Horoscope: March 6 – 12, 2017

March 6 – 12

Heightened intuition

What to expect: Intuitive hits
What to watch out for: Overspending
What will it affect? Relationships, money, contracts, communication

We are a little bit psychic on March 6th as mercury meets up with Pisces. Normally when these two come together it’s a great time for signing contracts. But because Venus is retrograde, a contract now might end up being a little too expensive. Take caution particularly if you are in beauty or money related fields. It’s also a great time to take a short little vacation. But again with Venus retrograde, expect bad hair, sun burn or other beauty fails. Focus instead on the relaxation.

Between March 7th and 8th mercury will make a positive connection with Pluto and Vesta. Words will be particularly powerful. If you are making a speech or delivering an important email, now is the time to craft and deliver it. If something has not been making sense, you can also use this time to investigate a matter. Not only will we be able to uncover needed material, but we will have impressive intuitive hits on what to ask and what to stay curious about. Mercury is in deeply intuitive Pisces and Vesta is in caring and nurturing Cancer. We often forget how powerful a kind word can be. Or how nurturing feeling understood can be. We often forget how powerful a kind word can be. Or how nurturing feeling understood can be. We can tap into this powerful energy by asking the right kind of questions and holding space for the right kind of curiosity.

Why? Sun Conjunction Mercury, Mercury Sextile Transiting Pluto, Mercury Trine Transiting Vesta

Personal Transformation

What to expect: Uncovering unconscious material
What to watch out for: Resisting change
What will it affect? Personal power, women’s Issues, unconscious wounds, collective wounds

March 9th and 10th are great days to work with a coach or take part in a personal transformational program. Mercury will meet up with the wounded healer Chiron and the feminine goddess of pattern recognition Pallas. It’s a time when you might think you have nothing to say, but when you start to speak the words start following out of your mouth. Suddenly you realize that there has been stuff lying just beneath the surface that has been bothering you. There is likelihood that this unspoken wound is related to our womanhood as Lilith, the angry feminine squares the nodes. Once it’s all out there, the words have been spoken and you now know you have a problem, you may throw on the breaks. Mars moves into stubborn and security focused Taurus and doesn’t really enjoy change.

Why? Sun Sextile Transiting Pluto, Mercury Conjunction Transiting Pallas, Mercury Conjunction Transiting Chiron, Mars Entering Taurus, North Node Square Black Moon

Virgo Full Moon

What to expect: Opportunity to heal
What to watch out for: Faith and trust issues
What will it affect? Relationships, Spirituality, Family

The Full Moon this month is on March 12th and we are making sense of our deepest wounds. The moon is in Virgo. When Virgo gets emotional, they start cleaning, organizing, classifying. If they are upset, they may be a little judgemental. This Virgo moon sits opposite to the Pisces Sun. Right beside the Sun is Pallas and Chiron. While emotional Virgo may be getting stuck in the details, Pallas in Pisces helps us to take a step back and see the spiritual big picture. It might not be pretty. This might be stuff we thought we left in the past and don’t care to look at again. It may even bring up a collective wound. Allowing it to do so now will help bring a culmination to not only our personal wounds but also our trans-personal wounds. That’s the job of a Full Moon!

Be warned, sometimes the truth of the matter gets us a little down. This will be particularly so because at the Full Moon, Mercury will be square Saturn. Unfortunately, it brings out some negativity and even small mindedness. There may be challenges in our belief system or we may just be scratching our heads wondering what the hell? For example; lately we may have been astounded when, despite solid facts, people still try to hold onto beliefs that just don’t hold up. Rather than going outside and pointing figures, look within at your own thinking. What ways have you put up roadblocks? How have you been approaching things with a small mind? How are you holding up progressive change? Working with tools designed to help shift perspectives will help to reduce any low feelings. Maybe this is volunteering with a group or community you know very little about. The silver lining is that Virgo is always open to helping and serving. So shifting your focus towards helping others can help you to help and heal yourself!

Why? Full Moon at 22°Vi13′, Mercury Square Saturn




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