Horoscope: May 7 – 13, 2018

May 7 – 13

Smoke and Mirrors

What to expect: Powerful deceptions
What to watch out for: Our own dishonesty
What will it affect? Communication, relationships, money, power dynamics

The beginning of the week starts a little off-kilter. There are two difficult aspects that should be paid attention to and extra caution should be taken.

First Mercury will square Pluto. Mercury now in Aries has no filter. Not much thought is given to what is said before it’s said. When it squares  Pluto in Capricorn it adds in power dynamics. Words said at this time may be offensive or break trust. We want what we want, but we may not give much thought to how we are going about getting it. It’s all in the way it’s said and not necessarily in the sentiment alone. You may have a worthy cause, but lose respect in how you go about it. Mercury is also sextile to Pallas, the goddess of strategy, so words will have a strategic angle. Be wary because combined with the mercury energy words may only have a short-term win.

The bigger problem at this time is that Venus in chatty, curious and not-always-so-truthful Gemini. It’s square Neptune, mixing “white lie” with dishonesty.  It seems nothing is clear when it comes to our relationships and money. The best approach is to refrain from reacting, making decisions and most of all to stay away from our own fabrications.

Why? Mercury Square Pluto, Mercury Sextile Pallas, Venus Square Neptune

Partnership Misjudgments

What to expect: Overestimating our relationships
What to watch out for: moving in opposite directions
What will it affect? Work, relationships, self-assessment

On May 8th, the Sun will oppose Jupiter amplifying confidence and optimism. This pulls in the Taurus/Scorpio dichotomy of self-sufficiency vs collaboration. We may feel we can do it all alone or on the contrary that we can do it only because of our partner. On the same day, Vesta will go retrograde. Generally an unnoticed retrograde, this time Vesta will retrograde just as its squaring Juno the Marriage asteroid now in Aries. The retrograde turns up the intensity of its energy. Vesta is in Capricorn and is focused on work, structure, and authority and when it squares Juno in Aries, it creates a tension in partnerships. Juno in Aries reacts with a need for more freedom and exploration. What it’s really calling us to do is evaluate the balance between our work and relationships. Are we taking our partnerships for granted? This is a time to make sure you are moving in the same direction and appreciating the value and worth of who you are together. The thing is, you may be making assumptions from a place of over-confidence and over-optimism and overestimating the foundations and security of what you have together.

Why? Sun Opposition Transiting Jupiter, Transiting Vesta Stationary, Vesta Square Transiting Juno

Seismic Shifts

What to expect: Surprising Shift
What to watch out for: Resisting Change
What will it affect? Transformation

On May 11th we move into transformative energy. On a personal front, we can use this energy to go inward and make important inward shifts. The Sun in Taurus and will sextile Pluto in Capricorn. The path to transformation is more easily accessed through earthy types of experiences. Taurus asks us to use our senses and Capricorn asks us to access know-how. Seek out experts in EFT (Tapping), Osteotherapy or Equine coaching to name a few.

Between the 12th and 13th, Mercury will conjunct Uranus and the two will square Mars. This brings a lot of attention to Uranus, currently in the last degree of Aries. Later this month Uranus will enter Taurus and we’ll soon find out what that energy will bring, but for now, mercury will deliver its last message to the energy of Uranus in Aries. When Uranus entered Aries in 2011, we experienced an earthquake in Japan that created a tsunami and then demolished a nuclear plant which then sent nuclear waste into the ocean. It was a mix of the fire that Uranus was entering and water the energy that Uranus was leaving in Pisces. It was also a reminder that the elements in our lives are powerful and to be respected.

Uranus will enter into Taurus next week on the 15th. However, Uranus will retrograde back and forth for the next year before entering permanently into Taurus. Over the next week, while Uranus moves between the two elements of fire and earth, Mars will push the button on any energy that needs to be released. So while we are in this liminal space we will likely experience a similar mix of intensity that encompasses both the energies. Uranus’s job is to bring enlightenment and change. How well did we do with revolutionizing our courage, independence and self-discovery of “who am I” while Uranus was in Aries? Its ways are often abrupt and disruptive, so if we’ve missed anything, it will now bring it to the surface. How does the material coming to the surface segue into the revolution that is to come? Uranus be moving into an energy that will have us revolutionize what we have, what we own and the measure of our self-worth.

The trick to having a smooth ride with Uranus is to allow and make conscious. Alas, nobody really likes change!

Why? Sun Trine Pluto, Mercury Square Mars, Mercury Conjunction Uranus, Mercury Entering Taurus


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