Horoscope: Dec 26 – 31, 2016

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What to expect: Need to break away
What to watch out for: Throwing out the good too
What will it affect? New directions taken

On December 26 Jupiter will oppose Uranus. This is a ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’ type of energy. There is a need for freedom and to break free. On the 27th this energy is reinforced by Mars opposite the North Node when self assertive behaviours will be focused on breaking free of people, places and things that hold us back. On one hand this may be good if we are breaking free of something that has held us in chains, such as an addictive relationship. On the other hand, it may cause quite a bit of disruption.

There are good things happening on the 26th that will help to stabilize this energy. Mercury, in its retrograde motion, is connecting to the communication structures of the past though spirituality, visions and creativity as it connects to Neptune. We are also inspired by loving and nurturing values that center on humanity and freedom. Connecting with trusted leaders and advisors, even our spirit guides or guidance system will be beneficial at this time.

Why? Jupiter Opposition Uranus, Mars Opposition North Node, Mercury Sextile Neptune, Venus Sextile Ceres

Healthy Competition

What to expect: Competition
What to watch out for: Opportunities to compete
What will it affect? Motivation, direction, competitive spirit

On the 27th we get energized to start on a new project. The New Year is coming and this is great energy for putting our plans into action. We may also feel compelled to compete at something. Competitions are a great way to motivate yourself towards achieving a goal that you may be complacent towards otherwise. Competitions can take the form of writing competitions, athletic competitions, and award competitions for the best in a category, such as business or marketing. You may also consider offering a competition if you’re a company or business. Anything that challenges our competitive spirit and connects with others will be favoured now.

Why? Sun Trine  North Node, Sun Sextile  Mars

A Social Movement

What to expect: Looking at structures
What to watch out for: Hybrid opportunities
What will it affect? Social Change

By the 28th when Saturn squares Chiron, we will be breaking free from authority’s abusive patterns. Saturn is father, patriarch, authority and status quo and Chiron the teacher and healer. In business Saturn is doing an audit on laws, media, military, religious or belief institutions and higher education. Chiron has been in Pisces, being a teacher and healer in the realm of water (hence Standing Rock), shipping, fishing, oil (hence Standing Rock),drugs (hence the opioid crisis), advertising and sales, mysteries, hidden knowledge, firms and photography. These two square off for the first time and will be doing so again through 2017 (April 30 and Nov 2, 2017). This energy has been building all month and comes into sharp focus on the 28th. It wants us to look at structures and policies that are no longer working and bring healing into the areas connected by the two signs. Though difficult, this energy is very useful for coming up with hybrid approaches. The sun is connecting with mercury retrograde in Capricorn on the same day. It’s a day we can successfully renegotiate contracts and look at all structures related to communication and re-visit and revise. Mercury also makes a positive connection to Mars, helping us to be decisive and good with the technical details. It also provides useful energy for negotiations. The trick to making this work is to remember that mercury is retrograde and that taking actions is only advisable if you’re reworking, revising, reviewing or re-negotiating.

Why? Sun Conjunction  Mercury, Mercury Sextile Mars, Saturn Square  Chiron

New Moon at 7°Cp59′ – Planning Opportunity

What to expect: New Intentions and Plans
What to watch out for: Opportunities to dream
What will it affect? Direction, new intentions, communications

The New Moon is in Capricorn on Dec 29th. Uranus will also go direct on the 29th. We’ll have a burst of energy getting us ready to take new directions into 2017.

Getting together with a team—maybe the same team as earlier this month when mercury made its first trine to the north node— will help to regroup and redirect. The New Moon will also be in a sextile to Neptune, giving us energy for imagination and creativity. This would be a great day not just to set intentions, but also to get out your planner and plan the year.

Why? New Moon at 7°Cp59′, Mercury Trine North Node

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