Horoscope: Jan 21 – 27, 2019

Jan 21 – 27

Getting it Right

What to expect? Obstacles
What to watch out for? Feeling like quitting
What will it affect? Direction, lessons, strategy

On Monday, Mars squares Saturn. Mars is in Aries and wants us to get going on things. It makes us want to push ahead. To want to fight and defend. However when it makes a square to Saturn, there are limitations. Saturn in Capricorn wants to make sure we are doing things correctly. Saturn is like a coach. But not a normal run of the mill coach. Like an Olympic coach. One who expects the best. Expects perfection. Will not let you take shortcuts. Or let you be second best. So if you find yourself held back or limited in some way this week. Ask yourself how you can do better. These two energies are clashing, but they can get along if they can find middle ground. Aries likes strategy and to win and can lessen the frustration of the Capricorn slow down by focusing on that.

Mercury is opposite the North Node and this gives us a chance to course correct. Mercury and the North Node are also squaring Pallas, the goddess of feminine strategy in Libra. Pallas in Libra has a balanced view and may feel a little pushed around my the Capricorn Mercury who has a clear idea of how things should go. In a way Mercury is right. We do need to pick a side. Even if we can relate to all perspectives, what is right for us? Check and double check, and then decide you really do want to win. And then do it. As they say “those who hesitate are lost”

Why? Mars square Saturn, Mercury opposite North Node, Mercury square Pallas

Take a Risk

What to expect? Luck
What to watch out for? Going beyond your limit
What will it affect? Money, relationships, adventure, risk taking, debate

On Jan 22 Jupiter and Venus meet up in a conjunction! These two are in Sagittarius and could ignite the travel bug. Sagittarius is the sign that loves adventure and travel. Its also the sign that loves to philosophize and to get into deep academic debate. Venus has us deeply value these activities and Jupiter expands and brings an optimism to it. It’s a also a great aspect for business. Businesses that will benefit include travel, education, and retreats that have a learning component.

Later in the week after Venus moves on a tiny bit, Mars will come up to trine Jupiter and this brings some excitement and drive to the mix. This is an unstoppable combination and if you are a bit of a gambler, it’s also a gambling combination. Gambles can include taking a risky chance at love or money. It can be exciting and fun, but as the gambling corporation says. “know your limit, stay within in it”.

Why? Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mars trine Jupiter

Healing Wise Words

What to expect? Healing mental blocks
What to watch out for? Bad advice
What will it affect? Thought, structures, collective wounds

Mercury squares Uranus and sextiles Chiron on Jan 23rd. The good news is that there is a opportunity to bring healing to our thinking. Mercury is in the last degrees of Capricorn. Mercury speaks with wise authority here and doesn’t suffer fools. But when healing Chiron in Pisces connects with this Mercury, messages from our elders must be listened to. First it is important to know that you are listening to an elder. I’ve said this before. Just because someone is old, doesn’t make them wise. You know you are receiving wise messages when they are delivered with a joyful, detached from the outcome, peace. Even if they are serious. Whatever message we receive, Mercury’s square to Uranus promises sudden and unexpected changes in thinking and in speech.

Why? Mercury square Uranus, Mercury sextile chiron