Horoscope: October 9 – 15, 2017

Oct 9 – 15


What to expect: Resistance
What to watch out for: Abuse of power
What will it affect? Communication, politics, society, women, relationships, wounds

On Oct 9th, both the Sun and Mercury, still in close conjunction in Libra, will square Pluto. Both of Mercury and the Sun want balance, collaborative dialogue, fair contract and give and take. This may be in short order. As they square Pluto in Capricorn, there is sure to be power plays, lack of trust, destabilizing strategy (divide and concur). Discourse may be coercive, threatening or undermining. This energy has been building since the Full Moon last week, but now becomes even more salient. Libra is often seen as the people pleaser and the mediator, but she also likes the balance of scales as shown by her symbol. When things are out of balance, you can be sure that fighting words will be met with fighting words. A threat of a fight will be met with a fight. Libra will find a way to bring balance and her first step is always to take the peaceful route. But also, don’t be surprised if fighting back doesn’t look like fighting back. Throwing a punch may be unsafe. Retaliation may seem passive aggressive – things like you stop paying for my birth control, may mean I accidentally drop saltpeter in your eggs. Covert means may be as effective as you can be while still remaining safe, so don’t dismiss them as “passive agressive” or view them as not fighting back. Watch Sofia Coppola’s movie The Beguiled for a great film that exemplifies this!

Venus will oppose Chiron, bringing up some collective wounds related to women on 10th. Venus is still in Virgo. She is in service, but is her service valued? It’s time to recognize our nurses, health care workers, and cleaners. The disparity may bring up some collective wounds at this time.

Why? Mercury Square Pluto, Sun Square Pluto, Venus Opposition Chiron

Slow, Steady and With Others Wins the Race

What to expect: Moving forward slowly
What to watch out for: Frustration
What will it affect? Communication, commerce, drive, and ambition, direction

There is an African proverb that says “if you want to go quickly, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together”. Mars is square to Saturn on Oct 11th, slowing us down. These two together create a tension that is asking us to take our time. Be methodical. It may feel frustrating, limiting and as though it is holding us back. But with Mercury and the Sun also sextile the North Node between the 11th and 13th, connecting with others and working as a team is the key. Learning from each other moves us forward on our path. It also builds solidarity. Mercury also makes a sextile to Saturn, so we have the energy to be very detailed and methodical. This can only help to avoid mistakes or missteps and guarantee success.

Why? Mars Square Saturn, Mercury Sextile North Node, Mercury Sextile Saturn, Sun Sextile North Node

Opportunity for Growth

What to expect: Wounds
What to watch out for: Avoiding
What will it affect? Mental processes, wounds, relationships

Mars opposite Chiron speaks of a wound. And while it may be coming up for healing and evolution, we may feel the need to run for our wounds. There are a couple of ways this may happen. One is through spiritual bypass. A tricky one, because it may look like we are doing the work. The other is through disconnection. Our minds are exceptionally busy on Oct 15th. We will have a download of thoughts and ideas coming in at a mile a minute. But we may use our busy minds to avoid; telling others we have “too much going on” or that we “have no time”. Connecting with other is, in fact, the key. The synergy of relationships can help us do the work and aid us in piecing together a pattern or the pattern.

Why? Mercury Opposition Transiting Uranus, Mars Opposition Transiting Chiron, Pallas Trine Transiting Juno


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