Horoscope: March 19- March 25, 2018

March 19-25

Good repartee

What to expect: Initiating talks
What to watch out for: Missing important details
What will it affect? Negotiations, contracts, work

On March 19th, Mercury will conjunct Venus. These two meet up in Aries. This is excellent energy for negotiations.

Though this conjunction is excellent for signing contracts and initiating business deals, there are two things that make it not a great time to do so.

The first issue is that the Sun is at the last degree of Pisces and on a very malevolent fixed star called Scheat. It’s associated with accidents and catastrophes. For this reason, Scheat is always to be avoided when initiating anything new. In rare instances its energy can be beneficial, but with the Sun also conjunct Chiron and square to Mars in Capricorn, the dangerous side is much more likely.

We are also so close to Mercury retrograde. In addition, Mercury is at the degree within which it will retrograde, so its energy is strong. It is in its shadow period and though not technically retrograde yet, the retrograde energy will be apparent.

This energy is better used by talking things through, making plans, and hashing out the details. Uranus is also trine to Vesta, the asteroid associated with work and commitment, so we may find ourselves working through unusual work arrangements or atypical commitments.

All in all, this is excellent energy for initiating talks, but wait until the retrograde comes and goes before making a firm commitment as we are likely to overlook hazards or miss important details.

Why? Mercury Conjunction Venus, Uranus Trine Vesta


Mercury Retrograde in Aries

What to expect: Stalling our Initiations
What to watch out for: Frustrations
What will it affect? New beginnings, new projects, review

On March 20th, the Sun will go into Aries and on March 22nd Mercury will go retrograde at 16 degrees of Aries. Being a cardinal sign, Aries is the sign that likes to “go.” In fact 0 degrees of the Sun in Aries initiates the beginning of spring. It’s a time when we plan and plan. For many in business, it’s a new financial cycle, the end of the tax season and the beginning of a new budget.

In the business world this is the second quarter (Q2). As we begin Q2 though, we are being asked to review our new beginnings. With spring only just begun and a new cycle of initiation, this can be hard. Frustrations are sure to be the result of pushing and forcing matters and can also result in impatience and recklessness. Mercury represents all forms of communication and travel, so be careful with your words and in your travels.

We now have a chance to revisit, review, revise and even reconsider. What happened in the first quarter (Q1) January, February, March and since the last mercury retrograde that ended towards the end of December? Whatever we seeded during that time can now be replanted, giving it more light, more room and more nutrients.

Aries is associated with the pioneer, the warrior and the entrepreneur. During the retrograde we have the opportunity to reflect on our bravery, our assertiveness and how self-reliant we are. Are we too forceful? Are we not forceful enough? During its retrograde, Mercury will meet up with the Sun and the two will make an easy aspect with the Nodes in courageous Leo. It will be a time when we’ll be able to reconsider our ”guts and valor.” Many people feel we are living in dangerous times. How do we face the danger? Many have stepping into or are stepping up their entrepreneurial efforts as spiritual, purposeful and political endeavours. Do we have the grit, courage and the spirit to kill it in our businesses and change the world? Use this time to assess just where you may be lacking…. or overdoing it. Getting this balance will help achieve the fortitude necessary to make our hoped for impact!

Mercury will retrograde until April 15, 2018.

Why? Mercury Stations Retrograde, Sun Entering Aries


Ego Tests

What to expect: Challenges
What to watch out for: Nasty competition
What will it affect? Relationships, money, self concept, ambitions

On March 23rd and 24th our egos are challenged.

First Venus will square Pluto. Venus in Aries will not be hemmed in, but Pluto in Capricorn is not so keen on that. Power plays may show up in relationships and with money. These power plays are designed to bind, control and may look a lot like sabotage. This is because the square between these two planets generate insecurity and protectiveness bordering on jealousy. Then on March 24th the Sun will get along with Ceres, making us feel playful, carefree and loving, however they are both making difficult aspects to Mars in Capricorn. Mars in Capricorn is ambitious, driven and serious and may see this playfulness as unnecessary and childish. In tandem, this creates two days of “war of the roses” energy and “frienemy” competition, both of which make us feel driven to win! Expect impatient cutthroat rivalry of the “no pain, no gain” variety. Unlike the planets currently in fire signs, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn have endurance and may win by sheer perseverance. In truth these are further tests of our stick-to-it-ism (Venus in Aries) and our ability to nurture our self-reliance and our ego (Ceres in Leo).

Why? Venus Square Pluto, Sun Square Mars, Sun Trine Ceres


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