Horoscope: Oct 16 – 22, 2017

Oct 16 – 22

Writing and Sharing

What to expect: Focused work
What to watch out for: Oversharing
What will it affect? Communication, writing, ideas, undisclosed information or ideas

The week starts with some excellent energy for getting work done. The Sun is sextile Saturn, so we can put our head down and get any work that requires some discipline done. With the Sun in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius, it will be particularly good for writing, or any form of journalism.

On the 18th get ready to deliver whatever you’ve written. Mercury will conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. It’s a great time for delivering a message, teaching and bringing together groups. Since both of these are in Scorpio, group processes that involve transformation are favoured. Bring in such elements that use communication as tools such as guided meditation, or guided hypnosis. It’s also a good time for disclosure. Secrets, information that has been covert, hidden or classified up until now is now ripe for sharing.

Why? Sun sextile Saturn, Mercury conjunct Jupiter

New Moon in Libra

What to expect: Opportunity for balance
What to watch out for: Serious challenges to our balance
What will it affect? Relationships, peace, harmony, feminine emergence

The New Moon on Oct 19th is in Libra. A new moon in Libra gives us the opportunity to set intentions for new beginnings in all things Libra. Peace, harmony, negotiations, relationships, aesthetics. If things are out of balance in these areas, we can use this energy to set them right. Balance will be the New Moons goal. Libra can go to war and fight to bring things to balance. It’s not necessarily the most popular or common approach for Libra. Libra can also compromise too much to bring about harmony. Though balance is the goal, the Sun and the Moon will be exactly opposite Uranus in Aries. Unpredictable is the best way to describe it! The Sabian symbol for the degree is an “airplane hovering overhead”. Is it a UFO? A help plane dropping supplies? A warplane dropping bombs? A drone taking pictures? A time machine? The thing is we don’t know. The Sabian Symbol for Uranus’ degree is at is “through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained”

Lilith is also making an aspect to the New Moon. She is at the Galactic Centre at 27 Sagittarius and sextile the New Moon. The Galactic Centre is said to be the point in space were “divinely inspired information is downloaded”. With Lilith there, we can expect to see a little feminine magic. The feminine ways are mysterious. They are non-linear and magnetic. In fact, they are the perfect formula for intention setting. This energy the New Moon may open up a direct line to and from God or Goddess.

Pallas also squares Ceres. Many of us had superpowers when we were children. We could see spirits, talk to imaginary friends, say strange things to our parents that predicted the future. As we grew older, our intellect took over and those powers disappeared. Usually ‘our intellect’ was some disapproving grown-up, fearful of the spirit world that helped to shut us down. A tension emerges again at the New Moon. Our imaginary friends are calling out to us, but our sense of security-like intellect wants to shut it down.

The best way to approach this New Moon is to get focused, centred and grounded. Honour the feminine approach, trust our intuition and listen to our inner voices. And maybe even our imaginary friends. Doing so will make it more difficult to get thrown off our feet and will help us to imagine a future that we really do want. One that represents balance!

Why? New Moon at 26°Libra, Sun Opposition Uranus, Pallas Square Ceres, Lilith sextile Sun


What to expect: Attempts to divide
What to watch out for: Immature approaches
What will it affect? Communication, work, teams and groups, emotions and intellect

Between Oct 21st and 22nd, the idea of working together is challenged. Pluto in Capricorn is challenging world government to transform, but Pluto likes power and Capricorn likes status. Giving up and transforming power has been a struggle. Old status quo structures are grasping to hold on to power. Vesta is currently in Libra and loves the idea of working together and collaborating with passion and purpose. As Pluto squares, Vesta, divide and concur may be the growing approach. Venus in Libra will sextile Ceres and will provide some strength for nurturing and caring for each other. But Mercury, Pallas, and Ceres are also caught up in a T-Square causing us to say things that get us into trouble. Little truths slip out in inappropriate ways. Some of it may be trigger by childlike temper tantrums or stemming from stubborn ideas. We can get through it by working together, acting with maturity and incorporating flexibility as we share our ideas and principles. And don’t underestimate the strength of sharing some home-baked cookies.

Why? Venus Sextile Ceres, Pluto Square Vesta, Mercury Opposition Pallas, Mercury Square Ceres

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