Horoscope: May 6 – 12, 2019

May 6 – 12th

Evaluating Relationships

What to expect: Realigned loyalties
What to watch out for: Power plays
What will it affect? Relationships, status quo

Between May 7th and 9th, Venus in Aries will square Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn and the Nodes in the Capricorn/Cancer axis.

Venus in Aries values independence and aggressive action. She courageously goes after what she sees as the heart of her desire. As she squares Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn she is forced to pause and assess her ambitions. Saturn and Pluto have been in Capricorn upsetting the status quo and forcing old tried and true structures to reform and transform.

If Aries is the entrepreneur, Capricorn is the suit executive. Entrepreneurs are known for jumping in head first. They act without much of a plan or a thought. They do, make mistakes, learn from them and keep moving forward. Many are successful and some fail. Capricorn, on the other hand, has a plan, follows the rules, and combined with Saturn and Pluto is often power hungry and ruthless in its pursuit. As these two square off they expose each other’s weaknesses.

Watch the documentary Knock Down the House and you will see clearly the clashing energy of Aries (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and Capricorn (Joe Crowly). Alexandria exemplifying Aries, jumping head first as she passionately and with little experience, pursues to upset political democratic seat in Congress. Joe currently in the role embodies the Capricorn energy; established, accomplish, patriarchal and powerful. As the two squares off, they cause each to take a close look at the relationships they have to themselves and their constituents.

Where do our loyalties lie? Are we integrity with our values? Power play and power imbalances are likely to show their face now and cause us to reevaluate. Aries teaches Capricorn about being bold, taking risks and challenges their fear of losing power and losing their edge. Has Capricorn updated? Have they been integrity? Or have they sought achievement at all costs? Capricorn teaches Aries about being strategic, planful, and challenges it to be prepared, detailed and steady in its approach. How can we adjust our approach to be more considered?

With the nodes also at play, decisions will be made and loyalties will change! The North Node is in Cancer, so a caring approach is valued.

Even if loyalties change, Venus will trine Jupiter making this a good time for making new connections and sparking new financial deals. Venus in Aries doesn’t dwell, on to the next! This energy brings dynamism and adventure to our relationships as well as a dose of enjoyment and optimism. The Sun will also make a sextile to Neptune and we now have the perfect energy for creatively envisioning our desires. Use this time to bring together groups with a shared purpose to creatively envision ‘what next’.

Why? Venus Square Saturn, Venus Square North Node, Venus Square Pluto, Venus Trine Jupiter, Sun Sextile Neptune

Grounding Lightening

What to expect: Shakeups
What to watch out for: Remaining stuck
What will it affect? Resources, finances, innovations

Mercury goes into Taurus on May 6th and by May 8th will conjunct Uranus. Mercury in Taurus turns our thoughts to things that are sustainable, reliable, persevering. We contemplate mother earth, the life emanating from her – plants and resources – and how we have been treating or mistreating them. Our thoughts also turn to money, investments and how we have or have not provided for our security.

Taurus is slow to anger, but once angry can blow. Uranus is the planet of surprises. When Mercury conjuncts Uranus on May 8th something will have to give. We don’t know when or where the lightning will strike. But if we’re at least prepared by investing in grounding devices, we’ll be able to channel the energy positively. If channeled correctly we can use the energy for brainstorming and creating innovative ideas for sustainability. If we haven’t planned, mercury conjunct Uranus may bring us surprising events get us thinking.

Why? Mercury Conjunction Uranus

A Productive Day

What to expect: Productivity
What to watch out for: Wasting the energy
What will it affect? Projects, communication, partnerships

On May 11th, the Sun in Taurus will trine Saturn in Capricorn and will give us a productive day where we can work diligently on plans and goals. This is earth energy that lends us organization, discipline, and concentration as we set out to accomplish what we need to accomplish. Work alone or with others, but make sure you’re working on your path forward as the Sun also makes a sextile to the North Node. We have the chance to bring forward our accomplishments of the past and incorporate them into a new path forward.

Mercury is sextile Juno and we’ll have great communication if we do decide to work with others. Communication is supported in our partnerships!

Why? Sun Trine Saturn, Sun Sextile North Node, Mercury Sextile Juno