Horoscope: Oct 23 – 29, 2017

Oct 23 – 29

Different approaches to saying the same thing!

What to expect: Help with communication
What to watch out for: Lack of understanding
What will it affect? Relationships, women’s issues, relationship issues, spirituality

This week starts with Venus square Juno. Venus is in Libra, its home, and favour. She’s all about love and in Libra she love’s with gestures of peace such as apologies, balance such as negotiation and compromise and pleasure with dance and music. She squares off with Juno, the marriage asteroid in the austere sign of Capricorn who is bound up in tradition, “what is right”. Libra wants it to be fair, Juno wants it to be right and though they may want the same things, a clash ensues.

Fortunately, by Oct 24th, a mediator shows up and a dialogue is aided by Neptune. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. Neither feminine nor masculine, dichotomies disappear with Neptune. Neptune in the positive is the angel of spirit and unconditional love. Neptune is sextile to Juno and is softening and getting through to her. As Neptune connects with Juno with sympathy and acceptance, Juno in Capricorn begins to see the point.

Really it’s the feedback from Mercury, now in Scorpio that inspires Neptune and opens Juno to this positive relationship discussion. Mercury in Scorpio provides the truth and Neptune translate with something inspiring. Sometimes you can’t find the words to get your point across. Sometimes words are just too harsh. But a song, poem, video and inspirational quote will get to the heart of it without offending.

Why? Venus Square Juno, Neptune Sextile Juno, Mercury Trine Neptune, Mercury Sextile Juno

Powerful Messages

What to expect: Strong communication
What to watch out for: Backlash
What will it affect? Power, communication

The Sun and Jupiter meet up in Scorpio on Oct 26th taking us into the deeper mysteries of Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter in Scorpio delves into secrets, sex, taxes, death. So far Jupiter in Scorpio has held to its promise exposing sexual abuse and manipulation; sparking #metoo, and other campaigns in response that has drawn us into our intimate world of betrayal and trust. As the Sun moves into Scorpio and joins with Jupiter we explore our identity within this discourse. Who are we really? How have these experiences defined us or not defined us? How do our egos respond?

By the 27th Venus moves into a square with Pluto sparking power imbalances within relationships. The backlash to the strengthening voices of the disempowered may also appear. Luckily Mercury will also sextile Pluto, so we’ll easily be able to see through whatever is said. If we have something to say, this will also be a good time to say it. If you have a message that the world needs to hear, now is the time. Words will be goosebump worthy.

Why? Sun Conjunction Jupiter, Venus Square Transiting Pluto, Mercury Sextile Pluto

Revising our Communication Strategy

What to expect: Moving forward
What to watch out for: changes to communication
What will it affect? Communication, strategy, work, direction

By Oct 28/29th we may see our work moving forward. We’ve grasped a certain amount of balance in line with our work and our vision and feel the ease of forwarding movement. As we start that forward movement, however, we do hit a hitch. Our ethic and ambitions may clash. We may feel compelled to drive towards the truth, but our sense of security obscures the picture. Do we stick our neck out and risk our safety? Do we hold our secrets out of a sense of common sense? And does doing so mean we lose ourselves and our purpose? Mercury will square the North Node and marks a great time when we can revise our communication strategy. If we need to switch up our message, now is the time.

Why? Vesta Sextile North Node, Sun Opposition Pallas, Mercury Square North Node


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