Horoscope: July 24 – 30, 2017

July 24 – 30

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Values Upgrade

What to expect: Value changes
What to watch out for: Elusive understanding
What will it affect? Relationships, values, communication, ancestral beliefs

At the beginning of the week, Venus is in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius will have us question our relationships and loyalties. We may not have had a full grasp on what we really value and as we gain clarity we may feel a new path emerge. Added to this is that Mercury, now entering the shadow period of the next retrograde, will trine Uranus. It’s also at the degree point of the upcoming eclipse. This means that insights may come in quickly helping to guide our thinking. Insights may also give a preview to what the upcoming eclipse will bring. Don’t worry if the insights or ideas become concrete or if they fade. Learning usually comes in layers and the upcoming Mercury retrograde will helps us to move through those layers. The reason things may submerge is that what comes up may be very challenging. Part of it may have something to do with us going against everything we have ever known. What have we been taught by our parents and our linage to expect? Going against values that were instilled in us may feel like a betrayal and so they sink just below the surface. Not to worry, clarity will come and when it does it may reorganize our value system.

Why? Venus Opposition Saturn, Mercury Trine Uranus, Juno Opposition Ceres

Motivated Action

What to expect: Action
What to watch out for: Doing it on your own
What will it affect? Projects, motivation, relationships, work.

The 26th through to the 28th will be good for starting new projects. What intentions did you set at the New Moon on Sunday? Now is the time to get going on them. The energy is perfect for it! Mars will help to spark the action. Incorporate some competition into the mix and you will find you’re even more motivated. If you’re not a competitive person, you can compete with yourself. What was your last best number? Beat that! With Venus (partnerships) sextile the North node (destined path) and Vesta (work) trine Juno (relationships), you can also form an accountability partnership. One that will help you to work towards your goal, to motivate each other and keep each other on track.

Why? Sun Conjunction Mars, Venus Sextile North Node, Vesta Trine Juno

Relationship Snags

What to expect: Relationship upset
What to watch out for: Respectful conversation
What will it affect? Relationships, communication, healing

By the end of the week, we hit another snag in our relationships. It’s a painful one, but one that will lead to healing. Venus is currently in Gemini and can get bored, restless and a little bit of a flirt. As she forms a square to Chiron, this brings up a major wound. We may need to allow for a little more freedom or maybe we need the freedom ourselves as Venus is also in a sextile to freedom loving Uranus. This is likely the source of the problem. Can Venus in Gemini be a flirty social butterfly and also be respectful? Mercury, the conversationalist, will trine Juno, the marriage asteroid helping us to have a good conversation about it. Mercury is now in Virgo, so expect to approach things in a detailed and precise manner. Juno in Capricorn will appreciate a respectful approach.

Why? Venus Square Chiron, Venus Sextile Uranus, Mercury Trine Transiting Juno



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