Horoscope: March 26- April 1, 2018

March 26 – April 1

Heart Space

What to expect: Opening up
What to watch out for: Feeling scared
What will it affect? Relationships, wounds, work, wisdom

The week starts with a focus on partnerships. Neptune will conjunct Juno in Pisces on March 27th, connecting us with The Divine in a deeply spiritual relationship. We feel transcendent, unconditional, compassionate, sacrificing. This state of being sets us up for letting in divine love, divine intervention and divine guidance. We dare to partner with God and now that God finally has our partnership, trust, and ear, s/he cracks open a space in our hearts, unexpectedly opening us up to other forms of love.

This crack opening in our hearts leads to a seemly frightening experience. We’re open now and on March 27th and 28th, Chiron will sextile Pallas in Taurus, connecting us to the wisdom of the sages. The only problem is that Chiron will also form a square to Vesta. Vesta, the asteroid responsible for our passions and devotions, is now in Sagittarius- the sign that is related to our belief systems, which can also be dogmatic. This may cause a shakeup in our worldview and a crisis of faith once a piece of information comes into our hearts. Our hearts then speak to our mind, piercing through our myopic thinking, altering and helping us see things in a new light, but also challenging everything we thought we knew.

Venus will conjunct Uranus, the planet of surprises on March 28th and this helps to aid the awakening. Venus and Uranus are in Aries, opening us up to an adventure in love and some unexpected and unlikely connections. We can learn from those who are different from us and they can help change us in positive ways.

Why? Neptune Conjunction Transiting Juno, Chiron Sextile Transiting Pallas, Venus Conjunction Transiting Uranus, Chiron Square Transiting Vesta


Painting Fences

What to expect: Frustrations
What to watch out for: Not seeing the point
What will it affect? Work, money, relationships, lessons

On March 29th, the Sun will square Saturn, making us feel held back. The Sun is in Aries, the sign that is known for its “doer” attitude and lack of patience. Active Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn, who prefers to take time-tested and true steps. This square will make us feel slowed and even thwarted. Mars is also there with Saturn and won’t be in an exact square with the Sun until next week, but the proximity and closeness will make the entire week feel stagnant and frustrating. Saturn and Mars in Capricorn are forcing us to be detailed and methodical. It’s not what we want to hear, but it’s the truth. This energy will not let us take short cuts. There is a good reason for it. With quality and precision comes a certain amount of dedicated and focused time. It will feel like climbing a tall mountain at high altitudes. The air will be thin, making our ability to progress laboured. If you’ve ever been at high altitudes, the trick to acclimatizing to the altitude without making yourself horribly sick is to take two steps forward one step back until you reach the peak. If you’re more of a movie buff then the best analogy I can give you is The Karate Kid. You find yourself, like the Karate Kid, wanting to be in the ring fighting and learning the moves. You won’t see the point of painting fences. Just remember, the teacher has his/her method. The best approach is to practice patience, and to take it one step at a time. Conditioning your mind that this is how things are meant to be right now will help to ease the frustration.

There’s energy we can take advantage of. Venus will be in the last degrees of Aries and will trine Vesta. This energy helps us connect with the fire and love we have for our passions. In the last degree we feel it strongly and it’s a good thing. This is will help us to push through. It helps us remember what we are doing this for. Venus will then move into Taurus, the sign that it feels at home in. When Venus is in Taurus, we shift into a groundedness. Things will feel better and we can start to enjoy a feeling of stability.

Why? Sun Square Transiting Saturn, Venus Trine Transiting Vesta. Venus Entering Taurus


Full Moon Libra

What to expect: Culminations
What to watch out for: Opportunities for balance
What will it affect? Partnerships, leadership, dealing with authority

The Full Moon on March 31st is in Libra and is conjunct Mercury which is currently retrograde. The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon,“A professor peering over his glasses” is opposite the Sun who’s Sabian symbol is “The president of the country.” Libra moons are about bringing balance to relationships and a full moon is about bringing a needed culmination. The relationship that needs our attention is the one where political power and intellectual wisdom are out of balance. It’s truly dangerous to have political power without intellectual wisdom and truly a waste if we have intellectual wisdom without political power. With Mercury retrograde and conjunct this Full Moon, we have the opportunity to review any imbalances. The Sabian symbol for Mercury is “a bomb which failed to explode is now safely concealed.” We breathe a sigh of relief that we have averted danger, but now we need to thank our lucky stars and make sure that the danger never presents itself again. We are on the heels of marches originating in the United States and spreading around the world led by youth fed up with gun violence. In the aftermath of listening to our youth have their say this week, we pull together in a new direction. A new direction is supported by the Sun and Mercury in a trine to the North Node in Leo. We find ourselves led by new leadership. Leo is the sign of children!

Why? Full Moon at 10°Li44′, Sun Conjunction Mercury, Sun Trine North Node, Mercury Trine North Node

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