Horoscope: April 3 – 9, 2017

April 3 – 9

Channeling power

What to expect: Power and influence
What to watch out for: Spending
What will it affect? Plans, money

On April 5th Mars is in Taurus and on a powerful degree; One that has historically been associated with turbulent events. It trines  Pluto helping us to tap into a power source, even if it’s a bit turbulent, that channeled correctly, can help us to create solid strategy, influence, and benefit. But, now is the time to come up with the strategy, not necessarily to act on it. Particularly if there is a budget attached to it. The reason is that on the same day Saturn will go retrograde. Saturn loosens up in terms of finances when it goes retrograde. For businesses, it’s like the CFO has taken an extended holiday. Great! Now we can push through that buy/sale that she’s been blocking us on. Not so fast – Between now and the end of Venus retrograde on April 15th hold on to your change purse. With Venus and Saturn both loosened up you could end up wasting a lot of money or purchasing things that are worthless or that you never use. Just take a look at that treadmill in the corner with all your laundry hanging off it and let it be your caution sign.

Why? Mars Trine Pluto, Saturn retrograde

Highs and Lows

What to expect: Truths
What to watch out for: Overwhelm
What will it affect? Relationships, power structures, beliefs, core beliefs

We’ll be on a roller-coaster that may feel bipolar for the next couple of days. We are up and then very quickly, we are down. It starts with us up as the Sun opposes Jupiter on the 7th making us confident, but more than likely overconfident.

On April 8th, Venus retrograde, now in Pisces will rise as the morning star (look up in the dawn to see her) and will square Saturn also retrograde and at the galactic centre. Normally when these two come into a square, we feel lonely with a need for soul searching and deep introspection. This is even more the case now as Saturn moves away from the galactic centre, the point associated with truth. We get some distance and can see the truth of all of the unconscious material that has risen in the last little while in full objectivity.

On the same day the Sun will square Pluto, bringing up power struggles. Maybe our newly conscious material has us standing up for ourselves in new ways that triggers a backlash. Or we could be so uncomfortable with the truths that are coming up that we seek out ways to control it.

Accessing tools for emotional intelligence is essential right now. And don’t be afraid to reach out for help. A counselor, coach or best friend might be helpful now.

Why? Sun Square Transiting Pluto, Venus Square Transiting Saturn, Sun Opposition Transiting Jupiter

Mercury Retrograde

What to expect: Letting go
What to watch out for: Difficulty letting go
What will it affect? Communication, communication equipment, travel

Mercury goes retrograde on Sunday, April 9th. Mercury begins the retrograde journey at 4 degrees of Taurus and discarding the past is its theme. Taurus is a sign that likes its belongings. It likes attachments and material things. Also, It’s often literal and likes to use the five senses, discarding, minimizing or rejecting the 6th sense – intuition.

Mercury will take us on a journey back over all that we are clinging to. We may want to avoid all the unconscious reason why we hold on. Years ago a friend asked me to help her go through her clothes and belongs fearing that she would have a hard time de-cluttering. She did. I let her hold on to one dress from the 80’s just so she wouldn’t collapse under the weight of anxiety. The rest had to go. Why did she want to hold on to those dresses? She didn’t know. Many of us will have a similar experience with our belongings. Letting go is difficult, and doing so may even leading to an existential crisis. But keep going. As mercury heads back into Aries, we will find courage.

Remember as always with mercury retrograde, back up your computer, make sure you have insurance on your phone and refrain from taking things out on the photocopier when all of these things give you trouble. Use the time for reassessments, review, revisions.

Why? Mercury retrograde

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