Horoscope: January 16 – 22nd

Jan 16 – 22


What to expect: Confrontations
What to watch out for: The need for self esteem
What will it affect? Authority, wounds, patterns, inner power

By Jan 16, new patterns come into our awareness. Mars conjuncts Chiron and we may face a confrontation that brings in hard to face issues. This may come across as criticism and likely from someone in authority and will build between the 16 and 19th when mars will square Saturn. We feel thwarted and frustrated. It not only brings up personal wounds but societal wounds as well. We have to stand up to those in authority and to fight for what is right and when we do, we will find ourselves gaining self esteem and inner power. You don’t have to do it alone. Working with a counselor or coach is powerful now.

Why? Pallas Opposition Transiting North Node, Mars Conjunction Transiting Chiron, Mars Square Transiting Saturn

The Suffrage vs. Inauguration

What to expect: A new path
What to watch out for: The need for balance and fairness
What will it affect? Communication, commitments, Authority, Traditions

On January 17th the sun will oppose Vesta and we’ll feel a new sense of commitment to tradition and maybe even matriotism. Mercury in Capricorn is thinking carefully about the credibility of those in authority and is mobilizing to move forward with a new path. As it makes a trine to the North Node it puts together plans and get’s into the detail of what that new path will look like. The sun then moves into Aquarius on the 19th and we are ready for change and progress. By the 20th mercury will sextile pallas, weaving in a much needed and important spiritual touch to our plans. Money is the last ingredient to our alchemical mixture. As we put our money and resources into the mix, we not only experience transformation we experience the golden touch. Venus will sextile Pluto and we feel our passion increase to this new direction. There is a lot of energy in the mix and passion also may clash with our need for nurtance and tender loving care. Balance and fairness is the way through.

Why? Sun Opposition Transiting Vesta, Mercury Trine Transiting North Node, Sun Entering Aquarius, Mercury Sextile Transiting Pallas, Venus Sextile Transiting Pluto, Vesta Square Transiting Ceres