Horoscope: March 11 – 17, 2019

March 11 – 17

Right Fighting

What to expect: Conflicting values
What to watch out for: Middle ground
What will it affect? Nurturing, partnerships, values

Sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the decision right.
Dr. Phil McGraw

At the beginning of the week, Juno in Gemini is opposite Ceres in Sagittarius. Ceres represents nurturing and in the sign of Sagittarius nurturing happens when allowed to explore and expand our minds. The problem is that once Sagittarius feels they have found the truth, they can be a bit dogmatic. Their truth is THE truth.

They say that children learn love not from how they love their children, but from how they love their partner. Juno represents contractual partnerships. But what happens when Juno, in Gemini needs a polyandrous lifestyle and Ceres in Sagittarius has a conflicting belief around what partnership should look like. Well, Ceres says “you wouldn’t do this if you loved me!” Juno says “I love and care for you and that’s separate from what I do within my relationships”. If Juno doesn’t see it the way Ceres does, Ceres feels as though the love and nurturing is being taken away from them.

Luckily, Venus is there to steps in between both to mediate. Venus represents love, but also our value systems. Venus in Aquarius values unconventional and odd relationships. Venus in a sextile to Ceres gives Ceres the nurturing she needs by helping her to feel her self-worth and recognizes the love that’s their regardless of the uniqueness of how it operates. She helps Ceres feel nurtured while also creatively exploring the differing values. Venus also makes a sextile to Juno, which opens up the partnership relationship to evaluate values and make compromises. If everyone remains open, though uncomfortable, much learning can happen.

Why? Venus Sextile Ceres, Juno Opposition Ceres, Venus trine Juno

Centered Doing

What to expect: Confidence
What to watch out for: Overconfidence
What will it affect? Self-concept, beliefs, ambitions, structures

On March 13th the Sun will sextile Pluto making this a great time to work on our selves. Reading self-help books, working with a coach or seeking advice from a therapist will be great ways to use the energy. The Sun will square Jupiter making us confident, but if we take the time to work with someone and explore what is driving us it will help to make sure we are not operating from a place of overconfidence. The following day Mars will trine Saturn giving a tremendous amount of imitative to focus in on tasks and projects that we need to complete. If we’ve done the work on ourselves, it will greatly help to make sure our efforts are not in vain or directed on misguided paths. We’ll be doing and getting it done from a stable centre within ourselves.

Why? Sun Sextile Pluto, Sun Square Jupiter, Mars Trine Saturn

Listening to Intuition

What to expect: Review
What to watch out for: Errors
What will it affect? Communications, intuition

On March 14th Mercury goes into a deep review. Mercury, still retrograde, conjuncts the Sun in Pisces. This is a great time to go over communication previously written; memo’s, letter and contracts. This is a great time to ask for clarity, understanding meaning and make things clear. The Sun and Mercury also make a trine to the North Node, so bring together your dream team and review things together. Be open to learning and allowing that learning to point you in a new direction. We may have missed something before and while going over things realize that we need to re-route slightly.

On the 15th Mercury retrograde will square Jupiter. This is a time to be open. What we know at an intuitive level may be in conflict with what we think we know. Jupiter is in Sagittarius and may try to override our gut with opinion and “truth”. It may push for decisions that in the end will be flawed. The problem is that Mercury will also be sextile Pluto and will deliver a convincing argument. Take the time to read between the lines of what is being said. Again, this is a time to lean on our intuitions.

By March 17th Mercury will conjunct Vesta and sextile Mars. We’ll be able to access on a deep level, metaphysical truths. This will allow us to review our passions and make needed corrections. Are we aligned with our passions? Do our passions hold the purpose we intend? We can make sure that we are aligned on both a conscious and unconscious level.

Why? Sun Trine North Node, Sun Conjunction Mercury, Mercury Trine North Node, Mercury Square Jupiter, Mercury Sextile Pluto, Mercury Conjunction Vesta, Mercury Sextile Mars