Horoscope: Nov 13 – 19, 2017

Nov 13 – 19

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Business Booty Call

What to expect: Sweet deals
What to watch out for: Deception
What will it affect? Money, relationships, contracts, communication

Venus will conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. Scorpio is a money sign and it’s essence when it comes to money is transformation. Some will win and some will lose. Or at least something will be lost in order for something to be gained. There is a sweetness to it though. Like when you lose your singlehood to form a partnership, or when you become house rich and money poor. You get something and you lose something and that ‘something’ you gain has a little bit of a cost.

I had a friend who used to say to me “you can have it all, but you can’t have it all at the same time”. Yet Jupiter will make us feel so optimistic that we believe that we can have it all at once. Jupiter’s expansive quality may make our eye’s bigger than our stomach. Venus will egg him on. And this is where we can feel the pinch of losses. To add to it, Mercury will be squaring Neptune and fogging our vision. For this reason, stay away from big business or contractual decisions. They will feel good in the moment but the sketchiness may show up in the small print. You may even see the unfairness but will convince yourself it’s not likely to happen. Trust me. It’s likely to happen.

The best approach is to explore the gain’s, the losses and the depth’s with moderation and without making any commitment. Call it a business booty call! Clarity will come in coming weeks and at that time you can commit. But for now, keep it honest and keep it at the no-strings-attached level…. if you can!

Why? Venus Conjunction Jupiter, Mercury Square Neptune

Nurturing Creativity

What to expect: Creative imaginings
What to watch out for: Laziness
What will it affect? Self-care, creativity, healing, creative ideas

Between the 15th and 16th Mars will move into a mini grand trine with Ceres and Mercury. Mercury and Ceres will trine and Mars will jump in between to sextile them both. Mercury and Ceres will engage in a deep conversation and may even be philosophical and big picture about the need for creativity. Mercury understands deeply the wisdom of fun at this time. But there is a difference between saying and doing. Mars is a doer, but in the sign of Libra can be a bit indecisive. Since it’s also making a sextile, the energy can easily be ignored. An opportunity exists if acted on, to allow the creativity to be expressed in ways that can deeply nurture. There is a problem though; the problem is that Vesta will oppose Pallas causing a conflict between our head and heart. There is guilt around pursuing our passion, maybe because it seems decadent or privileged. Our intellect says go for it, but our passion is worried about being politically correct. Vesta and Pallas are both in the very last degree and second of Libra and Aries making this energy particularly intense.

There are two other energies at play that would advise you to silence that guilt. The Sun will trine Chiron and will give us some medicine for healing the little poisons within that stop us from our brilliance. The second is that Venus will trine Neptune, making us highly imaginative and creative. Now is the time to trust that your creativity is good and will benefit both you and humanity. Keep this in mind… when we take care of ourselves, we fill our well and set an example.

Why? Mars Sextile Ceres, Vesta Opposition Pallas, Venus Trine Neptune, Sun Trine Chiron, Mercury Trine Ceres, Mercury Sextile Mars

New Moon in Scorpio

What to expect: An opportunity to set intentions
What to watch out for: Defense mechanism
What will it affect? Healing, intimacies, groups

The New Moon on the 18th is in Scorpio. The Scorpio energy wants us to go deep and to transform. The New Moon is making a tense aspect to Uranus, so we can expect some curve balls. Especially if we try to avoid the depths. The New Moon is also making a trine to Chiron, the wounded healer and will provide energy for deep healing. Now is the time for setting intentions, so use the energy of this New Moon to envision what healing will look like. You can do this for yourself if you are in deep need of healing or for humanity if you well is already filled. We can easily entrain others to our higher vibration to encourage healing.

On the same day, Mercury will trine the nodes and can bring us together with the right people. Even though we may connect with the right people, we may wonder if in fact, we are? Venus is squaring Ceres making us hungry for acceptance and inclusion and a little bit sensitive. There is a balancing act that needs to take place. We haven’t quite gotten the give and take just right. There is a tendency to feel like we are giving too much. And the tendency with Scorpio energy is to camouflage our insecurity. The invitation is to let down our defenses and allow for intimacies to heal. There is a deep reward in connection at this time.

Why? New Moon at 26°Scorpio, Mars Square Pluto, Mercury Trine North Node, Venus Square Ceres


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