Horoscope: Sept 11 – 17, 2017

Sept 11 – 17

New Directions

What to expect: Re-evaluation
What to watch out for: holding on to things that no longer work
What will it affect? Work, Relationships, Childhood wounds

Our causes come into questions for much of the first part of the week. What do we stand for? Why are we doing it? Does it still matter? We may have joined a cause and felt with all of our being that this was the thing that mattered, that would make a difference, that had the potential to fulfill a part of our mission and purpose. This week as Chiron opposes Vesta we call all of that into question. Maybe we no longer feel the same about that wound that was driving us in that direction. As we lose or heal our anger about something, we also lose the passion.

Venus will trine Saturn at the 12th adding some practicality to our value system. We budget and take account of what we truly value and sometimes it means that something drops off our budget or gets directed into something else that truly matters. Don’t worry if it seems like an about-face. Venus will also conjunct the North Node making sure that our decisions are fortunate and taking us in the right direction.

Why? Chiron Opposition Vesta, Venus Trine Saturn, Venus Conjunction North Node

Removing Blockages

What to expect: Feeling thwarted
What to watch out for: Being discouraged
What will it affect? Self-concept, relationships, childhood wounds

On September 13th, we encounter our first test. Sun will square Saturn making it likely that difficulties will arise. Difficulties can sometimes make us feel that we’ve taking the wrong turn. If it’s the right direction, shouldn’t it be easy?

Communication in our relationships will be a priority as Mercury trines Juno the marriage asteroid. We are looking for again for practical solutions and talking it out with others will help us come up with a plan. As we move further into the week on the 14th Chiron will trines Ceres, bringing up some childhood wounds that can now be healed. Maybe these are the source of our perceived blockages? Chiron is in Pisces and is also connecting us to our collective wounds around parenting and nurturing. Parenting was a whole different ball game in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Parental expectations; how much they were there for us; were too involved in their own lives or were they too involved in our lives. Different generations had different parenting styles and problems! Often the next generation took on the job of “doing it differently” only to add a different kind of wound! Now is the time when we can look at those lessons learned and try again for something better.

Why? Mercury Trine Juno, Sun Square Saturn, Chiron Trine Ceres

Good Investments

What to expect: Decisiveness
What to watch out for: Missing the opportunity
What will it affect? Money, relationships, projects, new directions

On September 15th Venus will sextile Jupiter. This is a great transit for holding a party or networking. It’s also great for investing. Venus is in Leo and with Jupiter in Libra, we can make some risky but balanced investments. Investments can include investments in financial deals, but also relationships. Mercury will also be conjunct Mars, making us very decisive and with these two in Virgo, we’ll work in a concentrated and quick manner without missing any of the detail. This is good news! The only drawback is that it is a sextile and with sextile, we often enjoy the energy without taking advantage of it!

Don’t loose out! Take advantage of it!

Why? Venus Sextile Jupiter, Mercury Conjunction Mars

Finding our Originality

What to expect: Breaking free of past
What to watch out for: Guilt trips from loved ones
What will it affect? Relationships, money, parental relationships

On Sept 17th, Uranus will square Ceres and Venus will trine Uranus. We find that we are rebelling against our early upbringing. Maybe it’s a result of something we healed and got clear about earlier in the week.  If you have never properly ‘individuated’ from your parents and family, now is the time it can happen. We break free from that unhealthy relationship and we move forward.Our family might not like it. There may be opposition. But it’s an important step for us that may have been blocking us from our purpose. With Venus trine to Uranus, we’ll make some seemingly unlikely connections, partnerships and financial deals that will take us in a new and positive direction. Whether they like it or not!

Why? Uranus Square Transiting Ceres, Venus Trine Uranus


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