious beliefs are like the cancer to success. They can block your success in your business, in your relationships and every area of your life without you realizing it.

I show you how to access them quickly so that you can start challenging them and moving towards being successful.

Accurately accessing and naming the false core beliefs or unconscious beliefs is the first step.  Having a heart-to-heart with that part of yourself that believes it’s true is the next step.  One of my favourite resources with helpful exercises on this is The Self-Esteem Companion, Matthew McKay. Also, the New Feminine Power Telecourse also has a gold mine of a resource called Transformation of Identity Matrix, only accessible as part of their course.

If you have trouble with this video you can also watch it at  Accessing Unconscious Beliefs

Note: One of the false beliefs I identify for Oprah has to do with her spirituality. After I completed the video, I googled to see if I was on the right track… sure enough there have been recent attacks on her that may point to my suspicions… Huffington Post


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