August Horoscope 2016

August Horoscope

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Aug 1st – 7th

Divine Sisterhood

What to expect: A show of Feminine power
What to watch out for: Imbalances
What does it affect? Projects, common purposes, shared work

The month starts out with some divine sisterhood! Creativity, purpose, connection, nurturing, and partnership are all coming together in a powerful energy burst on Aug 1st and 3rd. So much can be accomplished by connecting with this energy: working through emotions, creative solutions, community solutions, and the potential to ground projects, work, or workplaces in feminine safety and security. However, the potential exists to get a little out of balance. When feminine energy is out of balance, it looks like over-giving, lack of boundaries, emotions on high, and cattiness.

There is powerful energy for organizing, planning, and delegating. Getting things done in any of the mentioned areas is easier, but if in the midst of working with this feminine energy, you notice any addictions to drama, OPP (other people’s problems), or a tendency towards bitchiness (this applies to you too, guys!) – eat grounding foods, play in the dirt, have a bubble bath, and you’ll quickly reconnect with the positive feminine energy this time has to offer.

Why? Sun trine Saturn, Vesta sextile transiting Ceres, Vesta trine transiting Pallas, and Vesta Trine transiting Juno.

Divine Messages

What to expect: New Ideas
What to watch out for: Trouble getting the information across
What does it affect? Learning, information, new ideas

Another powerful energy pattern is playing out at the beginning of the month between Aug 1st and 3rd. This one involves our thoughts. Specifically, we have a message and we want to share it wherever we can: on the radio, on TV, in social media, and in our webinars and workshops. We can’t wait to get others to see things the way we see them. Again, we are using our feminine powers. On one hand, we’ll be very good at connecting, discussing, and sharing ideas, but at the same time, we may be trying to communicate new ideas and struggling with phrasing and our communication mediums that would ensure others could connect with our thoughts. Patience is the key. You may need to deliver the message more than once and in more than one format. Remember, we don’t all receive information in the same way. Some of us are auditory, some are visual, and others are kinetic learners. But even if you have the keys to adult learning down pat, you may still struggle, especially if you are sharing information that amounts to new values and a paradigm shift.

Why? Mercury opposition Pallas, Mercury sextile Vesta, Mercury trine transiting Ceres, Mercury sextile transiting Juno, and Venus trine transiting Uranus.

New Moon in Leo!

What to expect: New Intentions for our creations
What to watch out for: Know it all approaches
What does it affect? New projects, directions, personal leadership

The New Moon on Aug 2nd is in Leo. As such, the New Moon is playful, creative, and spontaneous. It also makes a connection with reserved, cautious, and truth-seeking Saturn in Sagittarius. We’ll have an opportunity to get very focused and planned with our creations, setting intentions for their solid outcomes. But it comes with a need for prudence.

Have you ever been playing on wood porch (or in my case, a pier) and gotten a splinter? Here’s what happened to me. I arrived at the dock, suitcase in hand, fresh off the plane to Tampa from Toronto. I had to take a one hour taxi to get to Anna Maria Island where the boat I would be cruising on for the next 4 days was docked. When I got there, nobody was around. Desperate to get going, I threw my luggage on the back of the boat. Then, holding on to a pier post, I tried to pull the boat closer so that I could jump on it. The boat was heavy and my wrist spun around the wooden dock pole, lodging a large sliver of it into my hand. For the rest of the day I tried to get it out. But it was deep and though I knew it was there, I couldn’t reach it. In fact I couldn’t reach that pesky piece of wood for over a month. Eventually it got infected and the infection forced it out and I was on my way to healing. But for that month I wondered where it was exactly. How I could get to it. Why I wasn’t able to reach it. And I obsessed over whether it was a myth or fact that the splinter could travel to my brain. Now I know what you’re doing. You’re either saying to yourself, ”of course a splinter can travel to your brain,” or you’re adamant that it cannot. Ask a group of friends and you will find at least a 20 minute debate and solid proof to back it up (solid proof being “a cousin’s friend had a splinter and….” or “my friend’s mom is a nurse and…” stories).

So, there are a couple of points to this story. First, children learn from play and so do we. But, even though we are ready at this New Moon to go out to play and explore, there is something inside of us that doesn’t quit work with the direction we are going (in my case it was impatience). Second, our initial approach will be important (in my case i tried to address it by myself, not allowing or waiting for help)! The thing is, Mars is moving back into Sagittarius on the day of the New Moon and we will likely get very fixated on what we think we know is the right plan to reach our desired outcome. But the more patient, open, flexible, and cautiously daring we can be, the more we make room for the best plan, path, and outcome.

Why? Mars entering Sagittarius and New Moon at 10°Le57′.

A Little Off

What to expect: Interactions being a little off
What to watch out for: Feeling the need to act
What does it affect? Communication and relationships

Aug 6th/7th are red flag days for business. First, our minds may be overly cautious, skeptical, and negative as Mercury squares Saturn. Then to complicate it, Mars (now in opinionated Sagittarius) will square Pallas, making us a bit militant. Then Venus will square Mars, making us inattentive or in the worse case, careless. Venus is opposite Pallas, throwing our inner masculine and feminine balance off making us either too passive or too aggressive. And finally Mercury is opposite Neptune — misinformation or a lie might be told.

Together the energy is saying wait, watch, manage your inner reactions, and bide your time.

Why? Mercury square Saturn, Mars square Pallas, Venus square Mar, and Venus opposition Pallas.

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Aug 8th – 14th

Pow Wow Power

What to expect: Power in groups
What to watch out for: Not taking advantage of it
What does it affect? Groups, group values, relationships

On Aug 8th/9th,the energy will be amazing for bringing together groups, tribes, or whatever you call your people. Not only will you be able to powerfully mastermind, sharing ideas and problems solving for each other, you will also feel incredibly in sync with the vibe. A feeling like you’ve connected with the right people, your values may be so in sync that you finish each other’s thoughts and sentences. This same experience may also happen with the bringing together of a power couple. Gotta love when that happens!

Why? Venus trine Ceres, Mercury conjunction North Node,and Venus sextile Juno.

“I have a dream” kind of speeches

What to expect: Inspiration
What to watch out for: Imbalances
What does it affect? Communication

On Aug 10th, we have a great day for delivering speeches. We may give one or we may hear one that powerfully moves us. With Venus sextile Vesta, it might be the stuff that gives you goose bumps and becomes logged in history as powerfully quotable.

This is energy we can also use to research or investigate. If you are having trouble getting to the necessary information, you will have success now.

Why? Transiting Mercury trine Pluto and Venus sextile Vesta.

Hybrid approaches

What to expect: Budging from stuck
What to watch out for: Feeling low
What does it affect? Personal wounds, collective wounds, New approaches

On Aug 12th, we have a chance to connect with dreams, visions, healers, and teachers. If you’ve been struggling to bring together two seemingly opposite ideas, now is the time when you may find the path to a hybrid approach.

It’s also a time when our collective wounds may come to the surface. This is complicated by Saturn going stationary direct and in a square to Venus. The next day Venus will be opposing Neptune. If you feel an intensity of pain, depression, loneliness, or hopelessness, and especially disappointment, connect to the energy of Pallas, which is now moving into innovative and change-oriented Aquarius to help budge you from that stuck feeling.

Why? Jupiter opposition transiting Chiron, Pallas entering Aquarius, Venus square transiting Saturn, and Venus opposition transiting Neptune.

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Aug 15th – 21st


What to expect: New ideas
What to watch out for: Nothing!!
What does it affect? Self expression, money, relationships

On Aug 16th, we will find ourselves coming up with great and innovative ideas. Maybe we think up a better way to do things. Not only that, but everything may line up and feel extremely fortunate. It may even be hugely cost saving or income generating!

Why? Sun trine Transiting Uranus, Venus conjunction transiting North Node, and Venus trine transiting Pluto.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

What to expect: Need for a checkup
What to watch out for: Ignoring problems
What does it affect? Innovations, new ideas, intuition

The Lunar eclipse happens on Aug 18th in Aquarius.

In the CN Tower in Toronto, there is a glass floor on which you can stand, looking down to the ground 342 m (1,122.0 ft) below. For thrills, you can also ride the elevator, which has a glass floor. Years ago I stood there with a friend of mine, contemplating walking across that glass floor until my friend said “you see that, that is man-made… not God-made, man-made!” Watch an episode of Engineering Disasters and you will find though innovation and genius exists, errors do occur. Many times they happen not because we don’t know, but because we get lazy or lax on our standards. This was the case with every space shuttle disaster. And I feared that maybe it was the case with the CN Tower glass floor. Maybe it’s human nature, but there sometimes exists within us a need to see what we can get away with. On the other hand, we may know that something needs to be addressed, but because of pressure or politics, we crumble. For example, the space shuttle engineers were pressured by management and politics to loosen their standards and it led to tragedy. Mercury is opposing Chiron at this eclipse and this kind of indecisiveness may show up. And with Pallas opposite the Sun, we may intuit its arrival. It’ll be a little feeling in the pit of our stomach, but for whatever reason we feel the pressure to ignore it.

At this eclipse it will be important to check the oil, do your health and safety inspection, your Lean Six Sigma, and/or your check for checks and balances. Do not ignore whatever comes up!

Why? Full Moon at 25°Aq51′, Mercury opposition Chiron, and Sun opposition Pallas.

Aug 22nd – 28th

Breaking down barriers

What to expect: An openness to differences
What to watch out for: Missing this awesome opportunity
What does it affect? Beliefs, services, collective conscious

When the Sun moves into Virgo on Aug 22nd, it brings in the energy of practicality and details, but also of service. On the same day, Mercury will conjunct Jupiter, helping us to bring together diversity, acceptance, and tolerance — something desperately need at this time. Neptune will also be in trine to Vesta which will help us to transcend our individuality for a greater good. If you are in teaching, training, or if you offer a workshop that focuses on bringing breaking down race, gender, sexual, or other barriers, Aug 22nd is the perfect day for you to share your wares.

Why? Sun entering Virgo, Mercury conjunction Jupiter, and Neptune trine Vesta.

Working it though

What to expect: Hard work
What to watch out for: Getting thrown by what comes up
What does it affect? Work, relationships, money

On Aug 24th, relationship or money issues may come up. These are the kind of issues that represent a block which likely has nothing to do with what is actually presenting. There is probably something deeper going on. Now is a time that you can put your head down to really work through the problem. The more concentration you put into the task, the more it will help to uncover some much needed information.

The energy changes dramatically by Aug 26th. Maybe you uncovered some information during the last couple of days that has you a bit deflated. Maybe you learned something that has not been on the up-and-up or you come face-to-face with how you may have been lying to yourself. If this happens, know that things always come to the surface so they can be healed.

Why? Venus opposition Chiron, Mars conjunction Saturn, and Mars square Neptune.


What to expect: Good times
What to watch out for: Nothing!
What does it affect? Family, children, entertainment, enjoyment.

The last weekend of August is perfect for vacation! It’s a good thing it’s a long weekend! Venus will join up with Jupiter, expanding the good times. We’ll feel like socializing, being entertained, enjoying time with others, and serving. The Sun will also connect with nurturing Ceres and we’ll feel good spending time with our families, cooking up a storm, and generally unleashing our inner caretaker!

Why? Venus conjunction Jupiter, Vesta sextile North Node, and Sun trine Ceres.

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Last week

Hold Off

What to expect: Good negotiations
What to watch out for: Needing to act immediately
What does it affect? Contracts and deals

Generally when Mercury and Venus come together, it’s a great time to negotiate a deal or sign contract. Not this time! We are too close to Mercury retrograde and a solar eclipse. When Mercury conjuncts Venus on Aug 29th, spend time talking everything through without making any commitments. You may feel like you’ve got a good deal here, especially because on the same day, Venus will move into Libra, the sign of harmony and fairness. But the likelihood is strong that there will be some things you’ll need to review during the Mercury retrograde which starts on Aug 30th. It’ll be difficult to do nothing though, because Mars is squaring the nodes which urges us to get on with it. If you can, wait to see how things play out. More information is coming.

Why? Mercury conjunction transiting Venus, Venus entering Libra, and Mars square North Node.

Mercury Retrograde

What to expect: Muddled communications
What to watch out for: Starting anything new
What does it affect? Travel, communication, technology , details

Mercury goes retrograde on Aug 30th. Mercury is in the last degree of Virgo, but it’s not quite ready to move into Libra. Mercury will retrograde from Aug 30th till Sept 22nd and it won’t get to Libra until Oct 7th. During Mercury’s retrograde in Virgo, we will be asked to go over the details. We may also have to double check on how practical we are being. Maybe we are too practical or not practical enough. Have you had a health scare? Now would be a good time to get a second opinion. It may also be a time that we need to review our perfectionism, how critical we may be, and how harsh we can get to both ourselves and others.

As usual, Mercury retrograde can wreck havoc on our travel plans, our email, and all forms of communication. This one may be especially pesky because it’s in one of the sign that Mercury rules – Virgo. Remember the trick to having a smooth Mercury retrograde is to avoid anything new and to go forward with anything that starts with “re” – review, revisit, redo, refocus, etc.

Why? Mercury retrograde in Virgo.

Solar Eclipse in Virgo

What to expect: Clarity
What to watch out for: The need to change
What does it affect? Just about anything!

Remember back in June, we were contending with a mutable grand square? It involved Saturn and Neptune and had many of us unsure of which way was up. Now we have a solar eclipse, the trigger of all triggers, which will bring to light all of that energy. What happens during an eclipse is that something gets blocked, either the light of the Sun or the illumination of the Moon. During that tiny bit time, we get a break. It’s like when you have a problem you can’t solve and you let yourself forget about it for a while, and then suddenly in the darkness of forgetting, you get the answer. Eclipses are times when we suddenly get the answer or we suddenly realize something. It could be that we need to leave a situation, that we love this person, that someone needs us, or that we need to change a situation that impacts us. Eclipses bring something to light and often what comes to light is game changing. This solar eclipse will be especially powerful. We’ll finally have clarity! For some, clarity will make us wonder if ignorance wasn’t bliss and for others, it will spell sweet relief. No matter what, if the truth has not yet been revealed, this powerful solar eclipse will draw the curtain and we will finally see what has been hiding beyond.

Why? Solar Eclipse in Virgo.