Horoscope: May 8 – 14, 2017

May 8 – 14

Personal Alchemy

What to expect: Transformation
What to watch out for: The unexpected
What will it affect? Relationships, change, ideas, thinking, ego

At the beginning of the week, we have spectacular energy for personal transformation. The sun makes excellent connections to both Pluto and Juno for intensely transformative experiences with a partner, coach, shaman, or therapist. Plan a dive deep to transform structures. This energy is also grounded, with all three in earth signs. Connect to your our inner work through your body. Use your five senses and somatic therapies to help work through blocks to ambitions and to partnerships. Plants, salts, and metals can also help. Use this energy wisely. Positive transformations within ourselves helps us to master positive transformations in the world and it’s the key to powerfully positive leadership.

Mercury will also be conjunct Uranus again, so we can expect huge breakthroughs, flashes of insight and unexpected movements.

Why? Sun Trine Juno, Sun Trine Pluto, Mercury Conjunction Uranus

Full Moon in Scorpio

What to expect: Emotional highs and lows
What to watch out for: Resentful or manipulative behaviour
What will it affect? Relationships, emotions, strategy

The Full Moon on May 10th is in Scorpio. The earth’s bodies of water have bigger swells and troughs at a Full Moon. This is because the earth and moon are gravitationally pulling at each other and of all the masses on earth, water is the most changeable. And so the waves dip low and swell high during the full moon. We have similar swells and troughs with our emotions at this Scorpio Full Moon; Scorpio loves that kind of intensity. The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon is “A soldier derelict in his duties” and it brings to mind the Veterans for Standing Rock; standing for waters that for many means the right of many wrongs.

In addition, Jupiter will oppose Pallas. Jupiter is in Libra and is still in retrograde motion focusing our expansion inwardly. We are in an introverted mood and are energized to balance all things Libra; relationships, partnerships, conflicts, and as in the minds of the Veterans of Standing Rock and other alike,  the wrongs of many wars. Opposite to Jupiter is the goddess of feminine strategy, Pallas. Pallas is currently in the Princess warrior sign of Aries. As we try to mix both feminine strategies with the need to balance, we find ourselves contemplating the wise words of Winston Churchill… “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”

With the high emotions of the Full Moon, you would also be wise to also contemplate his words “if you’re going through hell, keep going” At this Full Moon, getting through the sea of emotions means riding them or diving deep into them.

Why? Full Moon at 20°Scorpio, Jupiter Opposition Pallas

Fault Lines

What to expect: A desire to act
What to watch out for: Misinformation
What will it affect? Actions, contracts, business

There is a propensity for deceit and the likelihood of a fatal flaw or, the design of a fatal flaw, is high. This week Mars squares Neptune on May 11th. Under this type of energy, we make mistakes, miss information, mislead or are mislead. The good news is that Mercury is trine Saturn which will give us a certain amount of caution. The potentially bad news is that Mars will trine Jupiter and sextile Pallas, making us sure that we have the right strategy and giving us optimism and the desire to take risks. Whatever decisions we make will lead us down a path that may have a dangerous fault line. The best course of action is to avoid any major actions. Better times will come for making your big strategic move.

Why? Mars Square Neptune, Mercury Trine Saturn, Mars Trine Jupiter, Mars Sextile Pallas, Mercury Trine North Node


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