Horoscope: March 25 – 31, 2019

March 25 – 31

Transcending our Resources

What to expect: Shifts in values
What to watch out for: unexpected shifts
What will it affect? Relationships, money, resources, all things of value

On March 26 Venus moves into Pisces focusing our values on the sublime. Anything that moves our spirit and helps us to transcend will become the focus. Relationships happen not just for the company but for purpose and spiritual growth. Money is not just for security but becomes worthless or priceless depending on its value in furthering our enlightenment.

Venus will then make a sextile to Uranus. Uranus is in Taurus unearthing our resources, but as Venus makes a sextile to it we have the opportunity to shift our values around resources to something more tactile yet ethereal. You may be asking yourself “what is money”? Money used to be coin and paper notes representing something concrete; gold bullions or reserves. Money then shifted over time. We no longer exchange coin or paper. Instead, we have cards and bank balances. Money also used to be independently controlled but then shifted to being centrally controlled through banks and governments. And in all of these shifts, we lost a real connection to it; the ability to see it, touch it, taste or smell it is now gone. Taurus loves the 5 senses and Pisces loves the 6th. We may never go back to holding and hiding our money neither in mattresses nor in a hole in the back yard. But, this energy opens us to unexpected inventions. What may emerge is something that lets us connect back to money more tangibly and with meaning.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will also sextile Pallas in Libra. Our beliefs and learning are expanding. And right now we are learning to have faith and to bring a strategic balance to all that we value.

Why? Venus Entering Pisces, Jupiter Sextile Pallas, Venus Sextile Transiting Uranus

Power and Belief

What to expect: Banding together
What to watch out for: Power struggle
What will it affect? Family, Generations, tribes, nations

Mercury Goes Direct on March 28th. Many will be breathing a sigh of relief. But not so quick! Neptune is in close conjunction with Mercury and will continue to be into next week. This concentrates the energy on spiritual thought, but also creates fog and confusion. The Sabian symbol for the degree they are both sitting at is “an Easter parade”. Parades happen to bring people together who think the same way, believe the same things and help express their collective pride. It’s a time for spiritual unity which might get confused with fanatical unity. This is because on the same day Pluto is opposite the North Node. Pluto is in Capricorn and has been shaking up things with governments, large corporations, and institutions that have been around for a long time. The thing is Pluto likes power, refuses to let go of power and will go down with the ship in order to hold onto it. Pluto in opposition to the North Node means that it’s conjunct the south node. The North Node and South nodes are polarity points. They sit opposite one another. They are also not planets but sensitive points associated with the moon. Also because of earth wobble, they are not consistent, they oscillate back in forth. So while March 28th is the day Pluto will be exactly opposite the mean North Node, it has in fact been in a dance with the true North node which moves back and forth. All that to say, this energy is in play all week.

The Nodes are karmic points. The North Node is what we should be working to incorporate more into our lives. The North Node is currently in Cancer, putting the focus on developing healthy family, tribal and generational connections. The South Node is in Capricorn. Capricorn is used to achievement and has difficulty letting go of the reigns. But with Pluto at the south node, it means an end to a power struggle.

As an example, just today I saw a new game called ‘Monopoly for Millennial; Forget Real Estate, You Can’t Afford it anyways’. Places on the board include living in your parent’s basement. Millennial bashing is a thing! And it may be that there are Baby Boomers, the ones who’ve held onto control for a long time, making this so. But it’s all smoke and mirrors. The south node in cancer is calling on the Boomers and Millennial to make nice. And it’s actually the Boomers – the Capricornian older generation that Pluto will be disruptive with. Power struggles can end in empowering and also unsettling ways. It’s up to us to decide.

Why? Mercury Stationary Direct, Pluto Opposition Transiting North Node

Remain Curious

What to expect: Mass movements
What to watch out for: unconscious actions
What will it affect? Strategy, transformation in big business, government, old traditional institutions

On March 30-31st Pluto squares Pallas and Pallas squares the North Node. This formation in Astrology is called a T-square. On one hand, Pallas in Libra is very concerned about a balanced approach to things. It’s about fairness in strategy and a gentle approach with a view of being liked. But Libra can also be war. She’s the iron fist in a velvet glove; she can be dogged and determined when pushed too far. As Pallas squares Pluto mass movements may emerge to address any power imbalances. With the nodes involved with both planetary bodies in a tense angle to the nodes, any organized movements that emerge will be out of sync with the North Nodes goal of healthy family, tribe and generation. Some more focus needs to be placed on understanding ourselves. What makes us who we are and what motivates us to action? We don’t have to change who we are, but we do need to come from our highest self.

Mars moved into Gemini on March 30th and will help if we allow it. When Mars is in Gemini, we are motivated by ideas, information, and learning. Curiosity without judgment is our best friend. If we can use this energy to remain curious about ourselves and others with the goal of expanding understanding, we are much better off.

Why? Mars Entering Gemini, Pluto Square Pallas, Pallas Square North Node