Horoscope: Sept 4 – 10, 2017

Sept 4 – 10

Mercury Direct

What to expect: Clear direction
What to watch out for: A bit of awkwardness
What will it affect? Communication, The recent eclipse story

On Sept 5th Mercury goes direct. It goes directly exactly on the recent eclipse point. Mercury moved briefly back into Leo and is now ready to head back into Virgo. But before it does, it has something to say related to the eclipse. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “a mermaid emerging from the ocean”. For the last month, we have been going back over old ground. Reviewing, releasing and revising our inner map. While mercury was retrograde in Virgo, we may have cleaned out our closets, reviewed all our plans, checked anything missed on our check list and committed to getting it done and checked off. We were focused on our health… not just our physical health, but also our mental and emotional health. How was our diet, our exercise, our boundaries? What were we complaining about in our lives and how could we go about changing it, so we could stop? As it slipped back into Leo, we had a chance to review the last degrees of all Leo related. Our leadership, ego, pride, and power. Now as we emerge from this swim in the unconscious waters we are cleansed and clear. We know what to do, now all we need to do is find our feet! To do that, all we need to do is communicate our needs. Mercury in a direct motion will help us. It won’t happen immediately. We might be a little awkward at first. But we now have all the information and know-how needed.

Why? Mercury Direct

Full Moon in Pisces

What to expect: An opportunity for guidance
What to watch out for: Denial
What will it affect? culminations, relationships with ourselves, relationships with others, spirituality

On Sept 6th the Full Moon is at 13 degrees Pisces. This Full Moon has some difficult aspects with lots of support in the background.

The moon is within one degree of Neptune, also in Pisces. This makes it highly spiritual on one end and prone to delusion, fantasy, and denial on the other. Neptune and the Moon are also making a tense connection with Venus in Leo. Venus in Leo values being the centre of attention, her ego is a little large and she can get offended if not noticed. With the Moon in Pisces, we can be somewhat of a doormat emotionally, giving to everyone and writing emotional cheques that we may not have the resources to back up. With its connection to Venus in Leo, it’s also expecting some glory in return. Neptune also making this difficult aspect to Venus causes our perceptions to be completely off. Add to it that Venus is also square to Pallas throwing off our perceptions. We feel lost about who we are, who others are and what we want and need. The moon makes it even worse by making us extra sensitive and prone to hurt. The tendency will be to seek an escape. However, now is the time to put down the rose coloured glasses, say no to the drugs (especially the opioids) and keep your eye on the spiritual by-pass. The best approach is to get real! The Sun opposite the moon will help. The Sun is in reality based Virgo and making a helpful trine to Pallas common sense Taurus. If we focus our attention there, we can get some practical, grounding, reality based advice.

All of this sounds pretty tricky, but the angels are with us now. Ask them to help you see what’s real and they will. This is supported by Jupiter making a helpful sextile to the North Node. They want us to go in the right directions. But we have to ask! Part of the lesson of this Full Moon is to ‘lean not on our own understanding’. Learn to connect and trust your guidance system. Ask for help and once you’ve asked, keep your eye out and open us to the needed help!

Why? Full Moon at 13°Pi53′, Sun Trine Pallas, Jupiter Sextile North Node, Venus Square Pallas

Inner Transformation

What to expect: Inner work
What to watch out for: Opportunities
What will it affect? Relationships, direction, inner work

By the end of the week, we have some great energy for transformative experiences. Work with a coach or other practitioner focused on inner work and you’ll likely make a lot of ground. You can also work with your business partners and/or committed relationship partnership. You’ll feel grounded enough to allow for the sometimes scary independence and freedom needed to explore what needs change and transformation. All of this is happening in the earth elements, so we can arrive at some practical, goal oriented solutions that will help us achieve our desires. Either as individuals or as a partnership! Make use of crystals, plants, essential oils and respectful touch.

Why? Sun Trine Pluto, Mars Trine Juno


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