Horoscope: May 14 – 20, 2018

May 14 – 20

Bull or Bear?

What to expect: Changes in the material world
What to watch out for: Ill-matched values
What will it affect? Money, values, land, natural resources.

We move into the Taurus energy in a big way on May 15th. It’s a Taurus New Moon, but also Uranus will go into Taurus on the same day. The New Moon is at 24 degrees of Taurus. The Sabian symbol for the degree of the New Moon is “A vast public park”. Public parks are created for the community, come into being with public funds and are designed with community needs in mind. Some have monkey bars for children; others have paved paths for walking or running. In these spaces, we can find barbeques, picnic tables, large lofty trees for shading and wide open areas for sport. It’s the ground that we create to toss aside all differences and enjoy what we all have in common. Because they are funded with public money, the values of the funders are reflected in the park. Is it a well-kept park? Is it safe and safeguarded? Do the facilities actually meet the needs? With this New Moon, we can envision the spaces in our lives where we come together with others and where we focus our resources. If our values are not being reflected, we can set intentions for bringing in structures in the material world that will.

On the 15th Mars will also enter Aquarius and the first thing it will do is square Uranus which moves into Taurus the same day. The earthy practicality of Taurus gets challenged by the idealism of Aquarius. Mars wants to push for change and normally Taurus will push back. But as Uranus the hum bringer of change lands itself in Taurus, it joins forces with the Mars energy in Aquarius and pushes for invention, rebelliousness and even revolution. This is not going to be an easy one as out of all of the signs, Taurus is the least likely to volunteer for change. What’s up for improvement? Our money and resources; the value we derive from them and the relationship we have to them. The land we use as resources; the food we plant on it and nutrients we receive from it. These are some areas ruled by Taurus that may see change. There have been things that have shown up that suggest change is coming in some of these areas. For example increase in popularity of crypto-currency, community farming, legalization of marijuana for recreation (in Canada), and changes to our land through natural disaster to name a few. We’ll know more about what changes Uranus will bring to the areas ruled by Taurus in the coming days.

Why? New Moon at 24° Taurus, Mars Entering Aquarius, Saturn Square Juno, Uranus Entering Taurus, Mercury Trine Vesta, Mars Square Uranus

Strange Love

What to expect: Support that seems weird
What to watch out for: Dismissing the strange
What will it affect? Communication, values, home, family, family business and business tribes

On May 17th the Moon, Mercury, and Pallas join up and begin a deep discussion. It’s the kind of discussion that combines emotion, strategy and thought, and ideas. It’s a true head and heart discussion. Lots of ideas will emerge and we have an opportunity to see the big picture. By the 19th Venus will move on a couple of degrees and will enter into Cancer the sign that values home, nurturing and mothering. In business its deeply connected to real estate, family business and business tribes that feel like family. When she moves into Cancer she will also be in a sextile to Uranus, newly in Taurus. If anything in our material world, in our relationships or in our value has been shaken by this earth-shattering move, Venus will throw her loving arms around us, give us hug and tell us it will be alright. She will sextile Uranus and will likely lend a fresh perspective and possibly nurture us with something that may seem strange. For instance, if she hands you a boiled egg and tells you it will be alright. Okay, it’s a little bizarre, but take it. That egg is a result of her earlier discussions with the Moon and Pallas and will come in handy and feel like just the right thing in the midst of any turbulence you may be experiencing as a result of Uranus’ new move.

Why? Venus Conjunction Transiting Pallas, Venus Entering Cancer, Venus Sextile Transiting Uranus

New Directions

What to expect: Decisiveness
What to watch out for: Excess baggage
What will it affect? Structures, details, relationship, directions

On May 18th Mercury now in Taurus will trine Saturn in Capricorn. This is excellent energy for concentrated thought and focus. If you need a day to go over details and make big decisions, this energy will help us to slow down, and use considered and well thought out caution and make the right decision. Mercury will square the nodes on the same day and will encourage us to use any detail or decisions we unearth to revise our route and move in a new direction. We won’t have to do it alone. Juno, now in Aries will grab our hand and partner with us to help move is into new and uncharted territory. This is because Juno will also be trine the North Node

On the 19th Mars will sextile Chiron. When we move in new directions, it’s always a great time to check what’s packed in our bags. Are we carrying excess and unneeded baggage? Mars sextile Chiron is a chance to take a course or workshop focused on inner work and self-development. The energy provides the opportunity to see our wounds in new ways and moves stuck energy. By May 20th Venus will square Chiron bringing more stuff. This time relationship patterns, hurts, and wounds. Know that it’s time to let go of them. Venus is in Cancer and may react initially by lashing out or withdrawing and putting up a protective shell. But be gentle with her woundedness and eventually, her loving and nurturing style will tend to your wounds.

Why? Mercury Trine Saturn, Mercury Square North Node, Juno Trine North Node, Mars Sextile Chiron, Venus Square Chiron


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