Horoscope: March 12- March 18, 2018

March 12 – 18

A Commitment to Healing

What to expect: Transcending wounds
What to watch out for: Learning opportunities
What will it affect? Karma, commitments, intellectual ideas, feminism

On March 12th, Saturn will Sextile Juno and Pluto will trine Pallas. As the story goes, Athena was not born of a woman; she was born out of the side of her father’s head. This is one of the reasons she is associated with intellectual pursuits. At her most negative, she can be harsh and competitive with other women, or those “born of a woman.” In those instances she has a hint of the patriarchy within her. As she makes her trine to Pluto, she is able to mix the intellectualism and wisdom she is known for, with the power to transform structures that Pluto in Capricorn is known for. This dynamic allows us to grow and transcend some of these patriarchal wounds. Capricorn is also associated with karma and the Pluto in Capricorn energy can help her to make amends. This transformative energy along with Pallas in Taurus, the sign associated with grounded, tactile healing, can help us find the right formula for deeply nurturing medicine that helps to cure both body and mind.

Saturn’s sextile to Juno brings in the energy of grounding and commitment. Saturn has been slowly making its way through its own sign in Capricorn and is helping to build and test our grit and fortitude. As it makes this sextile to Juno, it also helps ground our dreams. It does so in a positive way. There is nothing better than combining our romantic imaginings with reality. It’ creates the perfect chemistry for longevity and helping us to see things through.

Why? Saturn Sextile Juno, Pluto Trine Pallas


Staying Present

What to expect: Tricky emotions
What to watch out for: Spiritual bypass
What will it affect? Relationships, emotions, wounds, learning

March 13th will be a tricky day. First Venus will square Saturn making us feel a bit lonely. Venus in Aries likes to be independent and likes to take charge, but may have some difficulty receiving love. This sends us into a soul-searching mode and we may question our partnerships. The temptation is to look outward and to blame others for us feeling unloved. The truth is, much of this insecurity comes from within us. Mars will also square Chiron and this presents an even trickier energy. Even if we decide to do some soul searching, we may look like we are doing the work, but spiritual bypass is more likely. Spiritual bypass happens when we use things that are spiritual in inappropriate way. For example, obsessively reading self help books, overdoing yoga, we can even do this with Astrology, obsessively looking for the transit, planet horoscope avoid. We may try to intellectualize what is happening rather than just sitting with the feeling, experiencing the pain and letting the tears flow. Spiritual bypass is a defense mechanism, so don’t be too hard on yourself if it happens. Just notice, stop and attempt to stay present with your feelings.

The good news is that the Sun will also trine Jupiter. With these two planets in water signs, emotions are the key to providing the opportunity for deepening our learning and expanding our knowledge.

Why? Venus Square Saturn, Mars Square Chiron, Sun Trine Jupiter


New Moon in Pisces

What to expect: Taking it to the next level
What to watch out for: Doubts
What will it affect? Dreams, ambitions, purpose

The New Moon is at the 27 Degrees of Pisces on March 17th. The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is “A harvest moon illuminates a clear autumn sky.” This is strange because a “harvest moon” is a full moon that happens in the Fall and signifies a time when things are brought to completion. A new moon is a time for new beginnings. We can set intentions for what we intend to manifest and integrate the “harvest moon” energy that the New Moon Sabian symbol refers to. Now is a good time to take what we have already brought into being and bring it to the next level. We’ve harvested the wheat, now it’s time to make the bread. We have already awakened and now we deepen and mature. The New Moon is also conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. Perhaps our wounds have lead us towards a path that is more satisfying and purposeful. Now is the time travel further down that path. It’s also a great time to connect with your guidance crew and to listen for higher wisdom.

On the same day, Mars will enter Capricorn giving us a boost of ambition and determination. It will help us find the motivation to pursue our intended path. Venus will also trine the North Node, pulling us in the right direction when it comes to money and relationships. We can also find the connections and resources that we need as Mercury will be in a close trine to the North Node as well. We experience synchronicity of maps and guidance to direct our way.

There are two tricky aspects to this New Moon. First, the Sun will square Vesta. This brings some conflict with spiritual and work needs. We may feel that we can’t make money while pursuing our passion. We may doubt that we can “follow our passion and the money will follow.” Jupiter will also oppose Pallas, making us question our beliefs. We may wonder if we can we go against tradition and still succeed? This is likely an internal conflict more than an external one. Making this balance work within ourselves will help make it work out in the real world. The world is only an reflection of our internal state!

Why? New Moon at 27 Pisces, Venus Trine North Node, Mars Entering Capricorn, Sun Conjunction Chiron, Sun Square Vesta, Mercury Trine North Node, Jupiter Opposition Pallas, Sun Square Vesta


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