Horoscope: Jan 2 – 8th, 2017

New Year’s Resolutions!

What to expect: New Intentions
What to watch out for: Opportunity
What will it affect? Values, Faith, Beliefs, Patterns

Between Jan 2nd and 3rd, we have the right recipe for getting our intentions and New Year’s resolutions off the ground. Mercury is still retrograde, and will make a sextile to pattern recognition Pallas and magnetic Venus. Pallas and Venus are in spiritual Pisces and so we can access the deeper motivators and values that will help us change. An important part of change is recognizing what needs to change, but also recognizing what will replace it. For instance, when we decide to quit smoking, often have to replace the need to do something with our hands with something else. So the new non-smoker may chew on a minted toothpick or straw. They may crack open sunflower seeds all day. In other words, we need to replace the whole created by giving up an old behaviour with a new one. The good news is that both Venus and Pallas will sextile Mercury giving us a chance to re-place (a mercury retrograde key word) something that feels like it’s missing with what may actually be missing. What is actually missing you may ask? It may be missing pieces of our soul. Forget minted toothpicks and sunflower seeds. If you have felt something missing you can replace your addictions with wholeness by retrieving the parts of your soul. Venus moving into Pisces will help us. That’s because at this time we value transcendence. And we enjoy a deeper value placed on faith. And so we can imagine a new way of being and a completeness or oneness with ourselves and the universe.

Why? Mercury Sextile Venus, Mercury Entering Sagittarius, Venus Transiting Pallas

One step forward, two steps back, another step forward

What to expect: A move forward in relationships
What to watch out for: Fear reactions
What will it affect? Relationships, power issues, old wounds

Between the 5th and the 8th the focus is on relationships. Our close relationships can include a partnership in business, deep relationship or marriage. The first thing that will happen is a surge in the need to be spontaneous! But this might bring up insecurities as Chiron, square’s the marriage asteroid Juno and the Sun meet’s up with Pluto. The combination brings up old wounds, issues with power and codependence issues. But it’s also a good time for transformative experiences. So if power issues do come up in your relationships, give your coach or counsellor a call.

On Jan 8th Mercury will go direct in the last degrees of Sagittarius. We’ll get an extra boast of faith as we move forward and with Venus opposition the North Node, we will feel a push to move in the right direction.

Why? Uranus Trine Transiting Juno, Sun Conjunction Transiting Pluto, Chiron Square Transiting Juno, Mercury Stationary, Venus Opposition Transiting North Node