Horoscope: July 17 – 23, 2017

July 17 – 23

Through the Shadow

What to expect: Sketchiness
What to watch out for: Breakthroughs
What will it affect? Relationships, money, ambitions

On the 17th we start off with some sketchy energy for business. Venus the planet connected to our values, money, and relationships is squaring Neptune. Neptune in a square shows the shadow side of Neptune; delusional, dishonest or evasive. The problem will be that Mars is also in a square to Uranus causing us to have a rash or impulsive energy that we want to dispel. This can lead us to make a hasty and incorrect decision. In truth, there are no wrong decisions. “Mistakes” just take us down a more difficult route to where we need to go! Sometimes we need to learn the hard way! Supporting this idea is Mars forming a trine to Chiron. Hasty actions will take us into our self-ignorance and help to us to access brave and ethical approaches. Even if it’s initially via the dark side.
Why? Venus Square Neptune, Mars Square Uranus, Mars Trine Chiron

Catching our mistakes

What to expect: Attention to detail
What to watch out for: Breaking free
What will it affect? Relationships, money, communication, self-concept

By the 18th and 19th, we switch energy completely and catch our mistakes. Venus will trine Jupiter creating a great time for looking at our contracts, deals, and partnerships – both business and personal. Mercury will also trine Saturn allowing us to take pause and to look at things with a critical eye. It allows us to catch our errors and if we do so, we also have some energy available through the sun squaring Uranus to breaking free of old ego attachments and allows us to discover new aspects of ourselves. As Pallas opens up the potential to see patterns in our relationships, we may also see improvements in our relationships too.

Why? Venus Trine Jupiter, Mercury Trine Saturn, Sun Square Uranus, Pallas Trine Juno

Leo New Moon

What to expect: Opportunity to Grow
What to watch out for: Immaturity
What will it affect? Leadership, creativity, inner wounds, intentions

The New Moon is at 0 Leo, the very beginning of the sign. It’s a baby Leo moon, so though we have ideas of being king of the jungle, we are not there yet. Leo is the sign of the leader. But it’s also the sign of the child and as a baby Leo we haven’t learned to walk yet. What makes a good leader? We have a month to till the next New Moon at the end of Leo. A more mature Leo New Moon which will also be a New Moon Solar eclipse…. but leading up to that time and starting with this baby Leo New Moon, we have the opportunity to set intentions for growing our inner child into that leadership. The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is “under emotional stress, blood rushes to a man’s head”. From this, we see that immature Leo… bossy, demanding, and dogmatic…. and ready emotionally ready to explode! He or she is a strong character, but without the maturity, their power is used in gross ways. Added to this energy is the fact that the New Moon is conjunct Mars in Leo. It brings in the possibility of arrogance and a need to have it our way. If we don’t get our way, we may implode or explode! The New Moon is squaring Uranus, so we can be erratic and all over the place with our emotions. Imploding leads to illness… exploding leads to a loss of followers. Now think of those leaders you highly respect. What are some of the things they embody? One that is certainly a key to mature leadership is emotional intelligence. For those who don’t know the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership, check out this article. Luckily, we have access to heal our emotions with this New Moon as is will also form a helpful trine to Chiron. This means that we can get in touch with the voice of our inner Moon (mother) and Sun (father) for needed healing. Intentionally or unintentionally they wounded us and impact the way we lead in the world. It’ times to grow those parts of ourselves into adults. To understand and change the meaning we made of things and to generously forgive… something that Leos have a great capacity for!

Also, fortunate is the conjunction of mercury to the North Node in Leo at a later degree. We have the opportunity to tap into some leadership energy that can lead to conscious break through as these two make a connection.

Why? New Moon at 0°Leo, Mercury Conjunction North Node, Sun Trine Chiron


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