Horoscope: Jan 15 – 21, 2018

Exercising Power

What to expect: Willpower
What to watch out for: Being uncompromising
What will it affect? Beliefs, standards, power

On Monday, January 15th, Jupiter will sextile Pluto. We feel powerful and unstoppable. If you have a lot to do, this is the day to get it done. Willpower and perseverance is in ample supply. This is also a great day for delegating and managing.

Jupiter is in Scorpio diving into the depths of the mystical, occult or hidden knowledge. It is taking on exploration of our boundaries, our finances, shared resources, and our indebtedness. As it makes this connection to Pluto, we have a chance to transform the structures and standard around these areas.

Also, if you need to deliver a message it will be powerful and even inspiration!

Why? Jupiter Sextile Transiting Pluto

New Moon in Capricorn

What to expect: A pilgrimage
What to watch out for: Getting lost
What will it affect? Ambitions, connection to a greater purpose

At the New Moon on January 16th, we go on a journey of spiritual or moral importance – A pilgrimage or heroine’s journey. This can be an actual journey or one you take with a coach or guru. The New Moon is in Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign associated with ambition, so now is a good time to consider and set intentions around our ambitions. Be aware, Capricorn is associated with Saturn who will make you work for it. So be prepared to put in the work. First on the agenda is checking in with the sources of those ambitions. And this is where the pilgrimage comes in.

Years ago I went on a heroine’s journey in Nepal. The guide burned some sage, used it to clear our energy and said: “let the adversity begin”. I laughed. It was the last time I will ever laugh in the face of adversity. What followed was ten harrowing days of climbing mountains. There was an easier way, but Mother Nature decided to teach us, and the only way she could do that was to throw adversity in our path. At one point when I felt I could no longer go on, I stopped to rest, looked down and at my feet was a feather; a sign for many that spirit is around. I personally took it as a sign and said a prayer “this is beyond me, I’m gonna need you to help me up the mountain”. Though my limit was reached, I was able with the help of something beyond myself, to push past my limits and make it up the mountain. When I finished the trek, I declared it the best experience of my entire life! This New Moon presents an opportunity for such an experience. The New Moon is conjunct Venus bringing in the gracious wise mother earth energy. She will be there to teach you along the path. The New Moon is also connected to Chiron in Pisces  providing us with that feather and the energy to go down the path supported by something greater than us. It’s also connected to Mars giving us confidence and energy to go forward. To use its energy, imagine that you have returned from your journey and you are sharing your memories. As you do, feel yourself physically and emotionally at the summit of your journey. This is the kind of exercise that will help you to achieve your goal.

The New Moon is also making a square to Uranus and Pallas. We can expect some unexpected twist and turns along our path. We may even get lost. The Capricorn energy values stability and convention will square the Aries energy which wants to push forward with change. Tap into the energy of Mother earth to help you move forward and keep you grounded at the same time.

Why? New Moon at 26°Capricorn, Venus Square Pallas, Mars Trine Transiting Chiron, Sun Square Transiting Pallas

Mini Pilgrimage

What to expect: Spiritual growth
What to watch out for: Tantrums
What will it affect? Work, self expression, needs, inner growth

On January 19th Mercury will sextile Neptune; a great time for writing or other artistic expressions. We can also use this energy to take a local pilgrimage. For this one you don’t need to go far. Venus is now in Aquarius where she values freedom and change. She is making a sextile to Vesta the asteroid associated with work. Vesta is now in Sagittarius and in connection with Venus is telling us we can increase our work output through a road trip or a quest for knowledge via the open road.

On the same day, Juno the marriage asteroid is opposite Ceres. There is tension around how we tend to our inner child and our spirit. Ceres is feeling unloved and may throw a tantrum to get some attention. We need fun, play and attention right now and we may expect someone else to meet that need. The path through this conflict is to grow ourselves up and learn to meet our own needs. This ultimately helps us to approach our relationships as equals.

Why? Mercury Sextile Neptune, Venus Sextile Vesta, Juno Opposition Ceres


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