Horoscope: April 2- April 8, 2018

April 2 – 8


What to expect: Precision
What to watch out for: Fear
What will it affect? Ambitions, communication, structures and things we are building

In the book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcom Gladwell says that it takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery in a field. This week we get in our hours! On April 2nd, Mars will conjunct Saturn, putting a focus on meticulousness. Saturn has been in Capricorn since late 2017 calling us into our excellence. If you are not yet the expert, Saturn’s job is to get you there. Saturn has been testing and refining us and refuses to let us be mediocre. Knowing this, we may experience fear. We fear not being good enough, or talented enough. The good news is that now if we put our head down and work, we begin to learn that “good” and “talent” are a product of putting in the work and investing our time.

Speaking of time, Saturn rules time and time can now feel like mud or quicksand. Everything is hard and laboured. Just keep this saying in your head: “no pain, no gain.” You don’t get hard abs without lots of sweat busting sit-ups. There are no shortcuts to success. There is no magic pill or overnight get rich scheme. Do the work and pay your dues. We are building something that is made to last and in order to do that we need to give it our all.

Between April 4th and 5th, Mercury will square both Mars and Saturn. Mercury is retrograde and throws in our face all the things we overlooked in the last couple of months. The fear can take us in the direction of being defensive. Maybe we made a mistake or we missed an important detail. The best approach is to just admit you were wrong rather than letting the fear of the mistake bring you to a place of paralysis or self-sabotage.

Another way this may come up is that we become a little accident prone. Don’t stub your toe now so you can get out of doing the squats. Don’t start a fight just so you can blame someone else for you not moving forward.

This is a time when we’ll need to dig deep, and just remember if we do push through all the negativity, the rewards can be huge!

Why? Mars Conjunction Saturn, Mercury Square Mars, Mercury Square Saturn


Creating Security

What to expect: Financial planning
What to watch out for: Insecurity
What will it affect? Money, money fears, security needs, relationships

Last week Venus moved into Taurus. Venus in Taurus enjoys security, predictability and quality. For this reason, she also likes money. But when Venus squares Ceres on April 4th, all of her childish insecurities come to the surface. We demand things or money from others as a show of love or to get them to meet our security needs. Our inner child is saying “take care of me.” Venus will trine Saturn on April 7th and we come back to our adult self. This will be a good time to not only realize that we are responsible for ourselves, but to also put in place tangible ways of being there for ourselves. It’s great energy for financial planning, investing or creating budgets. It’s tax time, and if you happen to get a tax return, think of ways that you can make your money make more money for you. Venus trine Saturn will help you come up with an excellent solid plan.

Why? Venus Square Ceres, Venus Trine Saturn


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