Horoscope: May 21 – 27, 2018

May 21 – 27

Creative Release

What to expect: Creative opportunities
What to watch out for: Distracting through work
What will it affect? Creativity, emotions, work, patterns, communication

On May 21st Uranus makes a sextile to Pallas who has just moved into Cancer. Pallas in Cancer helps us to sort through emotional patterns and with a sextile to Uranus in Taurus the means to this may be very unusual. Alternative therapies, not the usual ones like acupuncture or homeopathy, but ones that are way out there, like the John of God crystal bed or the biofeedback mat will aid in any breakthroughs.

Then on May 22nd the Sun will Sextile Chiron in Aries and we get another chance to change up our healing modalities. Chiron is now in Aries and the wounded healer pushes for more direct ways to release anger. It’s best to stay away from the fist fights or other forms of direct slap downs in releasing that anger. Instead, go for a kickboxing class. Also fencing or practicing your aim at the shooting range are good ways to dispense pent up baggage. We also have the chance to express some of the energy that is coming to light through art, music or writing. This is because Mercury is Sextile Transiting Neptune creating a dreamy magical connection with the divine. The pen is mightier than the sword, colour is your therapy, music is your cure.

There are, however, two energies to be aware of. The first is Mercury in Taurus opposite Jupiter in Scorpio. This brings about certainty and confidence in judgment that in these fixed signs tends to be unbending – Strong and wrong might be the best way to describe it. The second is Venus in emotional cancer opposite Vesta in Capricorn. Instead of facing our emotions, we may pour ourselves into our work. The problem is when we disconnect from our feelings or try to escape them through work we disconnect from important information; information that we get by interacting with our emotions and being curious. It’s the lack of connection that can lead to faulty thinking. By default, we fill in the blanks to any missing information with our past stories.

Why? Uranus Sextile Pallas, Pallas Entering Cancer, Sun Sextile Chiron, Mercury Sextile Neptune, Mercury Opposition Jupiter, Venus Opposition Vesta

Project Launch!

What to expect: Getting project off the ground
What to watch out for: Insecurities
What will it affect? Projects, self-esteem

On the 23rd The Sun newly in Gemini will trine Mars making it an excellent day to get projects off the ground. Mars is in Aquarius and is super open to ideas and change

There are just a couple of project pitfalls that you will need to keep in mind as you get things off the ground. Jupiter will square Ceres. Ceres in Leo feels nurtured by praise and with Jupiter in Scorpio squaring it, we overdo the suspicion. We might think we are showing our care by teaching or sharing our knowledge, but unfortunately, it’s the kind that is tinged with TMI (too much information) that undermines our self-confidence. Mercury in Taurus is square Ceres Leo. This energy comes from the other 90-degree angle making it what we call in astrology, a T-Square. This energy has us speaking the truth and thinking we are “just being practical. We think that we are supporting by stating the facts, but instead, the facts also serve to undermine Leo’s need for praise. This is how it may look in the real world – Someone shows you someone else’s work or product that looks and sounds a bit like yours. They also point out how much more resources and customers they have. You start to wish they had kept their information to themselves as you launch into full-on comparisonitis. You may even think that somehow they stole your ideas. The best approach is to tune out any well-meaning distractions and stay focused on your project. Don’t let it throw you off your game!

The thing is we don’t want to kybosh a great project by going into emotional distraction. To top off the distracting energy, Chiron in Aries will square Pallas in Cancer. The danger is that emotional patterns will mix with our wounds around our self-expression and leading to overwhelm and the possibility of quitting. Courage is now being called for. Do we continue in the face of a lack of support? Or because others see us as green and not up for the challenge?

Why? Sun Trine Mars, Jupiter Square Ceres, Mercury Square Ceres, Chiron Square Transiting Pallas

The Colour Pallet of the Divine

What to expect: Creativity
What to watch out for: Missing the sale
What will it affect? expression of art, creativity, communication

Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. Oscar Wild

May 25th is a highly creative day! Jupiter will trine Neptune heightening our intuition and creativity. Both are in water signs and are swimming in the realm of deep esoteric knowledge and the divine. Colour is transcendent, music is mystical, words are poetic. Create

Mercury will also trine Pluto and we have a chance to sell! Don’t be afraid of the sale. We create a painting, and yes, the picture speaks a thousand words, but most times we forget to ask for the sale, leaving us wondering why nobody is buying our pieces of mastery. If you don’t believe in being a starving artist we now have the opportunity to take our artwork and sell that painting with the same vigor that a salesperson selling brick would. The world will see why it needs your art and will be convinced of its value and worth, and your extra words help to seal the deal. Venus is opposite Saturn and the value of objects will be high on everyone’s mind, but they need to be left with no doubt that they are making the right decision!

Why? Mercury Trine Pluto, Venus Opposition Saturn, Jupiter Trine Transiting Neptune, Vesta Opposition Pallas


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