Horoscope: June 4 – 10, 2018

June 4 – 10

Don’t believe the hype!

What to expect: Questioning reality
What to watch out for: Making decisions
What will it affect? Work, communication, power, ambitions

Chiron in Aries squares Vesta in Capricorn on June 4th – As we continue to work with our self-confidence we meet a challenge in our work and ambitions. Chiron in Aries is bringing up wounds related to being who we are and as it squares work related Vesta in the sign that loves status quo – Capricorn. we feel stifled and hemmed in. The good news is that the Sun will conjunct Mercury in Gemini, so we have the right recipe for talking things out. On the downside, the sun and mercury are moving into a square with Neptune adding to the recipe the possibility of white lies and deceit. This is especially the case on June 6th when the moon will also join Neptune in Pisces. Things can start to feel a little Alice-in-wonderland; we can lose touch with the what’s real and what’s not real. Add to the mix that Venus will oppose Pluto and we add the element of power struggle. This one will be confusing. Don’t be surprised if you feel like someone is gaslighting you. Remember that Gaslighting is when someone makes you question your reality. It’s when we lose touch with what we know we know. Seriously doubt can creep in. For this reason, it’s a terrible time to make any major business decisions.

Why? Chiron Square Vesta, Sun Conjunction Mercury, Venus Opposition Pluto, Sun Square Neptune, Mercury Square Neptune

Celebrate Breakthroughs!

What to expect: Work innovations
What to watch out for: Crossing boundaries
What will it affect? Work, communication, innovations, finances, power

“Politeness is the poison of collaboration.” – Edwin Land

On June 7th Mercury will sextile Juno and communications in all of our relationships immediately start to get better. Uranus now in Taurus will also trine Vesta in Capricorn on June 8th and our work also gets a surprising uplift. Taurus is the sign of money; banking, financing, and loans. In a trine to Vesta the asteroid related to work and passions, it helps us to focus on our finances into innovative areas of work. Breakthroughs are possible and will help us to achieve our ambitions.

By June 9th mercury will move into a sextile with Ceres. This is great energy for getting together for group activities. It favours, food, communication, relationship, leadership, and play. This combination will help to your team building, so take advantage of any good weather and get out and enjoy it! If you have something to celebrate, it’s also a great day for that. As they say, celebrate early and often. This helps to keep engagement and motivation.

One word of cautions – If you do end up at a company party, don’t forget your professionalism and boundaries. Pluto will also square Juno, making it clear who’s in charge.

Why? Mercury Sextile Juno, Uranus Trine Vesta, Mercury Sextile Ceres, Pluto Square Juno




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