Horoscope: December 4 – 10, 2017

December 4 – 10

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Silent Retreat

What to expect: Focused concentration
What to watch out for: Thinking we need to be busy
What will it affect? Communication, ideas, thoughts, focused energy

Mercury went retrograde on Dec 3rd at 29 degrees of Sagittarius. It’s headed back through the sign for most of the month. We’ll get a reprieve just before Christmas on Dec 22rd when Mercury will go direct again. But for the next three weeks are so it will be asking us to review our beliefs systems, our ideals, and all of the learning material – books, magazines, schools of thought. The first thing that Mercury will do, on Dec 6th is conjunct Saturn. This might feel familiar. Well, it is. This same thing happened just last week. It’s going back over the galactic centre and connecting with the cosmic intelligence. As it connects with Saturn and goes over this point again, we have the chance to go back over the messages received and lessons learned. What really was the lesson. Focusing in and meditating on what came up in the last couple of week can help us to peel the layers of meaning and to get to the truth. Or at least our truth. Mars is also sextile Saturn giving us the ability to focus for long periods of time. This is a great time to go back over projects, look for errors and fine tune, but if you find yourself in long meditative states or several days of a self-imposed silent retreat, this is also good. We may feel superhuman as the amount of work we can get done will seem machine-like, even if it’s inner work!

Pallas is also squaring Juno causing a conflict within our relationships. The answer this time might be some alone time.

Why? Pallas Square Juno, Mercury Conjunction Saturn, Mercury Sextile Mars, Mars Sextile Saturn

What’s Old is New!

What to expect: Repurposing ideas
What to watch out for: Brilliant ideas
What will it affect? Creativity, spirituality, purpose, nurturing, direction

On Dec 8th, Vesta the asteroid related to purpose and passion will join with Jupiter to trine Neptune. Artistic creations and spiritual ideologies are now ignited with the sacred flame of the hearth. This adds dedication and love to the recipe and a flavour of “je ne sais quoi”

By the 9th Mercury continuing its backward move through Sagittarius will trine Pallas. Are you the type to have brainstorming sticky notes all over the place? Or a notebook full of ideas? Looking over them will bring you new insight. Something you thought was useless may all of a sudden spark unexpected connections. Ceres the nurturing asteroid of conjunct the North Node in Leo on December 10th, so as we nurture our creativity, we move into our individuality and purpose. Mercury’s next move is to trine Uranus on the same day. Sparks and connections made over the last couple of day will now ignite new electrical and neural pathways, creating a clear path for change!

Why? Neptune Trine Vesta, Mercury Trine Pallas, Sun Trine Ceres, Sun Trine North Node, Ceres Conjunction North Node, Mercury Trine Uranus

Avoiding and Being Avoided

What to expect: Evasions
What to watch out for: Opportunities in going over old ground
What will it affect? Money, relationships, communication, old wounds

December 10th is a red flag day for business. Venus will square Neptune causing vagueness were money is concerned. We may be thinking about all our upcoming Christmas bills and decide to go on a collection drive. It’s not likely to be successful. You know they read your message because their beautiful little face has popped up at on the friendly facebook message you sent reminding them about the dollars, but silence will be your reply.

Mercury will also square Chiron and we’ll feel hurt and maybe indecisive about how we should handle our hurt. Should we say what we are feeling? Communication breakdown is likely. But with Mercury retrograde, if this is an old argument, you know the ones that you keep having over and over with the same person, this is now a good time to hash it out again. Mercury regrade wants us to go over old ground to check in with what we may have missed or misunderstood. Healing is likely if we use the energy in this way. That being said. If this is a new issue and you plan to broach the subject for the first time, expect it to be a bit frustrating.

Why? Venus Square Neptune, Mercury Square Chiron


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