Horoscope: June 12 – 18, 2017

June 12 – 18

Shifting Paradigms

What to expect: Learning
What to watch out for: Fear of incorporating new ideas
What will it affect? Communication, learning, teaching, Illusions

On June 13th we have a great day for learning and teaching as Mercury trines Jupiter. Mercury is in Gemini, its home and there have a business mind and a thirst for knowledge. It’s connection to Jupiter expands this thirst. Great topics to delve into include justice, law, news, journalism, and media. Expect an unusual experience that may send you off into an unexpected direction as Uranus trines the North Node. Will you discover something that helps to bring in a new paradigm? Maybe it’s a rediscovery! Be open to shake-ups in all that you thought you knew!

At the same time, Mercury will square Neptune, causing a bit of confusion, deception or illusion. Sometimes illusion can be fun. We love it when we’ve been tricked during a magic trick. We even love it when a character gets away with a good scam in a movie. Or when our friends lie to us with the hopes of a pleasant surprise like when we are thrown a surprise birthday party… It has a “you got me good” thrill to it that delights us.

At other time this energy can be the confusion that comes up when we are learning something new. Especially if it represents a big paradigm shift. It’s true that sometimes learning something new can be confounding and upsetting. But both of these energy channels are good ways to channel the Mercury square Neptune energy. Stay away from big business decisions or signing things that will have a long-term impact as this energy can lead to problems for those sorts of transactions somewhere in the future.

Why? Mercury Trine Transiting Jupiter, Uranus Trine Transiting North Node, Mercury Square Transiting Neptune

Obstacles to Ideas

What to expect: Great ideas for work
What to watch out for: Pessimism or obstacles
What will it affect? Work, ideas, authority

June 14th and 15th we are filled with ideas for work. The only problem is that the Sun is opposite Saturn, so though we are filled with ideas, we may have very little backing for them. It may be the way in which we are presenting them. Do you lack confidence in your pitch? If you don’t believe in it, nobody else will either. Check your unconscious beliefs about what you think is possible. There may also be real obstacles, and with Sagittarius and Gemini in the mix, what you are presenting is likely go against some belief system. If you really believe in your own ideas, don’t ’throw them away… park them. There will be another day!

Why? Mercury Sextile Vesta, Sun Opposition Saturn

Neptune Retrograde.

What to expect: Clarity
What to watch out for: Flirtations
What will it affect? Relationships, Confusions, Conversations

Neptune turns retrograde on June 16th. The interesting things about Neptune when is goes retrograde is that it tends to clear up some off the haze and things that have confounded us can suddenly become clear. This is likely to happen first and immediately in relationships as Neptune sextile Juno, the Partnership and marriage asteroid on the same day. Expect any conversations you end up having to be tinged with flirtation. Mercury and Ceres meet up in Gemini and we end of feeling nurtured by a little teasing.

Why? Neptune Retrograde, Mercury Conjunction Ceres, Neptune Sextile Juno

Tricky Decisions

What to expect: Feminine Decisiveness
What to watch out for: Fights
What will it affect? Communications, decisions, battles

On June 18th we have lots going on. Pallas, the goddess of fair and just war will make a couple of connections on June 18th. Pallas is one of the most masculine goddesses. Independent and wise, she see’s patterns and makes decisive judgments. But she only takes action where she sees the need to. This week on June 18th, she may need to take action. She allows us to borrow her energy as we are faced with a decision which may be difficult. Mercury squares Saturn on the same day, bringing us face to face with a hard decision. The decisions may make us feel bummed out and negative with a “no way out” attitude. The good thing is that Pallas will help us to make a good decision. And even if it feels uncomfortable at the moment, it promises a good outcome.

Why? Pallas Trine North Node, Sun Sextile North Node, Sun Sextile Pallas, Sun Sextile Uranus, Mercury Opposition Transiting Saturn


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