August Horoscope 2015

2015-07-31 23.43.22This will be the most productive and insightful month so far this year. Insightful because we are now turning inward to evaluate our values; how we spend our money and what we love. Productive because, Jupiter is heading into Virgo… the sign the loves productivity!

To set this off, we may have had some challenge, good or bad, that brought these current issues to the forefront. This started when Venus was retrograde in Virgo at 0 degrees last month.

In astrology 0 degrees is an important degree because it is the initiation. Out of nothing comes something. And with the retrograde, it bring in the infinity symbol as we loop back and circle back on what needs our attention. For many of us, this process will bring up the obvious—though not always comfortable or what we thought. It’s a time for refocusing our expectations instead of lowering our standards.

On August 1st, Venus moves back into the last degrees of Leo, and our pride or our ego may need to grasp these new insights. If we have a healthy ego, the process will be smoother, but those who hang onto fixity and an unevolved direction will feel uncomfortable.

On August 2 Mercury, which rules the mind, will have an easy aspect to Uranus, the planet of change, so we will be more open than usual, allowing our minds to see different perspectives and to change. Saturn goes direct on the 2nd as well. Saturn is about structure, restriction and responsibility. It took a turn a couple of months ago, leaving Sagittarius and going back into Scorpio, where it had its last lessons with all things Scorpio; our sexuality, our shared resources and our use of power (which Scorpio rules). If we had been responsible in the past with these areas of our lives, this time felt only as light feeling of restructuring. But if we were irresponsible, this was a hard time in one or all of those areas. Venus retrograde will help us to review all that we have learned, helping us to make adjustments.

Some of you who are a little more astrologically savvy may be wondering what Scorpio has to do with Venus. Well, here’s what – once upon a time before the Greeks got hold of the constellations and created a new sign (Libra), Libra was part of Scorpio. But Libra is actually the tail in the constellation of Scorpio. In astrology, Libra is ruled by Venus and Scorpio ruled by Mars (at least traditionally). This suggests that at one point male (Mars) and female (Venus) planets were together and harmonized. When the Greeks, the patriarchs and rulers of law came into being, they separated. The symbol of the scale was placed there to symbolize the balance instead . This is why Libra is the only sign thats symbol is not an animal or mammal.

So now provides a moment in time when you will be able to move into those ancient energies of balance, re-evaluate the current (by current I mean the Greek creation) and replace it with new structure if we desire. This is the energy of Jupiter (in Leo) square to Saturn (in Scorpio) on August 3. The energy is a square … so this may not be a smooth process. If you are business-focused around banking or shared finances, this energy will help to push you in a new direction. Leo rules banks and risk while Scorpio rules shared resources. Other industries that may see a reorganization of structure and values are the religious, entertainment and creative industries and even the mafia (or mafia-type structures). Expect some drama and, if channeled properly, some change (rather than destruction). Balance is the key.

Venus will conjunct Jupiter (a second conjunction this year) on August 4. Venus will also square Saturn on the 5th. Two seemingly opposite things will then happen. The first is that whatever came up at the first conjunct on July 1st will come into focus again and be up for review. Again, this review may be happening due to Venus retrograde. This is likely to do with expanding our authority in some way and it could have to do with love or money. You may be asked to expand your leadership role or to commit to a relationship in a deeper way.

There is seriousness to this energy and this is due to the second energy at play with Saturn, but there is also a depth of fun, entertainment and creativity because of Venus. Liken it to doing business on the golf course or to doing fun team-building activities, which actually have the deeper and more serious business objective. In fact, if you do mix business and pleasure during this time, AND you make sure not to overdo things, you it will be extremely productive and “lucky”—Jupiter rules luck. Soooo, one glass of wine at that work summer party (not ten—even if they ARE free). And no overdoing your overly competitive need to win by instead adopting a “you win some and sometimes you need to lose some” attitude. Venus loves pleasure, Jupiter loves to expand and Saturn likes to restrict, so striking a balance is what is called for.

On the 6th and 7th Mercury in Leo jumps in on the action, joining up to conjunct Venus and Jupiter and to square Saturn. Expect lots of conversation on the topic. This might be in the form of negotiations, agreements, speculation and with Saturn it will either bringing exacting judgements or narrow-mindedness. If you have done something out of boundaries—it will be discussed! But if you have stayed within the bounds, my guess is that this will be a couple of days of lively debate or argument that is ultimately productive. If there is a large outlay of money required in any of this dialogue, wait until early September when Venus will be direct if you can. Mars in a easy aspect to Saturn on the 6th will help us to have that restraint with our money. And we’ll need that restraint and time to evaluate all that is said and really push into “is it worth it?”

Mercury will then enter Virgo on the 7th until the 28th, giving us time to organize, plan and map it all out. You’ll probably notice your calendar out A LOT during this period.

On the 7th just before Mars moves into Leo, we might see a little bit of family drama, but by the evening when Mars moves into Leo get ready for creativity and play. Mars in Leo will fire us up in this direction for the rest of the month.

On August 8th Jupiter leaves Leo and goes into Virgo, where it will stay for about a year. This moves Jupiter’s expansive energy from all things Leo to all things Virgo. I’ve already heard some buzz about some really cool Virgo-like businesses that will come into being in the next year. I can’t tell you until it happens, but if you have a Virgo-like business, particularly one that is inventive and meets a market demand, you will feel charmed this year.

Timing will also be important, so refer to my 2015 guide, look out for the 2016 version or book a biz astrology assessment (notice my new ‘book a complementary clarity’ call button on my site) with me for thorough and more precise (I couldn’t help using a Virgo-like word here) advice. Virgo rules health and wellness, crafts, organizing, pampering and service so you will see those types of industries grow.

During the year Jupiter and Saturn will square two more times (their first square this month has a bit of a different energy because they are in Leo and Scorpio), but in general when Jupiter and Saturn square we see a shift in the economy. So later on when the that energy moves into Virgo and Sagittarius, we might see lots of advisory services pop up. Virgo likes to budget, pay bills on time and avoid debt. They like to know where the money goes. And all of this will expand with Jupiter in Virgo—especially with news of economic change—in Virgo’s mind. It might be nothing, but it could be something—and Virgo likes to make mountains out of mole hills in the economic sense, guiding them to stay on the safe side.

On August 12th we have a day of confusion. We may teeter back and forth between our logical mind and our heart mind, but if we allow ourselves to lean on our right brain, the one that connects well with the heart, we will be able to pick up on the subtleties of this energy and benefit.

On August 13th the sun is trine Uranus and Mars is sextile the north node. These are two easy energies that will bring fresh insight and direction and will build up the energy for the New Moon which happens on August 14th.

The New Moon on the 14th will be at 21 degrees Leo. Does this degree sound familiar? This is the same degree that Venus and Jupiter were conjunct and so bright in the sky a couple of months ago. I love the sabian symbol for this degree, “ a carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission.” Many of us have been wandering, having spiritual growth spurts, feeling at times like we are lost, or actually losing our way at others. But now we have been blessed with the energy of finding our way home. We are returning from our hero’s journey with that feeling of “it feels so good to be  home” and, with that return, we have news, intelligence and vital supplies. We now have the energy of the New Moon to lay it all out in front of us and decide how we want to use it. It’s implementation time. And the Leo energy will make sure we implement with good leadership.

On the 15th we can celebrate. What a great day for a BBQ or a pig roast (sorry, vegetarians!). The Sun will be conjunct Venus, which should promise to be a day of pure delight … AND maybe a little too much food and drink! Mercury will also be in a trine to Pluto on that day, so we can expect to have conversations that are deep and meaningful and that stir our insides.

On August 19th Venus is trine to Uranus. Uranus is the planet of surprises and both are in fire signs, so I think we can expect the unexpected when it comes to love and passion. It’s likely got to do with past loves (include past life loves) and pleasant surprises. On August 20th Mercury is opposite Chiron. It’s a day that we may need to think about forgiveness. Mercury is in Virgo, which makes it highly critical and perfectionist, but if we can see that we are all perfectly imperfect, we can find the much-needed path to forgiveness.

On the 21st of August we may hit an obstacle or be faced with a tough decision. This is because the Sun lights up the energy of Saturn with a sideways glance. Saturn is making its way back out of Scorpio, but this may be one last power struggle to finish things off.

On the 26th we have another sunny and optimistic day as the sun conjuncts Jupiter. It might be a great day to sit down and do some brainstorming or masterminding. We’ll also have the energy of Mercury in an easy flow to Saturn, giving us strong concentration and a practical mindset, sans the pessimism or “we can’t do that” attitude. Another great day for this kind of activity is August 29th, when Mercury will conjunct the North Node. It brings together the right people, with the right mindset and the right ideas!

August 29th is also the Full Moon. This Full Moon is full of expansive, high-minded and service-based ideas! However, we may also have some ideas that conflict with newer spiritual stirrings. We are getting rid of the old and moving more deeply into the new. At the heart of it is a message to follow your own inner counsel and be true to your own beliefs. At this full moon, however, it might come with some cost. But rest assured, following your own inner guidance will never lead you astray. You may not see the wisdom of your own actions in the moment—feeling confusion instead, but trust yourself and eventually you will.

Read your sign (and don’t forget to read your rising sign too!):

Aries: The first part of the month you are focused on just having fun, letting your creativity spill forth and being romantic. Make sure you’re not spending too much money on these activities. Someone (the bank, your spouse, the credit card company) will comment! The second half of the month puts you into work mode. You might also get serious about cleaning up your health act! Jupiter moves into your 6th house for the next year, expanding your focus on these areas.

Taurus: You may be in the midst of a home renovation project and find yourself yelling, “Everyone stop!!!” There is something about it that you’re not sure about. Or maybe it’s just that you have had the last straw with all of the power struggles with that person you share your home with. There is a lot of creative energy available to you in getting this project done. You’re almost there … the answers will come. (P.S. this might also be a psychological renovation project on your inherited childhood patterns). Jupiter moves into your 5th house and for the next year will expanding your creativity, focus on children and/or romance.

Gemini: You are being called on to review your communication patterns at work. It may be that you will need to draw on more creative forms of influence other or to learn how to speak up in ways that draw followers. In one sense you are on the mark, but Saturn is calling on you to polish it up a bit. You have the ability this month to charm a snake or sell a brick to a house once you really get this, but you’ve got to leave them feeling good about it. The energy shifts to your home by the middle of the month when Jupiter goes into your 4th house. Real estate, parents and babies may all be on the agenda for the next year.

Cancer: Out of all of the signs in the horoscope, you will be the one who will be dying to pull out your cash, ready to spend on things you cannot afford! Don’t do it! As they say, all that glitters is not gold. This month everything will seem like a steal, a bargain, or like something you’ve just got to have. You are being called to review the kinds of risks you take and also how much you try to buy love. Buying love is fundamentally an issue with our sense of worth. If you’ve got this nailed, you can see bank digits roll! The end of the month Jupiter moves into your 3rd house, moving the focus away from money and expanding communication, transportation, siblings and your neighbours for the next year.

Leo: You’re on fire, Leo, especially for the beginning of the month. Jupiter and Venus have been charming you and you have been charming others with these two planets giving you a helping hand. Expect lots of attention and praise – two things you love. Yet here’s the weird thing! Sometimes when we receive more love than we are able to accept, we sabotage. This has to do with our beliefs about ourselves, often etched into our being by our parents or even our heritage. This month will challenge you to get a handle on your internal saboteur. Toward the end of the month Jupiter goes into your second house of earned money. Jupiter will expand this area in your life for the next year. Clearing out the cobwebs will help Jupiter do his job!

Virgo: The beginning of August would be perfect for a Vipassana meditation retreat! You are taking a deep dive into your own secrets and maybe your guilt. You may be feeling a deep need to be alone, and purposely removing the distractions will help the angels and guides come in and do their work. You are finding your own inner beauty, how you are perfectly imperfect and that it’s perfect! A silent retreat like Vipassana also helps to show you how your own speech, ways of communication to yourself and others have helped this belief or damaged it. Jupiter moves into your sign toward the middle of the month, putting a focus on you, your self-presentation and the discovery of who you really are for the next year.

Libra: You might be feeling at the beginning of the month like you can’t stop partying. In fact, you might be overdoing it! Oh, but it’s so much fun! Yes, but fun can put a strain on your pocketbook and, if you’ve got a hangover, your ability to earn. You are learning how to socialize with moderation and within the confines of your resources. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean that you need to. You struggle with giving in to the group due to your own lack of self-restraint. Toward the middle of the month Jupiter moves into your 12th house, connecting you with a deeper sense of spirituality and perhaps even a guru for the next year.

Scorpio: You’re finally reaching a pinnacle in your career. You are receiving notice and are getting the rewards and recognition that you have worked so hard to achieve. Your business associations are highly rewarding, but there is something more that you need to do to really make them work for you. Are you being selective about whom you surround yourself with? What criteria do you use to evaluate who gets to be a part of your inner circle? But, most importantly, how are you projecting yourself in order for them to want to associate with you? This month you have some finishing touches on “who you are being.” Jupiter moves into your 11th house by mid-month. This will expand the focus on your hopes, your dreams and your associations for the next year.

Sagittarius: They say that everyone has a place in the world where they find their power. It’s their personal place of power! The seeker in you has been on a mission to find that place. It’s a place you know you will find for yourself and your own spiritual growth. This month you may travel to foreign lands or you might find a book or even a person so different from yourself that will take you on that journey. Just make sure your journey isn’t a spiritual bypass. Spiritual bypassing LOOKS like you’re doing all the spiritual work, but it is actually a defense mechanism to avoid fear. Dealing with your own fear will be useful when Jupiter moves into your 10th house of profession, career and status. You’ll be on top for the next year and you’ll want to make sure you’ve done the work making you ready for that headship.

Capricorn: This is a very Karmic month for you. This month you could win big or you could lose fantastically! You may even have a conversion experience. Whatever happens, you are definitely moving from one stage into another; whether that stage is lightness or darkness is hard to say, but it’s just going to happen. The trick to this time is faith and acceptance. The more you hang on to expectation the more you will feel the discomfort of change. Expectations are linked to our hopes and dreams—so high on your experience list this month will be either disappointment or reward. Jupiter moves into your 9th house for the next year, expanding higher learning, religion and/or travel in your life.

Aquarius: You are smoking right now in your relationship or partnership. It’s feeling good, but there is also some work that needs to be done. You’re reassessing your contracts and relationships to make sure they are aligned with your career aspirations. The type of contract you negotiate will be important here. If it’s a love relationship, are you operating in an old-style role-based contract of love or a new, evolutionary-focused one? If it’s a business one, is it focused on prestige, status or on something more? Do you undermine each other or do you have a shared goal? Jupiter moves into your 8th house of shared resources for the next year, making it a good year to enter into business partnerships or other shared arrangements (like with a money lender or investor).

Pisces: You may feel on top of the world at the beginning of the month and this is because your health and vitality seem to get a boost. Work may also be going really well. You are finally getting the politics. The questions this month will be things like are these politics that you want to work within? No matter where we work, there will be politics, but in some environments the politic borders on dysfunctional. Are you willing to drink this particular corporate/biz environment Koolaid? On the other hand, you may have a moment of cockiness that you “know this game” that ends up tripping you up. Whatever the case, now is a time to check your beliefs and what you value. Jupiter moves into your 7th house of partnership toward the middle of the month for the next year. Legal cases, partnerships and work with any kind of professional (consultant, coach, counselor) will be expanded and favoured.


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