July horoscope 2016

July horoscope 2016

First Week

Hard Won Deals!

What to expect: A favourable outcome to negotiations.
What to watch out for: Feeling sour at the process.
What will it affect? Money, relationships, and travel.

July starts with the perfect energy to make a financial deal! Some crazy negotiations may have led up to this deal. You may have experienced some power tactics or power plays – anything to get you to do it their way. On the other hand, you may have been the one trying to strong arm someone. Though you may come out with a decent deal, you may hear yourself cursing the process.

The same goes for vacation. In North America, it’s the start of a long weekend and this energy is perfect for starting a vacation. But before loading up the car or getting on the plane, you may have had a stand-off over where to go or how to spend your time. Not to worry, you’re likely get over any vacation fights quickly.

Why? Venus sextile Jupiter.

Second Week

Noreen Kassam

Creative Genius

What to expect: Nurturing creativity.
What to watch out for: Thinking we are not creative.
What will it affect? Our foundations, ego expression, communication, and power.

The New Moon is in nurturing Cancer. This nurturing New Moon will have an added element of vision, creativity, and imagination. Art is not just Art, but rather a pattern of images that weave together sacred, intellectual, and emotional concepts, communicating to the world what cannot be said otherwise. Paintings infused with reiki and sacred messages for your soul’s development, like Noreen Kassam’s art , cosmic and sacred geometry like Ashley Delmastro, or the heart-inspired art of Shareen Loren who has a love series caste painted with energetic spells which has been known to bring in ‘the One.’
We all have the potential to set intentions for powerfully loving and nurturing creations. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re creative or not… we all have creative genius, whether it’s highly inspired let loose creativity or colouring a Mandela inside the lines of a colouring book.

The inspiration for this creative genius is likely to come as an antithesis to the inappropriate uses of power from the establishment, including the government, a large corporation, or even our fathers. Channel it into your own art or purchase something that inspires you!
Why? Sun trine Neptune, Mercury trine Pallas, New Moon at 12°Cn53′, Sun opposite Pluto, and Mercury trine Neptune.

Magnetic Sales

What to expect: Sales.
What to watch out for: Not taking advantage of this amazing energy!
What will it affect? Communications, relationships, money, and business.

The days following the New Moon are excellent for business. On July 6th, the Sun will make contact with Mercury, helping us to be laser sharp in our negotiations. They are both in Cancer, so business that involves nurturing or property will fair best. Venus will also form a positive angle to Mars. We feel extremely passionate about what we’re selling and that causes a ripple effect. We’re excited! We get others excited. If you’re are starting a business or launching a product, this time gives it an extra boost as if what you’re selling is super magnetic.

Why? Conjunction Mercury and Venus trine Mars.

Express Yourself

What to expect: Stepping out.
What to watch out for: Paying any attention to haters.
What will it affect? Self esteem, direction, and communication.

On July 7th, we are stepping out unapologetically, saying what we feel and think and expressing our uniqueness. Though our voice is likely to be loving and encouraging, someone feels threatened. This is because the Sun and Mercury will be opposite Pluto. These two are also forming a nice angle to the North Node, the point that is much like the North Star, pointing us in the right direction. If you feel any negativity, take a page out of Amy Schummer’s book. She posted her very normal bathing suit pic with a note to internet trolls.

I meant to write “good morning trolls!” I hope you find some joy in your lives today in a human interaction and not just in writing unkind things to a stranger you’ve never met who triggers something in you that makes you feel powerless and alone. This is how I look. I feel happy. I think I look strong and healthy and also like Miss Trunchbull from Matilda. Kisses!

Why? Sun sextile North Node, Sun opposition Pluto, Mercury sextile North Node, Mercury opposition Pluto, Venus square Uranus, and Juno entering Scorpio.

Healing Diversity

What to expect: Openness to differences.
What to watch out for: Not taking advantage of this amazing energy.
What will it affect? Beliefs, relationships, and communication.

Years ago I was on a trek with 11 women in Nepal. There was one of everything: we had Islamic, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, and Mormon women present. One day at dinner we decided to compare what we all believed. No fights erupted. Many of our values were common to everyone, though some points were misunderstood or mis-perceived by other religions. No one tried to sway anyone to their way of thinking. It was just an open exchange. When Mercury and Jupiter connect on the 8th, we’ll have a similar opportunity. It is a great time to get together for leaning or teaching. Venus and Chiron also connect on the 8th , so the opportunity exists to heal some rifts, misunderstandings, and wounds.

Why? Venus trine Chiron and Mercury sextile Jupiter.

Building Confidence

What to expect: Sharpening our skills.
What to watch out for: Getting defensive.
What will it affect? Relationships, communication, and self presentation.

July 10th is another great day for learning and training. This time we can work on the technical aspects of our public relations, sales, or public speaking skills. Staging a mock setting with a live audience or potential customers will help you to understand the true feel of it. Comments and feedback will foster a tough love approach, but this will help to not only accelerate your learning but also boost your confidence.

Why? Sun sextile Jupiter, Mercury trine Mars, and Venus square Ceres.

Third Week

54621955 - cute cartoon monkey sitting in yoga pose

Monkey Mind

What to expect: Difficulty focusing.
What to watch out for: Getting nothing done.
What will it affect? Thinking, communication, healing, and ideas.

On July 11th, many of us will experience monkey mind. Our minds go off in a million different directions and focus will be difficult. We are incredibly prone to having some stuff on our minds. Sometimes we need to pause, pull out our journals, or a piece of paper and jot down everything that keeps swimming around in our heads. Silencing the mind in mediation will also help. The potential exists to have flashes of insight and breakthroughs if we direct our minds.

Why? Mercury square Uranus and Mercury trine Chiron.

What work for YOU

What to expect: Conflict over the limelight.
What to watch out for: Worrying about how others see your solution.
What will it affect? Fun, leadership, risk, and children (including your inner child).

On July 12th, Venus moves into Leo and there is a bit of a conflict right from the very start. Venus in Leo loves to have fun, play, and take risks, but this comes into conflict with responsibilities so relationship inequalities could show their face. In personal relationships, we may be confronted with double standards. In business relationships, we may be confronted with conflicting roles or rules. How do we handle it when we both want the credit or we both want the praise? How do we both have fun and take care of our responsibilities?

Fortunately the opportunity exists for us to see into and redefine the roles using a unique standard. Decide what works for you, even if the world outside sees it as a little bizarre.

Why? Venus entering Leo, Venus square Juno, and Uranus sextile Vesta.

Letting Go

What to expect: a need To loosen the grip.
What to watch out for: Being a fun-buster.
What will it affect? Fun, leadership, risk, and children (including your inner child).

By July 13th, Mercury will follow Venus into Leo. Immediately another conflict emerges. This one focuses on our attachments. For parents, this may be may be the idea of letting your new teen go to the amusement park and get on all those crazy rollercoasters by themselves. For businesses, this could mean a challenge not to micro-manage your team – is standing by the water cooler helping or hindering their efficiency? It’s time to have confidence in your team, allowing them to show off their leadership, and to know that having fun is highly productive! There are no “shoulds” in your approach to this, but make sure you’re not projecting your own fears and blocking great potential.

The best approach is to have a thorough discussion. You may be making some assumption and, even if conflict arises, it is the way through to understanding.

Why? Mercury entering Leo, Mercury square Ceres, Chiron square Vesta, and Mercury square Juno.

Motivated to Achieve

What to expect: Feeling competitive.
What to watch out for: Unhealthy views of competition.
What will it affect? Motivation, self presentation, relationships, and money.

On July 16th we’ll go into business mode. Negotiations with contract, business agreements or financial agreements will all come to the fore. But our approach during this time might catch us off guard. Inside we are brewing with a need to break free from something. Maybe it’s our own internal barriers that have caused us to have upper limits, and we become clear about how we have been sabotaging our own success. Or we may feel pushed to our limit by something in our world that makes us make new departures into new and better paths or ways of doing things.

Between the 17th and 18th of July, the Sun, Mars and Chiron will dance in a grand trine, inspiring us further into action. The thing is we might feel a sting by a innocent comment made by someone or a little burn caused by witnessing someone else’s success. It’s not that anyone is trying to hurt us and we certainly don’t have ill will for others success, it’s just that we may feel we should have that by now, or “I’m just as good as he is!” And so it’s this little bit of a sting mixed with competition that stirs us into action, pushing us to prove that we can do it too!

Why? Sun Square Uranus, Mercury Conjunction Venus, Sun Trine Mars, Sun Trine Chiron, Mars Trine Chiron

Fourth Week

1134779 - matrix has you

Full Moon in Capricorn

What to expect: An assessment
What to watch out for: being too hard on ourselves
What will it affect? Achievement and goals

The Full Moon on the 19th is in Capricorn. At this Full Moon we are assessing the implication of taking the Red pill or the Blue pill. But wait. What was the red pill for again? Does the Blue pill mean I live outside or inside the matrix? This is a time of updating our accounts, balancing the budget and running the reports of how we have lead our lives. But it’s not just our balance sheets that we are assessing, but also the impact on other areas of our lives that have been comprised to get there. High income may have meant long hours and low self care. Low income may be reflected in giving too much to our relationships and not enough to ourselves. Or vise versa. We have a critical eye and are able to pinpoint our mistakes. Things are coming to a culmination now and the culmination may be pointing to areas for growth.

Why? Full Moon at 27°Cp40′. Mercury Trine Saturn, Venus Trine Saturn

Leaving ourselves or others out

What to expect: Rearing to have fun
What to watch out for: Comprising our health or relationships
What will it affect? Self expression, relationship, and nurturing needs.

The Sun moves into Leo on July 22nd and again, as we are about to express our leadership, fun /and creativity, we are challenged with a conflict. Are we compromising our diets? Do we go forth expressing ourselves and forget to pack a healthy snack, only to end up eating a quick chocolate bar or fast food burger? Do we need to incorporate more planned and preparedness into our ventures? Similarly we may have forgotten to include our partners only to experience jealousy or subtle sabotage. Finding ways for inclusion and sharing is the best approach.

Why? Sun Entering Leo Sun Square Ceres Sun Square Juno

31310714 - multi-ethnic group of people planning ideas

Last week

What to expect: A chance to work with family
What to watch out for: thinking your don’t have to pay them 🙂
What will it affect? Work, Family

Vesta moves into Cancer on July 25th and for a little while, we will really enjoy working at home or working together with family members. If you are thinking about hiring one of your children and relatives on summer vacation, this may be a time when it will actually be enjoyable. Make the most of this time as you teach them about what you do and help them to learn the ropes!

Why? Vesta in Cancer

Brainstorming & Idea Creation

What to expect: Lots of ideas.
What to watch out for: Talking over each other.
What will it affect? Ideas, Innovation, Creation.

On July 27th, we have an opportunity for brainstorming and having flashing of brilliance or insight. If you are looking for an idea creation day for you or your team, this is great energy to get you going.

Just remember the rules of the brainstorming game. Nobody gets to be wrong! No idea is stupid.

Use lots of sticky notes and take lots of notes. The days following your idea creation day will be great for organizing all of that data when Mercury goes into Virgo.

Why? Mercury Trine Uranus, Mercury square Mars, Mercury entering Virgo.

Relationship Review

What to expect: Opportunity to build a shared vision.
What to watch out for: Not taking the time.
What will it affect? Learning, relationships, and collaborations.

The last couple of days of July will be great for working together with your partner. Whether you’re in a business partnership or a relationship, you can use this energy to get on the same page and build a shared vision. Take note of the conflicts that have arisen throughout the month and use them to form your discussion. This strategy also holds true for your relationship to your children or others that you nurture (including your inner child). What can be learned, nurtured in terms of building a stable and secure sense of self.

Why? Pallas Trine Juno, Pallas Sextile Ceres