Horoscope: Nov 20 – 26, 2017

Nov 20 – 26


What to expect: Investments
What to watch out for: Waiting too long
What will it affect? Money, investments, relationships, choice

On November 21st Venus in Scorpio is sextile Pluto in ambitious Capricorn. We can expect a transformative time with respect to currency and investments. Our values are also being transformed, so as you look at your investment options you may begin to consider the Bitcoin or other crypto currency over the traditional currency, disruptive technology over tried and true, alchemy (science which takes into account spirit) over science. This is a good time for investment and venture capitalism. Mars will also sextile the North Node, pointing us in the right direction and moving us towards our intended purpose. Projects will get off the ground and have the potential to have the right backing. If you need to approach someone for financial support or capital, now is the time to do it. It’s a slim window to act and our timing is everything because the very next day Neptune will go direct on November 22nd. It’s one day to avoid major actions. Things may be a little hazy. Not only that, Venus squares the nodes making paths diverge. Right or wrong we make choices about the direction of our riches.

Why? Venus Sextile Pluto, Mars Sextile North Node, Neptune Direct, Venus Square Nodes

Ah-ha Moments and Breakthroughs

What to expect: Advancement
What to watch out for: Forgetting to capture insights
What will it affect? Communication, relationships, ideas

On November 24th painful conversation will emerge. This is because Chiron, the wounded healer is involved. These conversations may be about our deepest held beliefs. We may have difficulty with what comes to light and realize that somewhere deep inside of us we have a deeply held opinion about it. Forgiving and forgetting might be challenging. Don’t let your beliefs blind you. The way to do this is to face the emotion. Moving through the emotions and coming to the other side helps us to be able to take advantage of the other energy now at play. Venus is sextile Juno helping us to sort out and renegotiate our partnerships. We are bringing in a very feminine energy that is seeking mutuality and respect. We need to imagine a new path and Mercury and Uranus will help us do just that. Mercury is trine Uranus on November 25th giving us aha moments and breakthroughs. Keep a notepad handy because we’ll likely have flashes of genius – You’ll want to capture them so that you can capitalize on them later on.

Why? Mercury Square Chiron, Venus Sextile Juno, Mercury Trine Uranus

Social Impact

What to expect: Transforming wounds
What to watch out for: Acting from unhealed places
What will it affect? Relationships, social change, feminine wounds, feminine justice.

By November 26th Venus will trine Chiron providing an opportunity for healing within our relationships and partnerships. Venus is still in Scorpio, so she takes us deep into our jealousies and insecurities. With her trine to Chiron, you’ll realize it’s not just you; collective wounds rise to the surface. Wounds to the feminine and issues related to power and abuse of power come up for healing. Thi

s all happens as a good thing and Saturn trine Pallas on the same day allows us to take our wounds and get political. If we come from a place of strength and leadership and we are now able to effect social movements and change. Make no mistake, businesses are the modern day effectors of social change, so if you can find room your business to lead with that kind of impact, do so.

Speaking of wounds that lead to strength and leadership, this doesn’t just happen. Acting from unhealed places within ourselves can at its worst be outwardly destructive and at is best, self – sabotaging. Often we need to work at it. And further, once we understand our wounds we need to go an extra step to learn how to translate them into strength and leadership. With Jupiter is Scorpion for the next year, it would behoove you to take advantage of its transformative power and ensure that your leadership actions are coming from a place of strength. We’ve designed a course to help you with just that. It’s coming up in January!

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Why? Venus Trine Chiron, Saturn Trine Pallas




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