Horoscope: Jan 9 – 15, 2017

Jan 9 – 15, 2017

Commitment Issues

What to expect: Restructuring
What to watch out for: Need for Freedom
What will it affect? Values, Faith, Beliefs, Relationships

From Jan 9 – 10, Saturn and Juno will met up in Sagittarius bringing up insecurities about what we believe in relationships. The “Wait till your father get’s home” leave it to beaver attitude is now far in the past. But what do we now believe about marriage, partnerships, roles and family? Sagittarius is often called the eternal bachelor. Sagittarius love’s adventure and abhors tedium and in a relationship that converts to commitment issues. But now is the time when we’ll collectively need to work on those commitment issues – Saturn will make sure of it. Luckily Juno and Saturn will get some help from Jupiter in the relationship sign of Libra. Libra love to help balance things out and will lend its energy to expansive Libra to help the process along. I’m not saying it will be comfortable though.

At the same time the Sun in Capricorn will square Uranus urging us to break free and throw off unnecessary structures. Sometimes this energy can be a bit careless or ruthless, but with mars now sextile to Pluto, we can go about this transformation in a deliberate and positive manner.
Why? Jupiter Sextile Juno, Saturn Conjunction Juno, Sun Square Uranus, Mars Sextile Pluto

Pride before a Fall

What to expect: Lessons
What to watch out for: Explosive energy
What will it affect? Relationships, Wounds, Ego’s

As we move towards the Full Moon we get a chance to get some last minute details worked out after a seeming breakdown. The Sun will square Jupiter and sextile Chiron. This could leading to some over the top behaviour stemming from ego, over-confidence or inappropriately directed high optimism. It’s a pride before the fall aspect. If we do fall, it should help to deepen our spiritual understanding and bring about healing. It’s always about the lessons!

Why? Vesta Entering Cancer, Sun Sextile Transiting Chiron, Sun Square Transiting Jupiter

Full Moon in Cancer

What to expect: Culmination and integration
What to watch out for: Explosive energy
What will it affect? Relationships, Family, Traditions

The Full Moon happens on Jan 12th at 22 degree’s Cancer. This Full Moon is on the Cancer/Capricorn access – Mother/Father. Tension formed from the redefinition around partnership relationships earlier this week. It’s like we are in a whole new land, but one that is familiar. It’s as though we have gotten on a plane and traveled to visit the pyramids or something similarly exotic and never before seen in a far distant land, only to discover that our spirit feels at home. The moon is in Cancer and is mother energy. Without realizing it we have been called back to this place to put together the pieces and nurture new understanding. As we take this pilgrimage, we go back in our being to tradition and piece together, remember, integrate and bring a whole new understanding to something long forgotten. The mother energy is also building towards a square off with Uranus and Ceres. This brings in anger and destructive energy, all done with an element of care and concern. We are cutting loose our children or inner children to stand on their own and find their own strength. If we don’t do it, we know they will never learn.
At the same time mercury moves back into Capricorn. We can move forward with any new structures we’ve planned and speak with a new sense of authority. We can do it. We’ve got this!

Venus and Neptune also come together in a conjunction at the New Moon. This is deeply spiritual love and some of us may have the distinct feeling that our Angels and guides and connecting with us on an even deeper level. You may feel the sweetness of your twin flame. This is a cosmic love, spiritual love, a universal love. We are deeply supported and loved and we feel it. Even if we can’t explain it!

Why? Full Moon at 22°Cn27, Mercury Entering Capricorn, Venus Conjunction Transiting, Sun Square Transiting Ceres