Horoscope: Feb 12 – 18, 2018

Feb 12 – 18

Devil in the Details

What to expect: Goals, visions and passions
What to watch out for: Falsehoods and fears
What will it affect? Money, relationships, passions and visions

This week is Fat Tuesday, Valentine’s Day and the Solar Eclipse.

The week starts with Sun and Juno in Aquarius making a sextile to Uranus. We are being asked to implement changes and new processes in the structure of our partnerships and our finances. Juno will be strong in this week’s energy. Venus rules relationships and money, but so does Juno. In fact, one of the epithets of Juno is Juno Moneta. She is the protector of money and finances. She asks, how can we make needed changes in a guided and protected manner?

Mercury will square Jupiter helping us to see the big picture. But the devil is in the details, so please do not overlook them when making your grand plans. At this time, we are likely to Photoshop out the ugly parts in our vision, which can end up being costly. The good part of this energy aspect is that Mercury is in Aquarius and can help us envision the future. And with a square to Jupiter in Scorpio, we’ll have a fair amount of skepticism. Should we listen to this deep inner wisdom? We’ll be forewarned, so the thing to watch for is overconfidence and flawed judgment.

Added to this is the fact that Neptune will square Vesta. We may seek to escape in the ideals of our passions. It’s not that there is anything wrong with our passions. For example, many of us have been envisioning a rising feminine world where the masculine is not necessarily toppled, but balanced instead. Okay, I’ll admit it, that’s my vision with Clan Mother Worldwide. But even good and positive visions can have their blind spots. Now is not the time to get lost in the passion of vision and purpose without acknowledging the downfalls. There does exist a dark feminine and a dark spirituality. Keeping blinders on about that or any other dark sides to our passions is a danger this week. Be honest with yourself. What are the possible deceptions and disillusionment? How do you ensure that you are not being myopic? How do you ensure you are being passionate but not fanatical?

Lastly, Pallas will square Ceres. If we want to bring our goals, visions, and passions into reality we are likely going to need to remove a lot of fear. We’ve been doing it, but this is one more test to challenge those false beliefs conditioned by our childhood or lineage. This is your parent who never went to university questioning why you would ever want to go to school. It’s your Mom who just wants the best for you, raining a downer parade on your entrepreneurial visions. It may even be your own inner voice asking you to “dumb it down” or not to get “too big for your britches.” Now is the time to challenge those thoughts and to give yourself a little leveled-up re-parenting.

Why? Sun Sextile Transiting Uranus, Transiting Mercury Square Jupiter, Uranus Sextile Juno, Neptune Square Vesta, Pallas Square Ceres

New Moon Aquarius Solar Eclipse

What to expect: Innovative ideas for survival
What to watch out for: Imbalances
What will it affect? Ideas, innovations, money, relationships, partnerships

The Solar Eclipse on Feb 15th is in Aquarius. The Sabian symbol for the eclipse is “a tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter.” I don’t know about you, but I love the ingenuity, hard work, connection and respect for nature that can sometimes go into finding ways to survive. You become intimate with this kind of intelligence when you live in remote areas and tend to lose it in the big city. The eclipse will help us to combine these kinds of survival skills with intelligence and the Aquarius notion of innovation to brainstorm ideas for our continuity. We are moving into very different times. Change is coming and so we are asked to dig deep, pay attention to even seemly hare-brained ideas and project what may be needed for our continued existence. The possibility exists for a quantum leap. Right beside the Sun and Moon at this eclipse are Juno and Mercury. As this is an air sign eclipse, its connection with mercury makes it even more cerebral, but the moon will block out the Sun at least partially and will help us to connect with our ideas on an emotional level. This is important, because it’s the head and the heart connection that makes things happen. There will be lots of chatting, writing, and discussion about our ideas, but it’s that little spark of emotions that adds the special sauce showing us how we can work together to make our ideas happen.

Aquarius is charitable and concerned with humanity, but with Juno there, it’s also concerned with our business dealings. Juno is the marriage asteroid; let’s face it, marriage is the ultimate business arrangement. Juno and Mercury together help us to discuss the likely outlay of expenditures. She helps us to cost things out not just in terms of the finances, but also the cost of balancing power and recognizing (or not) women’s rights in contractual relationships. Ultimately her influence while in Aquarius is to seeks out equality, fairness, and friendship.

Venus now in Pisces will also sextile Saturn lending some practical magic to this time. Venus is dreamy, spiritual and magnetic in Pisces and gets a dose of grounding with Saturn. As you look at the structures of your partnerships, accounting, budgeting or other financial systems these two will help you to ground your visions for how you want them to become. Once you’ve established your vision, sense how it will feel in your etheric body. Then feel it concretely in your body. Sense that what you have envisioned has already happened. Now that it’s already happened, you can declare it with the proclamation “So it is!” Now, wait for it to show up! This is the formula for practical magic combined with a super-powered manifesting eclipse moon!

Why? New Moon at 27°Aquarius, Sun Conjunction Juno, Mercury Sextile Uranus, Mercury Conjunction Juno, Venus Sextile Saturn, Vesta Trine North Node, Sun Conjunction Mercury

Tricky Communication

What to expect: Unclear communication
What to watch out for: Deceit, laziness
What will it affect? Communication, employees, motivation

Mercury enters Pisces on Feb 17th and thinking and communication become vague. Now is a better time to connect with messages on an intuitive level. Messages may be hard to grasp or hard to explain. To add to this issue, Mars now in Sagittarius will square Pisces. This is red flag energy for business. Mars rule motivation, ambition, and also rules employees, so problems can arise with staff. Motivation can plummet and attention to detail can wane. There’s also a propensity for deceit. There is a saving grace. Mars will trine the North Node, so if things do go south, it’s likely because that’s part of the plan. To add flammable oil to the fire, the Sun will also move into Pisces on the 19th making us become more sensitive and suggestible. Use the energy of this time to open to divine guidance, but make sure while you’re doing so, you also check for misinformation or missed information.

Why? Mercury Entering Pisces, Mars Square Neptune, Sun Entering Pisces, Mars Trine North Node

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