Horoscope: Feb 24 – March 3, 2019

Feb 24 – March 3

Dreaming New Directions

What to expect: Tribe building
What to watch out for: Deep emotions
What will it affect? Visions, communication, direction, emotions

On Feb 25th Mercury in Pisces makes a trine to the North Node. Bring together your dream team for some tribe building, goal setting, and direction. Mercury in Pisces makes us imaginative, visionary, and creative. As it makes a trine to the North Node currently in Cancer, we can come together with others to envision new ways of nation-building and creating new traditions. We are challenged to move away from nationalism to nurturalism. Yes! That’s a word that I’ve made up! The root of it is ‘nurture’. At the heart of it, the North Node in Cancer wants to move is in the direction of emotional security, safety, and peace. Cancer does, however, have a wall or should I say a shell; one that if safe, allows you and others in. Sometimes we believe a wall will keep us safe. But the truth is that safety is an inside job. Remember the TV show “No Shalom in the Home”? Shallom is peace and peace starts from within. The good news is that Moon is in Scorpio and is completing a water grand trine with the North Node and Mercury. This helps us to connect our deepest most turbulent emotions with healthy intuitive thought processes to help us create that peaceful new direction.

Mercury is about to go retrograde so this is an aspect that will happen two more times allowing us to review and course correct any ideas that need it in the next couple of months.

Why? Mercury Trine North Node, Moon trine North Node, Moon trine Mercury

Incorporating Feminine Strategy

What to expect: Focused direction
What to watch out for: Wanting to wander
What will it affect? Values, strategy, direction, inner needs

On Feb 27-28th the Sun will sextile Mars. We’ll get a chance to kick start new directions or projects. The Sun in Pisces will increase our ability to channel creativity into the project. As it makes a sextile to Mars in Taurus, we can take advantage of a focused, driven and persistent approach.

The Sun is also squaring Ceres in Sagittarius which brings up a conflict with our need for creativity and our inner need for wanderlust and independence. We may feel like being out there climbing mountains and exploring. Sometimes though, you have to sacrifice. If we can hold out, we’ll get lots of work done and at some other point in time, we’ll have the opportunity to go off on an adventure!

The thing is that Venus in Capricorn is at the last couple of degrees of Capricorn making a square to Pallas at the last degree of Libra. The energy is about to shift and you may already be sensing the shift about to happen. But before it does, Venus has one last challenge to work through. Pallas is feminine intelligence. It’s strategic and political and especially in Libra, is a negotiator. So how do we combine the status quo, especially when it’s been so patriarchal, with this powerful warrior like feminine intelligence? This is the challenge as Venus square Pallas and it deserves all of our attention!

Why? Transiting Sun Sextile Mars, Sun Square Ceres, Venus Square Pallas

Relationship Breakthroughs

What to expect: Healing
What to watch out for: Unpredictability
What will it affect? Relationships, money, change

On March 1st Venus now at the last degree of Capricorn and will square Uranus in the last degree of Aries. Uranus will move into Taurus next week on March 6th, but before it does we have some last minute opportunities for breakthrough especially in the area of relationships and money. Things can be a little unpredictable!

Later in the day, Venus will move into Aquarius helping us to embrace any change that has occurred and as it does it will also sextile Chiron in Aries helping to heal any wounds with our self-image around relationships and money.

Why? Venus Square Uranus, Venus Entering Aquarius, Venus Sextile Chiron