Horoscope: March 18 – 24, 2019

March 18 – 24

Happy Full Moon and Spring Solstice!

What to expect: Endings and beginnings
What to watch out for: Holding on
What will it affect? Wounds, transformation, new beginnings, direction

The Full Moon is on March 20th at 0°Libra. March 20th is also equinox; the first day of spring. This means at this particular Full Moon we are bringing something to completion and at the same time, something is initiated and begun!

The Sabian symbol for 0 Libra is “A butterfly made perfect by a dart through it.” This symbolism brings two things to mind. The first is the idea of a full span butterfly pinned to a wall with a dart through it. It’s not so much made perfect, as it is frozen in its perfect stance. It brings to mind human nature wanting to capture and hold onto something good – To possess and make available at our pleasure. The butterfly is perfect and we want to keep it that way. But as soon as we do, it loses its animation and its life.

The second image is something a little less selfish. Imagine a fine needle instead of a dart – An acupuncture needle. I’m not sure if butterflies are receptive to acupuncture, but the imagery helps us to envision helping and releasing rather than freezing and possessing.

Chiron at 1 degree Aries shows a similar idea of release. The Sabian Symbol is “A comedian entertaining the group”. In truth, we all know the funniest comedians hide a pain somewhere deep inside of them. Yet they have a knack for taking that pain and transforming it into humour. They tell the joke and we laugh, releasing the endorphins to heal that oh-so-true-collective-pain. These two ideas of release are present at the Full Moon. Look at what you may want to hold and possess. How can you use this full moon to deeply let it go? How can you allow a certain type of pain to send a rush of endorphins to the needed areas so that wellbeing and healing can occur?

The Sun at O Aries and also conjunct Chiron shows that we are initiating into a new level of healing. The Sabian symbol is “A woman has risen out of the ocean, a seal is embracing her”. It speaks of a new emergence. Seals are very intelligent and so that feminine emergence comes with intelligence. Yet that can also hold pain within it. We can’t unknow what we know… and yet that knowing will come with the kind of pain that comes with awakening and raising consciousness.

We are given some helpers at this Full Moon Equinox. Mercury is sextile Saturn. Mercury is still retrograde, so this helps us to go over things in a methodical way. It will help to make sure we don’t miss anything. Pluto is trine Mars, which lends transformative energy. It allows us to create strategy and provides a powerful energy to influence a new direction. Mars and Vesta nicely aspect each other and make positive aspects to the North Node in Cancer. This helps us to increase our passion and purpose and to direct this energy and new beginning down a path that will nurture our emotions.

Why? Pluto Sextile Vesta, Full Moon at 0° Libra, Sun Entering Aries, Mercury Sextile Saturn, Mars Trine Pluto, Mars Sextile North Node, Vesta Trine North Node, Mars Sextile Vesta, Sun Conjunction Chiron


What to expect: Good times
What to watch out for: Hastiness
What will it affect? Money, relationships, passions, strategy, conflict

On March 21st Venus will square Mars. Venus will also make a sextile to Jupiter. This is a great time for starting a vacation – great news if you have planned a March break vacation! It, however, is not so great for business. This is because the energy between Venus and Mars is hasty. Venus is related to values and right now in Aquarius, it’s enjoying odd and unusual situations. Mars is in Taurus, and while he stubbornly goes after what he wants, which Venus may find interesting, he also likes things to be tried and true. It may take a little while for Venus to realize, but when she does, it will present conflict. The problem is Jupiter’s sextile to Venus is making her optimistic! It’s a combination makes her likely to rush into deals she’ll later regret.

Jupiter is also in a square to Vesta increasing our passion and dedication and Venus is trine to Pallas increasing our desire to be strategic with love and money. If we can slow down and allow more information to flow, we’ll see that in the long range things may not work out. But for a short time, things can be quite exciting, which is why if you’re off to explore and travel, you’ll return with excellent tales to tell! But if you’re making long-range decisions, they may become a cautionary tale!

Why? Venus Square Mars, Venus Sextile Jupiter, Jupiter Square Vesta, Venus Trine Pallas

Missing Something Important

What to expect: Fogginess
What to watch out for: Misrepresentations
What will it affect? Relationships, secret, things hidden

Between March 23 and 24th this will get a little foggy. Mercury still retrograde, will conjunct Neptune. Mercury doesn’t actually move in a backward direction. The direction of mercury when retrograde is a geocentric optical illusion. We’ve all experienced sitting in a car where the vehicle beside is moving backward, but we press hard on the breaks thinking it’s us moving. The moving vehicle viewed out of our periphery vision makes us think we are moving. Now add to that scenario the fog and confusion of Neptune; it’s like sitting in a car filled with smoke from cannabis and the exact same thing happens. One of two things may happen. We may get paranoid and freak out at the experience. Or we may think its cool and somehow find deep meaning in the incident. In what areas is this most likely to happen? Neptune and Mercury are squaring Juno the marriage and partnership asteroid in Gemini. This may increase communication with our partners, but it’s also likely to increase misunderstandings, mistruth, and misrepresentations!

Why? Mercury Square Juno, Neptune Square Juno, Mercury Conjunction Neptune