Horoscope: June 5 – 11, 2017

June 5 – 11

The healing nature of talk

What to expect: More communication
What to watch out for: Opportunities to listen
What will it affect? Nurturing, communication styles

The Sun meets up with Ceres on Monday, June 5th inspiring us to nurture our children (or our inner child). These two are in Gemini the sign of communication and nurturing happens through conversation. Saying “hi” to someone can make their day. Listening to a child talk about something that matters to them, even if it takes a long time for them to get it out or it seems uninteresting to you, nurtures their confidence. Taking the time to talk to a senior can take away loneliness and make our elders feel like they matter. Even going  inside and listening to ourselves can also bring us into deep connection and we can feel heard by ourselves. Mercury squares the nodes so we can let go of old ways of communicating that don’t serve us anymore. Are you critical, Judgemental, or too opinionated when you communicate? The nodes are in the Leo/Aquarius polarity connecting us with self-expression. If we take away those harsh communication approaches we can nurture our confidence to shine. Mercury sextiles Chiron on June 5th, so we can work through our harsh communication through writing, journaling, mediation or self-talk.

Why? Mercury Square North Node, Sun Conjunction Ceres, Mercury Sextile Chiron

Full Moon in Sagittarius

What to expect: A culmination
What to watch out for: Conflicting teachings
What will it affect? Youth, beliefs, balanced approaches

The Full Moon on June 9th is in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of the wise sage. The Sun opposite the Moon is in Gemini, the sign that represents the curiosity of youth. These two energies come into opposition at the full moon. The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon is “Pelicans, disturbed by people move their habitat”.

As I pull together they symbolism of this Full Moon I’m reminded of standing on the shore of a northern lake watching migrating swans, who every year pit stop to rest and feed on their way north. As I stood there and watched I thought about another lake not too far from the one I was at. It had experienced “river piracy”. A combination of rising temperatures, glacial melt and suddenly the river stopped flowing in the usual direction and dried up! I wondered if birds had also stopped there only to find the river had gone? The thought made me sad. There is no doubt about it. The climate is changing. Is it a disruption of people? Or is it affected by something much grander? The Inuit elders say the sky has changed! The Sun, moon, and stars have all shifted. This Sagittarius Full Moon brings in elder wisdom and tries to incorporate it with the knowledge of the youth. The planet ruled by Sagittarius is Jupiter, so Jupiter rules this full moon. Jupiter turns direct on the same day and does so in the balancing sign of Libra. At this full moon, as we reflect on the changes that are happening, there is a push towards balance. It would behoove us to seek out our elders for wisdom. It is also wise to remember that  truth also sometimes “comes out of the mouths of babes”. Jupiter will sextiles Vesta on the same day. As we work towards balance and find solutions, we feel a sense of pride in our mastery. Venus and Mars will also sextile, making it a day when we can also bring in a balanced masculine and feminine approach.

Why? Jupiter Sextile Vesta, Full Moon at 18°Sg53′, Jupiter direct, Venus Sextile Transiting Mars

Solid Structure

What to expect: Building foundations
What to watch out for: Surprising Insights
What will it affect? Projects

On June 10th Saturn will trine Pallas. Father energy of Saturn works together with the feminine wisdom of Pallas. Pallas brings in social justice, the ability to see patterns and a just approach to the structured, ambitious and accomplished energy of Saturn. This is a great time for working on projects that require leadership. These two energies bring in a strong foundation, the ability to see all the parts and to incorporate time honoured tradition and skills.

Why? Saturn Trine Transiting Pallas



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