Horoscope: Jan 23 – 29th

Jan 23 – 29

Art Appreciation

What to expect: Expressions of Art
What to watch out for: Hiding our brilliance
What will it affect? Artistic expression, Communication

On January 23 get out your lyre and makes some music. The energy lends itself to visionary and artistic expression. Colour, form, line, shape, space, texture and especially value all become important now. We know our art may be good, but not all good art attains value. This is because we are often told what to value instead of allowing what is truly valuable to emerge. Not only that, we may hide our art falsely labeling it ourselves as not valuable. Now is the time to let your art shine!

Why? Mercury Sextile Transiting Neptune

Raw Passionate Emotion

What to expect: Powerful goddess Kali energy
What to watch out for: Dis-empowered view points
What will it affect? Feminine Energy, Feminine Power

During the entire week we merge into a dance with Mars, Vesta and Lilith in a water grand trine of emotion. This energy pulls us inward and deep into our motivations and raw emotions. Our commitment issues come up again. We want a partnership that fosters freedom and independence and the anger around any inability to achieve this lights a flame of indignation. If we recognize it clearly, we’ll realize that it’s a flame of feminine power and passion which can be positively directed. Venus is also conjunct Chiron in Pisces, allowing us to go deep spiritually and heal our love wounds. By Jan 25 we start to feel the love again as marriage asteroid Juno makes a trine to nurturing Ceres. We are getting there and can now taste how good it feels to find a balance between independence and feeling close and nurtured. It been a long time coming.

Why? Mars Trine Transiting Vesta, Mars Square Transiting Juno, Venus Conjunction Transiting Chiron, Juno Trine Transiting Ceres

A Weird Science New Moon

What to expect: The unexpected
What to watch out for: Loneliness
What will it affect? Intentions, directions, relationships

Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world – Albert Einstein

How many have you have wondered over the last couple of months if we skipped to a different universe? A different time-line? Are we are in some parallel universe where all the opposite to what we thought should be happening, is happening? Though Albert Einstein’s theories evade most of us, his theory of relativity, evolved to theory of time and quantum mechanics, then quantum entanglement and eventually his “Spooky-action-at-a-distance” theory. When you start to examine his theories, you get a weird sense of time, the spiritual, the psychic, the past and the future. It seem sci fi and impossible. But quickly we are coming to terms with the idea through science that the spiritual and the material are not separate. The New Moon on Jan 27th is at 8 degrees of weird science Aquarius. Although the moon is making no major aspects, it provides an opportunity to be emotionally distant, unconventional and innovative. And it will help us to incorporate some of this spooky-at-a-distance thinking into our intentions. If you don’t like the time-line your on, you can clarify your intentions to affect what is happening on the level, and universe you’re in. Or just skip to a whole new one… the Aquarius new moon will help to allow you to entertain the possibility.

On the same day Venus will square Saturn and we may feel lonely and on the outside. Venus in Pisces wants to merge and feel one with the universe, their partner and with love, yet something is preventing it. Likely the source of this loneliness comes from within so it’s a good time for soul searching to examine where we are disconnected with ourselves. In truth we can never be separate. We can use this new moon to set intention that will surprise us with their outcome. The trick is to suspend our belief that we and all things are separate. The trick is to have faith! Mars also enters into Aries igniting our ability to enter bravely into unexplored territory.

Why? New Moon at 8°Aq15′, Venus Square Transiting Saturn, Mars Entering Aries