Horoscope: May 28 – June 3, 2018

May 28 – June 3

Full Moon in Sagittarius

What to expect: Culminations
What to watch out for: Leaping before we’re ready
What will it affect? Healing, learning, adventure, direction

The Full Moon is at 8 degree’s of Sagittarius on May 29th. The Sabian symbol for this full moon is “a mother with her children on stairs”. This Sabian symbol reminds me of a scene out of the Sound of Music. The governess, who will later become the legitimate mother of the seven children, stands on the spiral stairs with the children saying goodnight to a ballroom of party guests. She is their teacher, their caregiver and she lovingly helps them up the steps and off to bed. One of them, the oldest girl, wants to stay and socialize among the guests. The current teacher/future mother lovingly says “no, you’re not ready yet”. She’s almost there, but has a little more to learn! At this Full Moon, we know the path forward. We are getting ready. The party helps us to become clear. We want to meet that person, or learn that dance or wear that dress. All of this represents ambitions and adventures that initiate us into maturity. But we have some more learning to do. At the Full Moon, look around for that help! A loving motherly teacher will be there to help us with our direction and the next steps to take. The Full Moon is also sextile the North Node, the point in the sky responsible for taking us in the right direction. You can sure, that this loving teacher will give you the right directions and steps to take.

But we have some work to do first! Mercury is sextile Chiron, the wounded healer and so we get information at the Full Moon about what we first need to heal. Chiron is in Aries, so it favours Aries types of activities. It speaks of building confidence and maturity before we can take those big steps on our own. To help with the healing do things such as speaking up and asserting your wants and needs. Or explore other avenues for self-expression or self-discovery that help build confidence. The keyword here is test, try and explore.

Why? Full Moon at 8°Sagittarius, Mercury Entering Gemini, Sun Sextile North Node, Mercury Sextile Chiron

Dream Team

What to expect: Opportunities for Collaborations
What to watch out for: limiting your vision
What will it affect? Projects, collaborations, entertaining

Friday, June 1st and Saturday, June 2nd are lovely days! Venus is trine Jupiter putting us in a good mood. It’s a great day for socializing and entertainment. Venus is in loving and nurturing Cancer and is trine Jupiter in Scorpio. Get out the food, wine, and ambiance. This energy is great for building trust and nurturing relationships. Mercury is also in Gemini and is trine Mars in Aquarius. If you want to strike a business deal, now is the time to generate that conversation. Don’t miss this opportunity to wine and dine important clients and potential collaborators. Venus will also trine Neptune in Pisces. Artistic, philanthropic or visionary activities will also be the in thing. The ideas you come up with will be future-oriented and humanitarian and may even change the world. If you’ve been all talk and no action, now is the time to solidify ideas and plans and move forward! By June 2st Mercury will sextile the North Node allowing you to also form your dream team! Approach all those who you feel will be right for this project!

Why? Mercury Trine Mars, Venus Trine Jupiter, Mercury Sextile North Node, Venus Trine Neptune

Work/Life Balance

What to expect: Conflict
What to watch out for: Hurt Feelings
What will it affect? Relationships, Ambitions, Family

There are always challenges. This week on June 2nd Venus is square Juno and the challenge will be balancing relationships. Venus in Cancer wants to hold her loved ones tight and in a square to Juno feels a little neglected by her relationship. Juno is in Aries making us busy exploring the world and ourselves. We may need to find ways to balance our relationships to avoid hurt feelings or a fight. Saturn is in Capricorn and is opposite Pallas in Cancer, so we have difficulty envisioning that balance. Our ambitions are getting in the way of seeing the possibility of balance and connection with our family and loved ones. A synthesis is possible.

Why? Venus Square Juno, Saturn Opposition Pallas


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