Horoscope: Nov 27 – Dec 3, 2017

Nov 27 – Dec 3

Breaking Convention

What to expect: Concrete Adjustments
What to watch out for: Backlash
What will it affect? Communication, relationships, belief systems and ideologies

The beginning of the week starts with a Saturn Mercury conjunction. They are both in Sagittarius and on the Galactic Centre. Not only that, they are also both trine Pallas, the Goddess Asteroid of feminine strategy. Divine inspiration helps us to make adjustments to our structures. Challenged belief systems and concentrated thought combined to help us create a tactical plan far different than anything we have ever experienced. We also have the confidence and vision to bring those ideas into being.

Not everyone will be jumping with joy at what we communicate and express at this time. Mars will square Juno. Our relationships could get thrown off balance and as a result, competition may emerge. At the heart of it is a need for equilibrium. There is a need for the conventional in relationships to include freedom. But there still exists a discomfort and even an irrational loyalty to traditional relationship structure. Tradition for tradition sake does not serve us anymore. Allow freedom of thought and divine guidance at this time, as it can help us to envision and adjust to a more workable structure.

Why? Mercury Trine Pallas, Mars Square Juno, Mercury Conjunction Saturn

Inspired Guidance

What to expect: Need to break free
What to watch out for: Self-sabotage
What will it affect? Feminine emergence, relationship wounds, spirituality, art

Between Dec 1st – 2nd disruptions are likely. Mars opposes Uranus and Pallas and impulsive actions are on the rise. We may demonstrate it or we may experience it from others. This strong rebellious energy emanates and with Pallas there and involves rebellion against the “weak” aspects of being a woman. As the mythology goes, Pallas was not born of her mother’s womb. Instead, she sprang out of her father’s head. She saw herself equal to men and when she experienced inequality, she didn’t hesitate to sell out her feminine side in order to keep her power.

Happening at the same time is Chiron sextile Juno and making a tense aspect to Mars. Chiron is there to help relationships with old wounds, but Mars gets a little defensive and confrontational. The issue is equality and freedom. How can we bring this about without abandoning our perceived weaknesses? The answer may lie with Jupiter and Neptune!

Jupiter will trine Neptune. This is the first magical exact trine between Jupiter and Neptune. Two more will happen over the next ten months. Spiritual teachers may emerge, showing us the way. Esoteric secrets may be revealed that help us let go of grievances and aid a compassionate approach. Throwing ourselves into art as a spiritual expression can serve to provide insights and answers. This is a mystical time which as a by-product can produce great works of art and inspiration. Don’t strive for it though. Allow it to come through you without agenda. Instead listen to its guidance and allow it to inspire you in whatever way it moves to manifest in your life!

Why? Mars Opposition Uranus, Chiron Sextile Juno, Jupiter Trine Neptune, Mars Opposition Pallas

Full Moon in Gemini

What to expect: Elusive truths
What to watch out for: Making any decisions
What will it affect? Culminations, truths, relationships

Ignorance is bliss! You can’t handle the truth! Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt! I could come up with more… but I think you get the point. Ice fog will settle on the December 3rd Full Moon. Here’s the recipe that leads to all the smoke and mirrors… The Full Moon happens at 11 degrees of Gemini and will square Neptune (planet of fog and confusion – especially when forming a tense aspect). The Moon also forms a tense aspect to Jupiter, causing a stretch of the truth. What exactly is the truth? The truth will, for now, be out of reach as the planetary ruler of the Full Moon, Mercury also goes retrograde on Dec 3rd. Nothing makes sense. And even if it does make sense, it’s sure to be missing critical information that will poke a hole in that theory. It’s an information gathering time. Warning; the information will seem weird! And with Uranus squaring Juno, there is a chance that we can make some rash decisions in our relationships – sans any reliable information! The best thing to do is to STAY AWAY FROM DECISIONS.

The moon is making a wide trine to the north node, so even if things hinge on the unbelievable (or believable depending if we’ve sunken into a feather bed of denial) they are likely pointing us in the right direction. The path to OZ is riddled with test and disappointment, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the right path. The best way to handle this Full Moon is to keep moving forward and to keep the faith while doing it!

Why? Full Moon at 11°Gemini, Sun Square Neptune, Uranus Square Juno


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