Horoscope: Oct 30 – Nov 5, 2017

Oct 30 – Nov 5

Surprising Beliefs

What to expect: Contradictions in our relationships
What to watch out for: Fear of change
What will it affect? Relationships, beliefs, strategy

At the start of the week on Oct 30th, Venus makes a sextile to the north node helping us to move in the right direction with both our finances and our relationships. Jupiter is now in Scorpio and has a focus for the next year on expanding all things Scorpio. Taxes, secrets, sex, share resources are now areas that will see expansion. As Jupiter moves further into Scorpio is opposes Pallas on Oct 31st. This bringing up conflict in our belief system. Pallas in Taurus has a lot of practical wisdom and common sense, but do we practicing what we preach? Is what’s good for the goose also good for the gander? There may be a surprising belief around the issues that Jupiter in Scorpio has brought up, that you didn’t know you had. Venus will conjunct Vesta on Nov 1st, and the energy allows us to work well with each other. Now is a great time for negotiations or mediations. We’ll have a social grace to our interactions and can draw on a creativity that can help us move through any conflict.

Why? Venus Sextile North Node, Jupiter Opposition Pallas, Venus Conjunction Vesta

Collective Healing

What to expect: Healing
What to watch out for: Overwhelm
What will it affect? Collective wounds, personal healing

This week Saturn and Chiron make their last square to each other. These two have been squaring since late last year and as they have done so, they have brought up collective wounds and the need to break free from abuses. Saturn is in Sagittarius and has been assessing the integrity of travel, laws, media, religion and belief systems. Chiron is in Pisces being a teacher and healer in the realm of water, shipping, fishing, oil, drugs, advertising and sales, mysteries, hidden knowledge, films, and photography. At the first square, we saw the water protectors, defending water. At the second pass, we saw challenges to the travel industry as a passenger was dragged off a United plane, and we also saw fact-checking measures to address fake news. And now at the third pass, we are seeing the #metoo phenomena bringing awareness and healing originating in the film industry and flowing out to all.

How do we really feel about all of this? And how does it affect us personally? This is a time for personal development as Mercury will trine Chiron on Nov 1st and will help us to delve into our thinking. Talking it out, journaling and/or meditation will help us to go inside and aid healing.

Why? Saturn Square Chiron, Mercury Trine Chiron

Full Moon in Taurus

What to expect: Culmination
What to watch out for: Inflexibility
What will it affect? Relationships, inner fears, money

The full moon is on November 3rd in Taurus. We have a strong emotional need for stability and routine and prefer to stay away from change. The moon is very comfortable in the sign of Taurus but opposite the Sun in Scorpio may feel pushed into inner depths which may be calling for change. Both are square to Ceres bringing up inner child fears and neediness. The good thing is that the Full Moon also makes a positive aspect to Neptune and our intuition will be strong. We can use this Full Moon to follow our hunches.

The Taurus Full Moon is ruled by Venus and Venus makes some interesting aspects at the Full Moon. Venus is also opposite Uranus, making our money and relationships unpredictable. But she is also sextile Saturn helping us to be practical in our relationship and with our money. So though we may face some surprises, we can approach them in a practical manner. Looking at accounting, budgeting or other financial concerns with openness can lead to surprising breakthroughs. The same goes for our relationships. So though we may feel that Taurus discomfort with change, the best way to approach it is to not hold on too tight.

Why? Full Moon at 11°Taurus 58, Sun Trine Neptune, Venus Sextile Saturn, Venus Opposition Uranus, Sun Square Transiting Ceres

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