Horoscope: March 4 – 10, 2019

March 4 – 10

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

What to expect: Tech and communication issues
What to watch out for: Frustration
What will it affect? Travel, communication, commerce

On March 5th Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces at 29 degrees. There is a fixed star called Scheat that mercury will be conjuncting as it goes in its retrograde motion. Mercury retrograde is generally pretty frustrating. It affects travel, all forms of communication and merchants. It’s the reason our messages disappear, our cars go on the fritz, our travel gets delayed etc. As it travels in the last degree of Pisces a water sign and along Scheat, it can make travel and communication woes a little worse, if not treacherous! Watch out for anything that could be detrimental in these areas. Things like flooding, leaked confidential documents, sending a sensitive text to the wrong person and so on.

Back up your computers, websites, and emails. Maybe even consider waterproofing them!

The best way to use this energy is to take your time going back over things. Recheck, review, redo. Stay away from starting anything new. Go back and complete what remains outstanding.

If things do get frustrating, don’t get pulled in by it. Take a break… maybe it’s you that needs to be renewed!

Why? Mercury Stationary Retrograde

New Moon in Pisces

What to expect: Creative Genius
What to watch out for: Egos
What will it affect? Intention setting, creativity, inspiration

The New Moon occurs on March 6th at 15 degrees Pisces.

The New Moon is conjunct Neptune making it great for setting intentions for creativity. Vesta, also conjunct the New Moon, is associated with the energy of the vestal virgins who were celibate in order to focus their energy onto their task as the holder of the sacred flame. Vesta represents where we can focus and channel our creative energy. Areas that are particularly great for focusing our creativity at this time include anything meant for healing, inspiration, or escapism – film or video are both represented by Pisces, music or other art.

Because Mercury is in Pisces, it picks up the energy of this New Moon. The retrograde energy allows us to go back and pick up and finish off projects we may have neglected or put on the shelf. We can also review and polish up completed projects. There is always room for improvement. This energy helps us to bring an ethereal quality to our workmanship. If you have a creative project sitting on the shelf, now is the time to dust it off and complete it!

The New Moon with Vesta and Neptune alongside it are also making a sextile to Saturn. With all of this Pisces and Neptune energy, this is good new! It helps to ground the energy allowing us to focus on actually getting things done. Without this grounding, we could spend days in the clouds fantasizing and envisioning and getting very little done! Saturn helps bring it back down to earth and gives our creativity some structure.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is “In a quiet moment, the flow of inspiration”. Inspiration is something that has divine influence. It moves through us, sometimes surprising even us. As it moves through us, we become clear that it is beyond our own personal intellect, capability or creativity. It is Divine! But for inspiration to happen, we have to get into a state of flow. If we are able to move out of our own way and push aside our egos, we may see some masterpieces as a result of this New Moon!

Why? New Moon at 15°Pisces, Sun Conjunction Neptune, Neptune Conjunction Vesta Sun Conjunction Vesta, Sun Sextile Saturn, Mars Sextile Neptune, Saturn Sextile Vesta, Venus trine Juno

Uranus in Taurus

What to expect: Financial Revolution
What to watch out for: Resistance to change
What will it affect? Finance, values around security

Uranus Enter Taurus on March 6th. Uranus will now make its home in Taurus for the next 7 years. Uranus is the planet of revolution. Anything outdated will be updated. Anything outworn will be renovated. Change and surprising turn of events will happen in all things Taurus. This is a bit upsetting for Taurus as it’s a fixed sign. Fixed sign don’t do change very well. Fixed means it remains fixed sometimes way beyond the time that things need to change. For this reason, Uranus in Taurus may be a bit difficult. Taurus is also a sign that likes security, predictability, and dependability. It’s all about values and as you well know, values are very difficult if not almost impossible to change. Uranus upsets all of that. It brings change to the things that Taurus represents; the earth and all that resides in it; rock, gems, food. It also represents money, possessions, stocks, and bonds We are likely to see big changes throughout these 7 years in all of these things. We’ve been seeing them coming. More people are living off the grid. Homestead gardens are increasing, investments in cryptocurrency have risen. These may or may not take route while Uranus is in Taurus… but they have come along to show us the signs. Things need to change in the food industry, the financial markets and in the way we define security. How this will all look in 7years remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, it will look different. My advice to you is to roll with the changes!

Why? Uranus Entering Taurus