Horoscope: Jan 28 – Feb 3, 2019

Jan 28 – Feb 3, 2019

Futuristic Plans

What to expect: Innovation and breakthrough
What to watch out for: Letting the energy pass
What will it affect? Society, change, plans, communication, relationships

At the beginning of the week on Jan 29th, we have amazing energy for making plans. Mercury is conjunct the Sun bringing into alignment our thought with our will. Both are in Aquarius which helps us to formulate plans that are forward-thinking and innovative. Uranus will sextile Vesta which also reinforces innovative thinking and breakthroughs. This is especially true as Uranus is now at the last couple of degree of Aries and has increased and concentrated energy for breaking down the old and creating the news. Uranus works well with Vesta the asteroid goddess currently in Aquarius focusing our plans and creative breakthroughs towards making society better.

You don’t have to do it alone. As Juno sextiles the North Node, working within our partnerships can help us to move in the right direction.

Why? Sun Conjunction Mercury, Uranus Sextile Vesta, Juno Sextile North Node

Spiritual Discipline

What to expect: Grounded spirituality
What to watch out for: Allowing humility
What will it affect? Structured guidance, spirituality, spiritual practice

On January 31st Saturn will sextile Neptune. Saturn, currently in Capricorn is concerned with structures, doing things right and taking responsibility. On its own, it can be fairly harsh. But as it makes this sextile to Neptune, its ways are softened. Neptune is in Pisces and is spiritual, creative and imaginative. Both Saturn and Neptune are in their home signs making them both very sure of themselves and their energy. It also allows them to work well together to connect the material world (Saturn) with the spiritual world (Neptune). There is nothing better than grounded spirituality. Neptune lends a faith to our ambitions. This is great energy for meditation and intending. If you don’t know how to mediate now would be a great time to learn. This energy lends itself to being disciplined with our thoughts and desires. If we are easily distracted, we can now learn to be quietly patient with our wandering minds. If we use this energy to connect to source we learn much about ourselves. We learn what we want, what is in alignment with who we are and what we need to do to manifest it. We can bring about our desires as well as bring about the necessary detachment from the desire to allow them to happen. Some suggestions for how to use this energy include a Vipassana retreat where you learn to meditate. Listen to a lecture from Esther and Abraham Hicks, or put into practice a deep yoga practice. Doing these activities can help us make the necessary life changes we desire.

This energy will happen two more times before the year is up, on June 18th and November 8th.

Why? Saturn Sextile Transiting Neptune

Power vs Freedom

What to expect: Freedom to Explore
What to watch out for: Power struggle 
What will it affect? Direction, power structures, relationships, exploring relationships and self, learning 

On the 1st of February Mars will square Pluto and this represents a test of integrity and intention. The truth is this is power struggle energy. Mars in Aries can be tactless and direct and Pluto in Capricorn and can be authoritative and power hungry. It’s a test to work together to transform structures. Be vigilant under this energy. The likelihood of someone being oppositional is great.

Venus is also busy at the same time. She’s in Sagittarius igniting her need for exploration and adventure. She makes a sextile to Pallas which is currently in Libra. The danger is that she will try to see everyone’s perspective which leads to people pleasing. She may want to explore dangerous territory, but warned by friends she may worry that she’s insulting them by ignoring their advice. Venus also makes a square she makes to Chiron bringing up hurt feelings in relationships. But, it may be time to make a break. Venus also makes a trine to Uranus which encourages that break to happen. You may even receive an unlikely invitation. Even though it may appear a little odd, accept it! The good news is that Mercury will sextile Jupiter and you are taken on an adventure that will educate, deepening learning and awareness in ways you didn’t expect.

Why? Mars Square Pluto, Venus Sextile Pallas, Venus Trine Uranus, Venus Square Chiron Mercury Sextile Jupiter